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Chapter 52 - I'm Lost

Lieutenant Henry arrived at the Metro Nashville Airport at 5:20 p.m. His flight had been delayed leaving Greensboro due to some bad weather and Todd felt rushed. The graduation started at seven and was being held at Opryland Hotel. It was a Friday and he knew there was going to be traffic.

Todd retrieved his bag and rental car as quickly as he could and started heading out to the hotel. Unfortunately, he wasn’t staying at the hotel where the graduation was taking place as it was not on the approved hotel list of his department due to being too expensive. Todd was staying at a place called the Radisson which was located across from the hotel.

It only took twenty minutes to get to the hotel and checked in and Todd arrived at his room about five minutes later. Todd looked over the room and it was pretty nice for the most part. Todd dropped his bag, straightened his tie and off across the street to the Opryland Hotel he went. How big could the hotel be he thought?

Jesus Fucking Christ! If you didn’t know it, Opryland Hotel is the largest hotel in Nashville, TN. It encompasses over nine acres of indoor gardens with over eight thousand tropical plants and over two thousand rooms. It’s big. Real fucking big and as the saying goes, if you have been to the Nashville, Gaylord Opryland Hotel, than there is one thing you share with every other single person that has visited their hotel.

You’ve been fucking lost!

Todd was lost. After about twenty minutes of walking, and still lost, Todd started thinking back to when they entered Susan Morrissey’s house after she had committed suicide. It was a sight to see for sure as the Chief wanted the SWAT team to make entry before any of us entered. I think the Chief felt bad that the SWAT team didn’t get to do much at the roof of the suicide so he wanted them to feel needed here at Susan’s house. That’s the problem with specialized teams. They train and train and train and hardly ever get to apply what they practiced.

Anyway, they had showed up quickly and entered through the front door that was inside an enclosed atrium. Door was unlocked and they simply opened and moved in nice and stealth like.

After a few moments, we heard them yell clear. That’s when the smell was first noticeable.

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