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Chapter 47 - Fox Loose in the Hen House

Lieutenant Henry parked on the curb adjacent to the Jefferson Standard building and was quickly escorted to a waiting elevator to go to the top floor. Upon arrival on the 18th floor, he was greeted by his Chief, Chief Johnson, along with some other executives and SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics). They were stationed at the stairwell leading to the roof.

Thanks for getting here so quickly Lieutenant!” Chief Johnson said.

“No problem Chief and sorry about the...” Chief cut him off.

“No need to apologize Todd. I hate to be bothered on my off time too. I’m just glad you made such good time and we are all glad to see you here.” Chief said.

“Well I’m glad to be seen Chief. Any updates?” Lieutenant Henry asked.

Chief briefed Todd. “A few Lieutenant. We confirmed that Mr. Barry Morrissey is indeed dead. She obviously wasn’t too happy with him. As far as we can see right now, she shot him in the groin and then through his left eye. She obviously is a very accurate shooter! They are still processing that crime scene. It’s pretty bloody as you can imagine.”

Damn, that isn’t a good way to go”, Todd said adjusting his testicles, happy they both were still safely down there where they were supposed to be. “Maybe that was her primary objective and has calmed down now that she killed him.”

“Yes, we were just talking about that. We are all hopeful that is indeed the case. Officer Ski up there on the shied (shield is front man on an entry team for SWAT) cracked the door to get a peak a little bit ago and Susan immediately yelled to him that unless it was you coming through the door, we better in her words, ‘close the fucking door’. Well, we obviously did to make her feel like she is in charge. Through this door right here Lieutenant is the only way on or off this roof so perimeter is obviously being contained easily.”

Todd immediately replied, “I never would have guessed she would turn violent Chief. She came across as an extremely sad woman that has lost so much. That and she seems to like to drink a lot and...”

Chief cut him off, “Yea, we are pretty sure she is drinking as our spotters said she has a glass in her hand and they thought they saw her pouring vodka into the glass a little bit ago. They can’t be sure though due to the distance of the adjacent roof they are on and she keeps moving around pacing.”

“Great, just what we need, an angry, obviously determined and driven drunk woman that has lost both her kids and now gone and killed her husband. Wait, or were they divorced already?” Todd asked.

“No, the divorce was supposed to be final in a few days, I think maybe this Friday or something. She had other ideas on how her marriage was going to end as it appears she didn’t’ want to wait for the final divorce decree.” Chief Johnson stated.

“That’s for sure. God, I hope she doesn’t have some built up anger inside for me or something.” Todd said with a slightly concerned voice.

“I think she’s probably mad at the world right now Todd so you need to be real careful speaking with her. You have your bullet resistant vest on?” Chief asked.

“Yes, I put it on in the elevator under my shirt.” Todd said pulling at his vest.

“Ok, good, now put this one on over the one you already have on. SWAT wears these when they make entries and will give you more protection around your neck with the high protective collar.”

Chief helped him put the vest with additional neck protection on over what he was already wearing. Todd thought to himself that he wish he had groin protection as it sounded like that is where Susan was aiming.

Chief continued, “Look, don’t take any risks Todd. You know that your first objective is to stay safe. Your second is to keep the lady that is up there being held as hostage alive and safe. We think her name is Julie or it could be Leslie. Two ladies worked on the floor with Mr. Morrissey but we haven’t been able to find either one of them. Third, remember, if Susan does anything threatening to you or the hostage you have the green light to use deadly force. I know you know this but I wanted you to hear me say it.”

“I hear you Chief, loud and clear.” Todd said.

“Say it back to me Lieutenant!” Chief said sternly.

“Say what back to you?” Todd asked confused.

Chief now frustrated said, “What I just said about having the green light.”

“Oh, ok, I understand Chief that I have the green light to use deadly force if the situation dictates such action.” Todd stated back nice and slow and clear for the Chief to hear every word.

“Good, ok, fourth, as I said, we have several snipers on the adjacent rooftops. Not enough time to figure out where to stand or so forth for a clear shot as our communications with them suck since we are still fucking waiting on approval for our budget. Just remember, if you realize that you are not going to be able to peacefully resolve this and Mrs. Morrissey is completely irrational and not able to be brought back to reality, you raise your right hand and rub the back of your head. I say right as you are right handed right?” Chief asked.

“Yes sir I am.” Todd said confused.

Chief went on, “Then you would never take your right hand away from hanging and protecting your gun on your right hip unless you have realized this situation is hopeless. You raise your right hand to the back of your head, and rub it. The snipers know that this is their cue to neutralize the situation. If they have a shot, they will take it. Got it?”

“Yes sir, Got it. I will be able to talk her down Chief so I won’t be doi…”

Chief cut in, “Todd, look at me!”

Todd looked Chief in his eyes.

“There are no fucking heroes here; you understand what I am saying Lieuteanant?” Chief asked.

“Yes sir, I understand Chief.” Todd said not in a confident tone.

“NO, I don’t think you do Lieutenant. We have a lady that has, in her mind, lost everything. She point blank blew her husband’s balls and brains out on the floor below us. DON’T FUCKING TRY TO BE A HERO TODD! I trust your judgement so make the call and give the sign if it needs to be given, OK?”

“Yes sir, I won’t let you down Chief.” Lieutenant Henry said.

“I know you won’t Lieutenant. You ready?” Chief asked moving towards the door.

“Yes sir, I’m ready.” Lieutenant replied.

“One more thing,” Chief said

“Yes Chief, what?” Todd asked.

“Don’t fucking go and forget what we talked about and scratch your head not intending to give our snipers the green light to shoot. That would be very, very bad Lieutenant.” And as Chief said it, he smiled a little.

Todd smiled back. A calmness came over him and he realized why Chief was Chief.

“Check Chief, no scratching the head unless I want bullets a blazing!” Todd stated.

Chief Johnson pulled out his radio, clicked on his mic and simply said, “The fox is loose in the henhouse. I repeat, the fox, is loose, in the henhouse.”

A smile came over Lieutenant Todd Henry’s face as he realized he had never been referred to as a fox.

Pretty cool he thought to himself and smiled a little and with that…

The door opened, and then, the fox entered the henhouse.

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