The Cave

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The bobby trailed the big man since spotting him entering the Whitechapel an hour earlier. He wore a long trench coat and a wide brimmed hat. The stranger’s boots sounded oddly foreign on the London cobblestone. These slums were the domain of dregs and destitutes. This man, neither beggar nor gentlemen, didn’t belong here.

The stranger slipped through the fog with purpose, but without obvious direction.

This bloke is looking for something, and I suspect that something is trouble.

Trouble plagued the East End these days and the policeman wasn’t about to let this stranger cause any more. He picked up his pace, determined not to lose the big man in the foggy darkness.

The big man turned the corner at Miller’s Court, followed by the bobby a few moments later.

And then he vanished.

The bobby ducked into the side alleys, searching each in detail, unwilling to believe this stranger could give him the slip on his own turf.

Yet, that’s exactly what happened. After ten minutes jogging up and down the nearly empty streets, the bobby gave up. He briefly considered blowing his whistle for reinforcements, but decided against it.

He’d keep an eye open for the big man tomorrow night. He walked backed to Whitechapel Station, his shift almost over.

The big man materialized out of the fog and watched the bobby turn the corner. He held a crumpled copy of The Penny Illustrated Paper and Illustrated Times, which detailed the recent murder of a local prostitute, Miss Catherine Eddowes.

The bobby was right; the man in black was looking for something. He smelled the cave in London’s East End, and came with fire and steel to put a stop to it.

He opened his black oilskin drover, revealing two Colt .44 pistols. Each black as night, one he named Consequence, the other Purpose. But he knew they weren’t enough to stop the evil he followed across the Atlantic. He needed more.

The street lamps shone down upon his chest, reflecting off a turquoise cross hung from a silver chain.

The End
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