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Lost No More

Detective Henry was very interested now, “You know where the rocks are do you??”

“Yes, yes I do?” Darla said proudly.

“Where?” Todd asked, well more like demanded.

“Where’s what?” Darla asked.

Where would these rocks be?” Todd impatiently asked again.

Down that way a little bit, over by the trees, off the path just a hair.” Darla pointed down the dirt bike path.

Detective Henry looked down the path realizing there was nothing he could see from here and felt stupid. He looked down the opposite way of the path where he entered the woods and then back at Darla as she continued,

“I found them back when I looked and looked for Bryan when he disappeared. I didn’t think much of it though; just some kids probably moved them away from the jump or something. It made the jump pretty high for sure when they were at the jump and…

Detective Henry cut her off and said, “Show me these rocks Darla!”

“Why? They are just rocks and they are just sitting by this area of cracked dirt and leaves. There is nothing there. I assure you I looked everywhere in these woods during those first few weeks when Bryan disapp…”

Detective Henry cut her off again, “Now Darla. Please, show me where the rocks are.”

So Darla Lang pushed her bike and walked with Detective Henry down the path about one hundred yards or so over to where she remembered seeing the two rocks. The rocks were still exactly where they had been two years ago when she first saw them. One was covered up with a few leaves. She kicked the leaves off and pointed to them.

Darla said while pointing, “There they are detective. Two large same size rocks, like you can find almost anywhere, right where they were a long time ago when I first saw them sitting there off the main path.

Todd looked at the two rocks and then took a good look around over the entire area. He moved some of the old leaves and branches away from a large flat dried area of dirt. He then walked across the main area of the dirt and cleaned more of the leaves and branches away. He rubbed his chin for a few seconds, looked at Darla looking over at him with a ’what now Sherlock look’ and thought to himself for a minute.

What the hell do I have to lose Todd thought and finally looked back over towards Darla and said,

You want to have a little fun?” Detective Henry asked with a smile.

Sure,” Darla replied

How about we ask those construction guys over where they are getting ready to start those new apartments to bring their back hoe and move a little dirt around for us. You think they would do that for us Darla?” Todd asked.

Yea, they look pretty bored over there right now and I bet they will do anything you ask seeing how you are a Detective and all if you show them your badge and toy gun,” Darla said laughing a little and thinking this is a waste of time but she had always enjoyed watching construction equipment dig holes and knock down trees so why the hell not.

And that’s the day, Bryan Morrissey, became lost no more…

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