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Chapter 53 - Time to Break Bread Together

The smell hit Chief Johnson, Lieutenant Henry and Lieutenant Stephens immediately upon entering Susan Morrissey’s residence. SWAT had just completed their sweep and advised there was no one there, no danger present and we were safe to enter.

That smell, what was that? It was one of the best smells Todd remembers smelling in a long, long time.

What in the world?” Chief Johnson said as they entered the kitchen.
There in front of their eyes were plates stacked high, forks, spoons, knives, and a big sign hung that said,

You will work longer and harder with a full stomach! Never stop working to catch my son’s killer. NEVER! Now, ENJOY!

Everyone just stood there reading the sign and looking around the room. The house was beautiful with nothing out of place. Tables had been set up for over ten to be able to sit down and eat together. The timer had been going off in the kitchen so the roast was removed from the oven. There was so much food in the refrigerator and everything was laid out to eat a wonderful meal together. After taking it all in, everyone’s eyes found their way back to the Chief who was standing there like everyone else, taking it all in.

Lieutenant Stephens was the first to speak and simply asked, “Chief, what do we do?

Chief looked at Mike and then looked around at each of the officers in the room. He then read the sign again and then looked at all the preparations that Susan had prepared for them. He finally said,

We eat. That’s what we fucking do. We owe it to Mrs. Morrissey to honor her last wish. We eat together and we remember what she has lost based on her son Bryan being murdered. We remember her other son Mark and we remember Barry her husband that we all know didn’t deserve to die the way he did today, but life sometimes messes peoples brains up and how they look at life now doesn’t it officers?”

Everyone there shook their head in agreement. Chief continued,

“We all know this. You know it. I know it. It’s part of life and many break under the pressure as we saw what happened today on top of that building.”

Everyone there stood quiet shaking their head in agreement with what the Chief was saying.

“Now no one else comes in this house until we are done. Is that clear Officer Rogers?” Chief Johnson asked.

Officer Rogers was the junior officer on scene. Chief knew every single officer in his department by first and last name. No Chief that Lieutenant Henry had ever met did that or could do that as most were too busy with administrative stuff.

Yes sir. I understand.” Officer Rogers responded proudly.

And Officer Rogers.” Chief said.

Yes Chief?

As soon as I am finished eating here with the other officers, I will personally come relieve you at the front to come and share in this meal that Mrs. Morrissey fixed for all of us.”

Thank you sir. I appreciate that,” Office Rogers replied and headed to the outside of the front door proud to work for such a professional and caring man and a department that treated all as family.

And with that, eleven trained and moved law enforcement officers sat down and ate together in quiet and thought of what the Chief had just said. They each remembered what had happened earlier with Susan jumping off that roof and the murder of her husband, the unsolved murder of Bryan and the suicide of his brother Mark. Each thought of what was lost from this home that at one time was a happy family. Each enjoyed every bite of food Susan Morrissey had prepared for them.

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