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Chapter 48 - No Peaking

Susan couldn’t sleep. She tossed and turned and over the past seven hours of lying in her empty bed, in her empty bedroom, in her empty house; she had pain stakenly reviewed her entire life. Now of course many do this, but Susan started from her earliest childhood memory and made it all the way to this exact moment in her life. She went through her high school years, her college years, her career, her marriage, her family, and now lying here alone. Finally, as her digital clock changed to 4:02 a.m., she rolled out of her lonely bed, accepting she wasn’t going to sleep ever again. It’s time to get to work she thought.

There are those that simply cook, and then there are those that love to cook. Susan Morrissey was one that absolutely loved to cook for others. She had realized lying there trying to sleep, thinking back over her life that cooking was one thing that brought her much joy over her life.

So cook she would do. That is, after she had her first drink…

Four-hour “no peak” roast was her specialty. That’s 400 degrees for no less than four hours. Most that cook would think that would completely overcook a good sized roast, but Susan had learned differently. This was her most enjoyable and tasty meal to cook and one of her easiest dishes to throw together. It had always been Bryan’s favorite too so it brought her extra joy cooking this meal. The dish was extremely simple to cook, another reason Susan liked cooking it so much.

First, you start by frying the roast on both sides searing the meat. Most wouldn’t do this as most were afraid they would hurt the piece of meat. This helped keep the juices inside the roast. Second, you place the meat in a large deep pan. Then you add potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, and onions. Finally, add the special sauce mixed with water and oil, then seal it all in tight with aluminum foil. That’s it. She laughed thinking about how everyone believed you couldn’t cook anything for four hours or more at that high of a temperature without overcooking the meat. They all were wrong.

When those four hours were finished, you always could cut the roast with a spoon. There is nothing better than eating a roast that simply melts in your mouth. Now if you peaked, just one little time to check on the roast, even for a second or two, it would ruin every time. It only took Susan one time of peaking to learn you must never, ever peak. Even though there were potatoes in the dish with the roast, she would also make her extra crispy hash browns smothered in cheese. She had learned that specialty from her time working at Waffle House when she was a freshman in college.

Everything was finished, hash browns in the fridge, roast sealed and in the oven that is holding at 400 degrees and will automatically cut off at three hours forty-five minutes. Susan thought to herself that it may be in the oven a little longer once the oven cut off before being removed so that will give it a little time to cool down and not overcook sitting in the oven.

Set the timer, oh my, where has the time gone Susan thought? It’s already seven a.m. It’s time to hop in the shower, get my makeup on, put my nice new slacks on I just bought and go visit my Barry.

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