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Chapter 49 - One More Thing

It was approximately 9:52 in the morning when Lieutenant Todd Henry stumbled through the only roof access door there was and immediately was hit in the face by the blinding sunlight. He swore he felt a little shove from the Chief as he stumbled through. Maybe Chief just wanted to make sure I didn’t change my mind as Todd laughed a little to himself as he regained his balance.

Dammit!” Todd said out loud as he realized his Ray Ban Shades were sitting on the dash of his vehicle on the curb eighteen floors down.

Is that you making all that noise over there Detective, I mean excuse me, Lieutenant Fucking Henry?” Susan asked with a slight slur and laughter.

Um, yea, good morning Susan, yes, it’s me, the one and only. How we all doing up here? You ok Susan?” Todd asked as he sized up what he observed over near the corner of the roof. He saw Susan, another lady standing about 10 feet from her, there’s the gun Todd thought. It was laying on top of an air conditioner unit about chest high right next to Susan. I could just shoot her real fast in the leg and this would all be over but there is no shooting to injure in our policies so that isn’t allowed Todd thought to himself.

Well I’m glad you could finally join the party!” Susan said with an about time attitude.

Todd answered, “Well it sounded like you really wanted me here so I rushed as fast as I could and here I am Susan. And who is this we have up here with us?

“I’m Barry’s assistant, Julie Evans.” Julie chimed in quickly.

Um, Barry’s ex assistant Lieutenant. Barry’s dead. Tell her Lieutenant…

Um, well hi Julie, are you ok? And where is Leslie?” Todd asked hoping she wasn’t lying somewhere bleeding to death from being shot somewhere they didn’t know about.

Julie’s fucking fine Todd. Damn, what kind of lady do you think I am that would go and hurt his sweet, loving, cheating, won’t shut the fuck up assistant?” Susan said her voice getting louder and louder.

Well Susan, you did say there would be two more dead people if I didn’t come here right away now didn’t you? And you didn’t answer my question. Where is Leslie?” Lieutenant Henry asked.

Why yes I guess I did say that now didn’t I? So let me apologize, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said it like that but I needed you here. And I have no idea where Leslie is. I never saw her.

She left when we heard the first gun shot Lieutenant” Julie quickly said. She continued, “She took the elevator out of here as I should have. She told me to come with her but I didn’t.

How about we let Julie walk on downstairs Susan so you and I can talk privately?” Todd said hopefully to Susan.

As far as I am concerned, the loudmouth could have left the second you came through that door.” Susan said matter of factly looking away from them both.

“Ok great,Julie, just walk right over there to where you came on to the roof and open that closed door, nice and slow, and walk on downstairs. There will be some officers on the other side of that door that will help you back inside so make sure you open it nice and slow.” Todd told her.

Thank you Lieutenant.” As she walked past Todd, she whispered to him.

Just so you know, she’s fucking crazy!

“What was that she said Todd?” Susan asked not acknowledging the existence of Julie still on the roof.

Nothing Susan, Julie was just telling me that she appreciates me being here and to be careful.

Todd couldn’t believe what Julie had just stated to him and was very thankful that Susan didn’t hear what Julie had said.

Women, Todd thought. They always have to get the last fucking word in no matter if it is a life threatening situation or not. The door closed behind Julie and now Susan and Todd were alone on the roof.

How much have you been drinking today Susan?” Todd asked as he walked back towards Susan.

“Enough, but no more than every day and actually, it is none of your fucking business. And why do you fucking care how much I have been drinking today Todd. Don’t you have better things to worry about than me and my drinking habits?”

Todd replied, “Because I wanted to know, well I need to know if we are going to be able to have a reasonable conversation especially seeing how you have that gun right there lying next to you along with the fact it appears you did shoot and kill your husband just a little bit ago.”

“Listen Lieutenant, it takes years and years for a sane person to build up enough anger and hatred to go and kill their spouse. Wouldn’t you agree with me on that fact?” Susan stated.

“Actually, yes Susan, I would agree with that completely.” Todd replied.

“Well I am completely sane Lieutenant and I know you know that! What isn’t normal is losing two kids and then getting divorced by a cheating non-supporting prick after I gave him my life, my loyalty, and two perfect kids. There were a lot more issues going on with Barry and me that aren’t important anymore, ok?” Susan said directily.

“You’re right, Ok, but I need to ask one question, fair?” Todd stated as he realized Susan did hear what Julie had said to him as she passed...

Susan replied, “You’ve already asked one question Todd, but I will give you two. Go ahead.”

Lieutenant Henry asked, “Why did you have to go and kill your husband Susan?”

“It’s simple Todd, if we can’t be together in this life, than maybe we all will be together in the next life as this life sure hasn’t worked out the way I planned.”

“So you believe in re-incarnation or something Susan?” Todd asked confused.

“Hell, I don’t know what I believe in anymore Todd. But what a great thing if we all could be together again, before this downward hill of crap started?” Susan said.

“Yes it would be Susan. I know you have lost so much. How about you come over here and let’s go downstairs together and talk inside sitting at a table and end all…”

NO!Susan quickly cut in and picked up the gun that was lying next to her and held it by her side. Todd backed up a few steps and turned slightly to the right to keep his gun on his hip away from her as Susan started walking towards the edge of the roof.

What are you doing Susan?” Todd quickly asked as she moved closer to the ledge.

I just want to get a better view, that’s all. Isn’t it a beautiful day Todd?” Susan said as she looked up into the blue sky.

Todd caught himself looking up also and replied, “Yes, Susan, it is an absolutely beautiful day where I went from cutting my lawn on my day off to up here with you wondering what is going on and what are you going to do with that gun. Let’s stop all this Susan and go inside together.

Susan replied, “Listen Todd, when we are done here, I want you to make sure you do two things for me.

Ok, but Su…

Susan cut him off quickly, “First, you promised me you would catch the mother fucker that killed my baby Bryan, which led to my boy Mark hanging himself and ruined my family! Can you still do that for me Todd? Can you keep your word to me as no one else has including my dead husband Barry who was divorcing me?

Yes, Susan, I give you my word. Until I take my last breath, I promise you I will do everything I can to catch whoever killed your son so come back over here so we ca...”.

Susan cut him off again, “Second, I’m not fucking crazy. I simply know what needed to be done. I want you and your officers to get over to my house as I think you will find something that will help all of you with this case!

Ok, so let’s go there together right now together Su…

Susan cut him off a third time, “And thank you Lieutenant for seeming like you really care. I actually like you being a Lieutenant now over a Detective. It is fitting for you and sounds more like what a Todd Henry should be. Yes, Lieutenant is very fitting for you for sure, maybe you will earn the title of Chief one day. Now here, take this. I knew all I needed was three bullets so it is empty.

With that, Susan tossed the gun in the air towards Todd as Todd followed the gun turning over and over as it flew through the air and then caught it carefully at the exact same time Susan stepped up onto the ledge.

She took a long drag on her cigarette, flipped it out, looked over at Todd as she grabbed the sides of her new slacks along her thighs and said,

And one last thing Lieutenant.”

“What’s that Susan?” Todd asked in a semi-confused state.

Susan replied one last time, “We’re done here!

And with that, Susan Morrissey dove off the Jefferson Standard Building head first holding the sides of her new slacks. She never once let go of her new slacks, all the way down till she went head first through Lieutenant Henry’s windshield, exploding her body and his Ray Bans into hundreds of pieces.

The radio crackled as someone said, “Um, Chief”, the hen is no longer on the roof…

Todd didn’t even have time to say no or stop or question what she was doing. He was in complete shock of what had just transpired in front of him and still couldn’t accept Susan was no longer standing where she was just standing a few seconds before. She was there and then she wasn’t.

Lieutenant Henry walked over to the ledge, looked over the side of the roof, reached up with his right hand and scratched his head…

Todd thought for a few seconds and this is when he finally realized his Chief had been completely wrong.

The door wasn’t the only way on or off this fucking roof...

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