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Chapter 38 - What Do You See

Detective Henry yelled to everyone in the immediate area to leave the way they had arrived. Todd had immediately seen something that he wasn’t quite sure of that he didn’t want anyone else to see. Everyone scattered except for Darla. She didn’t move and wasn’t going to move. He had hoped she would stay. She stayed!

Once everyone was out of hearing distance and moving further away, Detective Henry asked,

Darla Lang, what do you see here?

What do you mean what do I see here?” Darla quickly asked.

“You’re smart Darla. That’s a given. You know it, I know it. You don’t act like a kid. Hell, you’re brighter and smarter than some of the people I work with and...”

Darla cut him off, “Well you do work with cops and they ain’t so smart usually.

“Good point.” Todd said, “So I am asking you Darla, tell me what you see, everything. That’s how you find clues. You talk things out loud and say what you see. I want to see if I am right about something.”

Darla replied, “Ok, this will be easy. First, I see what appears to be a skeleton, more than likely Bryan. I see a skull that is looking at us, I see clothing wrapped around what looks like a rib cage and I see tennis shoes with ankle bones sticking out of them laying there,” as she pointed to them.

Small shoes usually equals small kid, Bryan was small.” Darla said very directly.

“Good! What else?” Todd asked

I see a bike, a nice looking bike, nicer than mine, that’s for sure. Another sign that this is probably Bryan as his parents were loaded and spent money on their kids and bought them the best of the best.” Darla stated.

“Go on.” Detective Henry said.

“I see...what is that, I see?” Darla took a small step closer to the bike hanging from the tooth of the scooper bucket of the backhoe.

I see forearm bones maybe, wrist bones, and some fingers, and...oh my God, someone really did kill Bryan!” Darla felt a pounding in her chest. The pain was growing. In her head, she heard what sounded like a rushing freight train. Detective Henry was saying something, his mouth was moving but she couldn’t hear him. She felt like she was spinning. What was happening? She felt like she might explode... or collapse? She wasn’t sure. What the hell? Get it together she thought. And then, she took a deep breath and screamed, “I KNEW IT!!”

“Darla, please lower your voice!” Todd said as Darla cut him off again.

“Why would anyone want to kill a nice kid like Bryan?” Darla said almost in a begging tone hoping Detective Henry would have the right answer to make her understand.

“I don’t know Darla, no need to think that as we can’t answer that question right now, but tell me this. Why do you think he was killed?” Todd asked.

Darla immediately replied, “His wrists, his wrists are still tied to the grips of his handle bars. That’s why. There is no way Bryan could have tied both his hands to the bike.

“Yes, yes his wrists are tied to the grips Darla. I saw that the second the bike popped out of the ground. I don’t think anyone else recognized that so I want you to promise not to say a word about that to anyone, ok?” Detective Henry asked in a way she knew he was serious.

“I won’t say anything.” Darla stated and Todd believed her.

“Continue Darla. What else do you see?”

I see the rope tied in some knot I have never seen before. I know knots pretty good and that ain’t no knot I have ever seen.” Darla said.

“Exactly! I saw that immediately too and I was a boy scout, Eagle scout actually, and I have never seen that type of knot. Now Darla Lang, this is what we call a clue with us dumb police officers.”

“You ain’t dumb Detective. That’s one thing I know you aren’t.” Darla said directly.

It was one of the best compliments Detective Henry had ever received and it was from a young girl that seemed so much older and wiser than she actually was.

So, were you right?” Darla asked Todd.

What? Was I right?” Todd asked confused.

You said you wanted to see if you were right about something about me, so I am asking. Were you right?” Darla asked.

Todd smiled and shook his head in a slight up and down motion and replied, “Oh, why yes Darla Lang, I was right about you. You are the brightest young lady I have ever had the privileged of knowing and believe you have just personally helped find your friend!

Darla smiled a little and said, “Just find out who did this Detective!

I will Darla, I will!” said Detective Henry

About that time, the entire Greensboro Police force was pulling up along with the State police, the GBI (Greensboro Bureau of Investigation), all of the local news stations, everyone in the neighborhood, including one very concerned and upset looking Susan Morrissey…

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