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Chapter 45 - Barry's Dead - That's What I Said

Was that gunshots?” Leslie said across the hall to her good friend Julie who looked like a deer in the headlights. Julie was staring with a shocked look back across the floor at Leslie. Leslie was the only other individual working in this area of the floor. Barry Morrissey had worked himself up to the position of Chief Operating Officer of the company. This entire area of the floor was private and dedicated to his office and the immediate large area outside his office. The only three individuals that worked here were Leslie, Julie, and Barry Morrissey. Julie was the first assistant to Barry, Leslie was his second. They were close friends and they each knew everything about the other. Leslie was the only one Julie had confided in about the affair and how she wanted out. Leslie had her own problems dealing with her husband and his alcohol addiction and her daughter who is sixteen had just informed her that she was pregnant.

I don’t know, but we need to get out of here ASAP,” Leslie said as she started jogging quickly to the elevator.

Come on Julie. Let’s go!” Leslie said louder than a regular talking level but not yelling over her shoulder.

“No, no, you go ahead. I will catch up. I’m going to call the police.” Julie told Leslie as she couldn’t leave. Not yet. She had to know what was going on and if Barry was ok.

Please, please Julie, just come with me now!” Leslie pleadingly asked.

I will be on the next elevator down Leslie. Trust me!” Julie told her giving the look that everything will be ok.

Leslie said ok and frowned and in a blink of an eye, she was on the elevator, shaking her head in disbelief the entire way down of what she thought had just taken place inside Barry’s office. Leslie was scared. She was no idiot and she knew those were gunshots. She had to deal with Susan Morrissey many times over the last several months but never thought Susan would become violent. She had come to see that Susan was an extremely depressed, sad and angry lady that seemed to be mad at the world. She understood why she felt this way and could not imagine the pain she had gone through losing her only two children.

Leslie was also scared for her best friend Julie who was calling the police on the phone as she got onto the elevator. Until the doors had closed, it hadn’t hit Leslie the seriousness of Julie not being on that elevator with her. She didn’t understand why Julie didn’t come with her but then

again, she did. She knew how much Julie cared for Barry even though she had wanted their affair to end a long time ago. She just hoped that Julie would leave after that phone call but had a bad feeling she wouldn’t. Julie had a huge heart and she imagined she had to know what happened to the man she had been having an affair with for the last several years before leaving that floor.

About this same time, Julie heard a third shot and there was absolutely no doubt this time. It was definitely a gunshot, loud and clear.

When Susan shot the third time, her aim was as true as it was when she was sixteen years old and back on the farm with her father. She loved her time with her dad and she could hear her father’s voice as she slowly pulled the trigger…

Aim small, miss small baby! Aim small, miss small.” This was taught to her by her father and the little saying meant that instead of aiming for let’s say the head of a person you aim for an eye or the nose. That way, if you miss the eye or their nose, you still will hit the face, head or neck. It was a simple rule of shooting and aiming that had stayed with Susan her entire life. It had been engrained in her DNA and she always heard her father’s voice each time she shot. Now, even this time, her first time ever aiming at another living human being, his voice was with her.

Her aim was true. The bullet went straight through Barry’s open left hand slicing a small piece off of his middle finger and then directly into his open left eye settling deep into his brain.

One thing was now for sure. Julie no longer had to worry about ending the affair with Barry. That affair was over as Barry was dead.

Barry’s dead, that’s what I said. Old song was playing in Susan’s head.

Susan stood there for a few seconds as blood and goo slowly ran down his left side of his face from the now exploded eyeball socket where his left eye had been. His other eye was still open looking up at her in complete and utter shock. Susan then calmly said, “If you remember dear, our vows that were read to us stated, ‘for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.’ At least we can say we got the ‘until death’ do us part right now can’t we?

No response from Barry. And with that, Susan placed her revolver back in her purse and then turned and started to walk back to the closed door leading out to Julie. Susan stood there for a few seconds and decided she would have a little fun.

Susan pulled back out her revolver, opened the door and walked right up to a very surprised Julie who was obviously still on the phone with probably the police.

Susan semi-pointed the gun at Julie and asked, “So would that be the police you are on the phone with?

Julie swallowed and replied nervously, “Yes, yes it is. Please don’t shoot me.

Good” Susan said, “Tell them that they have one DRH, that’s Dead Right Here, and unless they get Detective Henry here within the next hour, they are going to have two more DRH’s. Say it!” Susan demanded.

Julie repeated exactly what Susan had just told her to say.

Julie looked confused and said to the dispatcher on the other end, “What? Ok, um, yes ma’am, I will let her know.”

“What will you let me know?” Susan asked.

“They, um, they say, they don’t have a Detective Henry, but they have a Lieutenant Henry??”

For Pete’s sake, whatever the fuck rank he is, I want Todd fucking Henry here and I want him here now! Tell them he has fifty-eight minutes to get here. Let them know we will be up on the roof. No helicopters!

Julie repeated what she had been told and Susan placed her finger on the button to hang up the phone as Julie still stood there in a semi shock state.

Detective?? Lieutenant?? What the fuck is up with all these stupid ranks with cops? Maybe if they didn’t worry about what their title was and how the fuck they are addressed, they would be out there busting their ass to catch killers of kids!” Susan said.

Susan grabbed her vodka out of her purse and a glass from the book case.

Ice, I need Ice,” She said to Julie.

Did you really just kill Barry?” Julie asked hopeful she really hadn’t and then thought to herself that it was weird she wasn’t frightened at all at this moment, even after the gunshots and now Susan standing there with a gun in her hand.

Yes, Julie, I just killed my two timing, low life, non-supportive, divorcing me, now deceased fucking husband. Barry’s Dead! That’s what I said Julie. Get over it!” Susan half sang.

But why? You both have lost so much? Why Susan?” Julie asked not understanding why she would murder another human being.

Get me the ice, and when we get to the roof we will talk. Oh, and Julie, I know you’ve been fucking my now dead husband for a long, long time so it would be in your best interest to get my GOD DAMN ICE NOW.

Julie no longer felt unafraid.

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