Hats Off to the Blue Sky

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Ace finds subterfuge a different kind of difficult, especially it's his first time on a solo mission. Unsurprisingly, he finds himself already in hot water on his very first day. He and his bestie are currently not on speaking terms, he cannot seem to grasp the meaning of 'subtle' even when it's kicking him in the teeth, he is running for his life through the twisting back-alleys of Namory with ruthless gangsters chasing after him, and- were those guns?! Ace swears he is never talking to another pretty girl again. Ever. The sleepy town of Namory is struggling to survive under the iron fist of the Demon Gang that has taken over its inner workings, and the looming presence of a ruthless business tycoon threatening to topple it all. Ace is just a fourteen-year-old boy, a little scatterbrained, a little more prone to life-and-death situations than your average teen, has a best friend he can trust his life to, and is part of a teenaged-vigilante group aiming to free Namory. Just when everything seems to be coming to a head - he meets a mysterious girl who may or may not be on his side, and may or may not need his help, and Ace must choose.

Action / Drama
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Chapter 1

Pelting down the alleyway, boots squeaking furiously, Ace shoots into the open street, barely manages to avoid a swerving car, and dashes into a shady side street.


"Sorry!" he calls to the red-faced driver. Ace didn't bother to glance back - he knows they are still on him. He can hear all the shouting, louder than the blood pumping in his ears.

Besides, Ace thinks as he ducks behind a jutting wall just in time to avoid a hail of bullets turning him into a bloody piece of perforated mincemeat, who could miss the gunshots?

He peeks his head around the corner to judge the situation. A second was all the time he got before he jerked his head back, the graze at the side of his head stinging.

Ace can feel warm liquid trickling down his face, mixing with the sweat cooling in the chilly night air. He grimaced.

There must be a whole swarm of them now, reinforcements that called in more reinforcements. Where are my reinforcements?!

He pants up at the orange sunset sky, "I hope it's worth it..." Ace thinks of the girl he met, her aimless stare. It wasn't natural.

"...will she be alright?"

The question went unanswered, except for the cawing of crows returning to their nests for the night. Ace wets his lips, tasting salt, and bitter earth from having his face smushed into the dirt.

The Demons chasing after him had stayed quiet after the last round of gunshots. Ace silently hopes the bastards would be too afraid of being hurt and too stupid to figure out that he was unarmed to come any closer.

The last glance he saw they were all the way at the mouth of the alleyway, squeezing together like worms, guns pointing straight down the narrow space, sacrificing all mobility for firepower.

I regret not getting supplies now. Those insta-paper bombs would have come in handy... I would need one, just one. And then they'll know what it feels to be full of holes.

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