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Chapter 43 - I Hear a Chipmunk

The Jefferson Standard building, located in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina was the tallest building for many years in the growing city of Greensboro. This beautiful structure was built back in 1923 at a cost of $2.5 million dollars. At that time, 2.5 million dollars was a lot of freaking money. The building had eighteen floors and stood at just over two hundred and thirty-three feet tall. It is the headquarters for Lincoln Financial, but the locals knew it as the headquarters for Jefferson Pilot. They are a billion dollar company that made their millions in the insurance arena, primarily life insurance.

At approximately 9 a.m. sharp, on this particular Wednesday morning, Mr. Barry Morrissey, father to now two deceased sons, Mark and Bryan Morrissey, engineer turned insurance lawyer guru, and soon to be the ex-husband of one Susan Morrissey, received a phone call from his legal secretary, Julie Campbell. Julie had been working for Barry for the last six years and enjoyed her job there at the Jefferson Standard’s building and mostly enjoyed working for Barry. Barry had been at work since seven that morning as he was a workaholic and liked to start early. Julie had arrived at eight a.m. and as usual, Barry’s door was shut as he was working.

Barry answered the phone in a hurried tone, “Yes, Julie, you know I have that review at 9:30 this morning and I am trying to review some...” Julie cut him off.

Yes sir I do realize that but Susan is standing here in front of me at my desk and would like to meet with you for a few minutes.” Julie stated hurriedly.

Susan, frustrated said, “No, no, no Julie, please re-word what you just said and tell him his STILL LEGAL WIFE is standing here demanding to see him.

Yes ma’am I will, Sir, she has just corrected me and stated I advise you that your still legal wife is standing here demanding to see you” Julie looked up to Susan and Susan slightly shook her head in approval.

Thank you Julie!” Susan said sarcastically.

Jesus Fucking Christ, has she been drinking Julie?” Barry asked in a frustrated tone.

Why of course Mr. Morrissey.” Julie stated

He asked if I had been drinking didn’t he?” Susan asked simultaneously.

Is she listening to you talk on the phone.” Barry asked at the same time Susan asked her question about him assuming she was drinking.

Julie was starting to get stressed.

That is correct Mr. Morrissey and yes, Susan he did.” Julie said with a fake somewhat stressful smile while looking up at a glaring Susan Morrissey looking down on her sitting at her desk.

I will be right out Julie.” Mr. Morrissey said as he hung-up the phone in frustration.

Thank you Mr. Morrissey!” said a relieved Julie to a dial tone.

“He advises he will be right out Susan.” Julie said.

“Yea, I figured he would.”

Julie and Barry had been having an affair for the last three years. Both were happily married when the affair began but at that time, both had become somewhat bored with things in general. You know, the same boring routine at home, having sex the same way over and over, if ever. No excitement, no newness, just boring, boring, boring. The affair brought excitement and even helped things at home get somewhat tolerable. Well it did for Julie. It’s funny how affairs sometimes do that in a marriage, but it seems like one side always ends up wanting more. This affair was no different.

Julie had realized early on what she could lose and wanted out of the affair. Unfortunately, it is hard to get out of an ongoing affair when the affair is with your boss. Then, tragedy struck with Bryan going missing, Mark then committing suicide and Bryan then being found murdered and, now the impending divorce of Barry and Susan Morrissey. Timing just was really bad.

Julie had become very concerned over the last several months with how Barry was constantly pressuring her to also leave her husband and family to be with him. She had told him from the very beginning, day one, that she would never leave her husband who was a good man and a great father to her kids; both of which were still in high school. One was actually getting ready to graduate this year from high school. Julie had considered leaving her position with the company as Barry would not stop harassing her about being together. It was a very stressful time in Julie’s life. She didn’t know what to do.

This made the fourth time Mrs. Morrissey has shown up at her soon to be ex-husbands office and almost every time she had been heavily drinking or all the way drunk. The divorce was to be final in two days on Friday and obviously, Mrs. Morrissey had a lot still left to say to her legal husband.

Barry opened the door to let his wife in and rolled his eyes to Julie. He then shut the door and walked past his wife Susan who had not said a word since being let in. Barry immediately started saying as he was walking to his desk,

Susan, I have told you over and over that you can’t come to my office drunk and unannounced. It just isn’t…

BAM!! Susan had pulled out the .357 caliber revolver her father gave her when she was just sixteen years old. Her father had been a career cop and took her shooting every weekend once she had turned thirteen and the revolver had been her most prized 16th birthday gift. Susan had fired probably 5,000 rounds through it. She loved her gun. She cherished this gift from her father like no other gift she had received. Oh, and she was a good shot.

No let me rephrase that. Susan was an excellent shot!

The first bullet entered exactly where Susan had aimed, Barry’s left Butt cheek. No real reason to shoot there first other than his weird birthmark that had always bothered Susan was on that butt cheek. This caused him to twist and immediately fall to the ground. Barry let out a small screech as he hit the floor and yelled “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING SU...?

The time to talk was over. The second shot went directly into his groin exploding his right testicle. Barry let out a high pitched squeal that sounded something between an six year old girl and a chipmunk. You could hear just so barely a “no, please, wait Su…” come out of his mouth from his face with the tears rolling down both cheeks now. Barry raised his left hand up towards Susan in a plea to stop.

Susan was on a mission and nothing was going to stop her from completing it.

She took aim.

Perfect aim that is…

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