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Chapter 46 - 100% Certified Crazy

Julie was now scared. She and Susan had been up on the roof for at least five or maybe ten minutes now and not a single word had been said by Susan. Susan was just walking back and forth, smoking a cigarette and drinking her drink. Julie realized it was probably in her best interest to keep her mouth shut and remain still. She had majored in Psychology in college eighteen years before and knew that many times, the best course of action when dealing with someone that seemed to be crazy, was to remain quiet. Julie had determined that Susan was crazy. No, she was fucking crazy!

Who shoots and kills their husband at point blank range, then makes a vodka and ice drink? Someone that is fucking crazy, that’s who!

Who simply paces back and forth over by HVAC system on the roof, sipping on her drink and smoking her cigarettes one after another like it’s the same ole shit but different day?

Susan fucking Morrissey, that’s who! 100% certified fucking crazy Julie thought to herself.

You know Julie, I Like you, hell, I always liked you, so it didn’t’ really bother me you know, I mean, Barry and I stopped fucking back before Bryan disappeared. I assumed that was probably about the same time you two were really going hot and heavy in your affair. I know everything Julie so if you don’t lie to me, you may walk off of this roof and back inside and go about your life. Deal?” Susan asked.

“Deal, I won’t lie to you Susan.” Julie quickly said. Confirmation is what crazy people need to hear she thought to herself.

“When did the affair begin?” Susan asked quickly.

“Three years, two months, and two weeks ago.” Julie replied not even having to think.

“Jesus fucking Christ Julie?” “How the hell do you remember exactly that time frame?” Susan asked.

“Because, because I have wanted out now for two years, seven months and one week.” Julie said again without having to think about the amount of time.

“Yea, I read the letter you wrote him a while back about wanting out. Hell, I read like five letters that you wrote in regards to you wanting the hell out of this affair. Dumbass has a little safe in his closet that I hadn’t actually gone into that closet for about four years. His space and

all, you know that man crap? Anyway, one morning, I went in there and dumbass had left the safe unlocked. I read your letters and felt your pain Julie. How fucked up is that? You are fucking my husband and I felt sorry for you?” Susan said rolling her eyes.

“Thank you Susan. I guess we are women so we understand each other somewhat better than men do many times. Maybe that’s why. I’m so sorry Susan.” Ok good Julie thought, I showed I care about her and related us as women so I got this, Julie thought confidently.

“Stop saying you are fucking sorry!” Susan yelled angrily at Julie.

Well, think again, Julie thought to herself.

“I’m sor,, I mean ok! You’re right, I know that means nothing.” Julie stated.

Susan continued, “You’re damn right it means nothing. It meant nothing the first time, it meant nothing now, it meant nothing when Barry said he was sorry for leaving me at the worst time in my life, it meant nothing when Detective Henry, said he was sorry...”

Julie cut her off without thinking, “You mean Lieutenant Henry?”

“Goddammit Julie, you are really, really starting to get on my last fucking nerve… Kind of like Barry got on my last fucking nerve…” Susan said as she sipped on her Vodka.

“I’m sorr, fuck, I mean, didn’t mean to, fuck, fuck, fuck.. Why the fuck are we up here on this roof Susan?” Julie said angrily with a tone of desperation glaring at Susan…

And that was the last thing Julie ever said to one pissed off Susan Morrissey…

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