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Chapter 37 - Finally a Graduate

The graduation went on and on. There was probably one more hour of talking and different people getting up on stage and advising all of us new graduates that we all can and must reach our dreams, if we try hard enough. I have been hearing this type of talk for the last six months from pretty much every person that had crossed my path that was over thirty years old. It was excruciating to listen to as I; along with over seven hundred soon to be graduates were ready to get on the road to Panama City Beach, Florida. This is where everyone went to right after graduation so everyone could have one last big party together with their friends. I was starting to have pains in my back from sitting so long that I hadn’t felt since I tried to work out with Tobin in his gym a long time ago and when I hit the water that day. They say once you hurt your back, it is hurt your entire life. I was starting to think that statement was true as the pain would come and go.

Finally, the time came that we all had been waiting on.

Will the McGavock High School graduating class on 1987 please rise.” Principal Baltimore said proudly for all to hear.

We stood up, not all together though as many had fallen asleep listening to the boring speakers.

“At this time, please move your tassels over to the opposite side of your hat.”

We did that together at least.

And the words I had been waiting to hear for the last four years were finally said by Principal Baltimore. “Ladies and gentleman, I now present to you the McGavock High School graduating class of 1987!

And at that moment all our hats were removed and went flying straight up in the air. It was a site to see. So much joy I felt as most everyone else felt as I looked around at the graduates that were so happy was truly a great feeling. The hats all seemed to just hang in the air for a moment or two and it was funny but right then, I had all these different flashes go through my head. I thought of my grandmother, my dad, my mom, Mark and Bryan, the lake, Tobin, Tammy, my friends, and my car. What a ride high school had been…

…And then a hat came crashing into my face as I was looking up. Ouch, that hurt bad. Now that would have been a very bad moment if one of those corners of the hat went into my eye and popped it out like my dad’s eyes. What a truly bad day to lose an eyeball a few seconds after you finally become a High School graduate. I am sure some kid, somewhere, had done just that.

Sure glad it didn’t’ happen to me.

The music began playing and after what seemed like an eternity, my row finally started marching out together for the very last time.

Hello freedom! Time to start having some real fun!!

And why is that man still up there talking to my mom?

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