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Chapter 50 - You Speak the Truth

Lieutenant Henry stood there for a few more seconds and then walked semi in shock back to the door leading off the roof due to what had just transpired. He passed Ski on the shield as he and the others were just staring at him with the look of, ’what the fuck happened?’ SWAT moved past him and out on the roof as their snipers had advised them the hen decided to take a nose dive. They all went over to the ledge, looked down, then looked away shaking their heads.

As Todd reached the bottom of the stairs, he saw Chief.

Chief could see Todd was upset. “Todd, are you ok? I’m sorry. I know you wanted to save her. You saved one life today and that’s more than most do their entire career.”

Lieutenant replied, “Uh, yea, I guess so Chief. I can’t believe she jumped. She said she just wanted a better fucking view and...

Chief cut him off and said, “Todd, she lost it. She went mad. She went crazy. It happens. I have seen it many times over my career.”

No!” Todd said frustrated and continued, “That’s the thing Chief; she was as sane today as she was every time we had talked previously. She wasn’t even drunk, maybe a little buzzed, but Chief, she wasn’t insane.”

Todd, the woman just nose-dived off this eighteen story building. A sane person wouldn’t go and do something like that now would they Lieutenant?” Chief asked.

Todd replied, “I don’t know. I hear what you are saying Chief, but she just simply knew what she wanted to do and did it. She wanted her husband dead so she killed him. She wanted to talk with me, she got me here and we talked, well, she talked, I pretty much listened.

What did she tell you?” Chief asked realizing no use in arguing anymore over if she was crazy or not.

Well, for starters, she told me she confirmed what we already knew and that was she did in fact kill her husband Barry. As you can imagine, there was no remorse in what she did there, but Chief, I need to tell you the rest once we get in the car. We need to get over to her house now! She said there is something there important for us that will help us with the case. I have no clue what that means but I think we need to get there and get there fast!”

“What in the world could possibly be there for us?” Chief asked confused.

I don’t know Chief but let’s get over there and find out. I don’t want to get stuck cleaning up the mess spread out down there on the sidewalk.” Todd stated.

“Yea, about that Lieutenant. Unfortunately, what is left of her I think is mainly in your car. That’s what our spotter said anyway. She went directly through your front windshield. I’m definitely going to need to drive us over to the Morrissey’s.” Chief said.

Dammit, what are the chances of that happening? If she is able to see this, she is laughing at me right now saying I got you one last time.” Todd said trying to make light of a terrible situation.

Maybe so.” Chief said.

One more thing” Todd said to Chief.

What’s that Lieutenant?

I guess we both can agree now that those stairs through the door weren’t the only way off that fucking roof.” Lieutenant Henry said.

Yep, she proved me wrong for sure as many women have. It also proves what I learned a long, long time ago.” Chief said shaking his head up and down.

And what would that be Chief?” Lieutenant Henry asked.

That a determined woman, with a plan, is impossible to stop.” Chief Johnson said.

Lieutenant Henry replied, “You speak the truth Chief, you speak the truth.”

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