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Chapter 51 - Family

Chief Johnson and Lieutenant Henry rode in almost complete silence over to Susan Morrissey’s house. Except for the few things that Todd felt important enough to pass on from their talk; it was a very quiet ride over to the Morrissey’s. Both Chief and Lieutenant had seen and been through a lot that day. Todd was rethinking every word that had been said up on the roof between Susan and him and beating himself up over why he hadn’t said ’this’ or why he hadn’t said ’that’, and why the hell he didn’t reach out and try to grab her before she decided to take a nose dive off the rough. And why the hell did he park exactly where he had parked. There were just too many questions and no good answers to go with the questions Todd was asking himself. Todd was frustrated and not happy with what had happened on the roof and dreading all the paperwork he was going to have to complete before this day was over. Nothing I can do about it now he thought.

Chief Johnson was a perfectionist. He was going over in his mind on what had transpired over the last hour and what he was going to need to say at the press conference that was now scheduled in just two hours. He had determined he would give little to no information on the jumper until any other immediate family she had were notified. Chief was also going over meticulously everything that had taken place that he had a hand in or a say. He was also questioning if he should have done something different with having Lieutenant Henry go out on the roof as Susan requested. Should he have given in to the demands of someone that had just taken another life? Also, Chief was thinking on how much and what information he was going to share with the Mayor that he had already spoken to three times on the phone. The Mayor and Chief did not see eye to eye on many things and Chief Johnson had felt the Mayor and the City Manager had been conspiring to push him out. Chief didn’t care too much if they were or if they weren’t as he could have retired years ago. For the first time in his career, he had been doing things as he wanted to do and how he felt was the best course of action. For the past twenty-eight years, the Chief had been playing the ’try to keep everyone happy’ game so it was refreshing to not worry about trying to keep everyone happy. He loved his officers and he loved his department.

Once Chief and Todd arrived at Susan Morrissey’s home after about thirty minutes of driving, there were already three detective vehicles and a patrol unit waiting in the driveway. Also, the bomb squad in their van was pulling up at the exact same time they were arriving in the driveway. It was obvious that word travels fast in this department Todd thought. It had only been about forty minutes since Susan took her final leap, but Lieutenant Henry had to know what Susan meant when she said, “I want you and your officers to get over to my house as I think you will find something that will help all of you with this case!

No one had tried to enter the house as they knew Chief was in route. Lieutenant Henry saw Lieutenant Mike Stephens leaning against his cruiser. He nodded and Todd knew he was wondering too what possibly could be in the house that may help with the case.

Hi Mike, how are you doing?” Todd asked.

Pretty good Todd. I heard what happened up there on the roof. Are you ok?” Lt. Stephens asked and meant what he asked.

Yea, I’m ok Mike, thanks for asking. I am still coming to grips with what happened up there. One minute she was talking to me and the next she wasn’t.” Todd said still somewhat in a daze on what took place earlier.

Yea, man, I’m really sorry. We may not see eye to eye on everything Todd and I may pick on you a little too much here and there but we are family in this department. Let me know if you need anything ok?” Mike said and meant it.

Todd replied, “I will Mike. Maybe we can grab a beer in the next day or two so I can run something by you. My brain is all jumbled up right now but I will be ok here in a little while. For now though, let’s go find out what the heck is in this house that may help us!

Mike shook his head in agreement and joined Chief and Todd as they headed to the front door. Everyone else fell in behind them, each wondering what they would find inside Susan’s house.

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