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Chapter 54 - Let's Sit and Talk

Let’s Sit and Talk

Lieutenant Henry watched Daniel as he walked across the stage. He couldn’t imagine all the things that young man had seen all ready over his lifetime. He was very interested and excited to talk with Daniel. Very excited!

About thirty minutes later when Daniel arrived to where his mother and the man had been standing, Daniel’s mother said to Daniel,

Daniel, this nice man here is Lieutenant Todd Henry and he is with the Greensboro Police Department. He came all the way from Greensboro, North Carolina to attend your graduation. Wasn’t that nice son?” Daniel’s mom asked.

Um, yea, that’s nice, I guess. Why would you go and do that Lieutenant?” Daniel asked confused and now somewhat worried.

Well congratulations Daniel. My daughters are only five and I know before I realize it they will be graduating just like you did here today. What are you planning on doing now Daniel?” Lieutenant Henry asked.

Um, well for starters, me and my buddies leave out tonight for Panama City, Florida for a week and then I plan to start Middle Tennessee State University in the Fall.

That’s my buddies and I,” Daniel’s mom quickly chimed in.

Uh, yea, my buddies and I.” Daniel corrected himself.

Lieutenant Henry continued, “Well that is just great Daniel. I know your mom here is so proud of you.”

Yes, I am Lieutenant.” She said. “So very proud with all Daniel has been through over the last few years. He lost his daddy in a terrible accident and his best friend from Greensboro, Mark, and then last year his best friend Tobin died in a tragic weight lifting accident. He has had to grow up Lieutenant and grow up fast.

Lieutenant Henry knew about his father being killed in an accident in the garage, and Bryan and then Mark hanging himself, but this was the first he had heard about his friend dying here in Nashville, TN. It doesn’t matter Todd thought. He knew why he was here and what needed to be done.

Daniel, Lieutenant Henry here says he would like to visit with you about Mark and Bryan and some of the things that took place back in Greensboro a while back.

Um, why, they’re dead aren’t they?” Daniel said with a little cockiness.

Lieutenant replied, “Yes, unfortunately Daniel, they are dead, but I really need a few moments of your time to clear up a few loose ends.”

Uh oh, Daniel thought and replied, “Can’t we do this when I get back from Panama City? We are leaving in a few hours and will be driving all night.

Lieutenant Henry replied, “I promise not to take too much of your time Daniel. I have already cleared it with the manager of the Hotel here and they have given us a small room where we can go and talk a bit. I promise to have you on your way in just a little while and you can go and celebrate with your friends.

Yes, son, you go along with this nice man that came all the way from Greensboro.” Daniel’s mom said.

Daniel realized he had no choice so he and Lieutenant Henry walked quickly to a room down one of the breezeways. They came to a room and two Nashville Metro Officers it appeared to be standing guard outside the door. That’s odd Daniel thought. Once inside, they both sat at a table that had several folders on top of it.

Lieutenant Henry said, “Daniel, first congratulations on graduating High School. I know this is a special day for you and I am not here to ruin it, however; I have a lot of questions that I hope you can answer.

Uh oh, Daniel thought to himself. This may not be such a good day afterwards.

Ok, what do you want to know?” Daniel asked confused but not really.

With that, Lieutenant Henry opened up his folder to a picture of Bryan’s skeleton tied to his bicycle from the day he was found. Lieutenant Henry leaned forward towards Daniel causing Daniel to feel a little uncomfortable and then simply stated,

How about you tell me everything you know about Bryan Morrissey...

The End.

Until the second book of the trilogy of American Serial Killer Daniel Stephen Williams. Second book is titled,

This Will Only Hurt a Minute, Said No Serial Killer Ever…

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