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Never Thought I would see You Again

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Arden is a detective in Seattle, when he gets a NY case he also gets someone from his past come back, will he able to solve the case without any distractions?

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1- Just Another Day in Seattle

4:00 am

I woke up to the sound of my alarm blaring. I groaned, putting my head deeper into my warm pillow as I blindly reached out to turn it off.

I stayed in bed for five more minutes, relishing in the warmth and comfort. I groaned yet once again as I knew that I had to wake up. I got up and started to put on my uniform for the day. Thankfully, being a detective meant I could wear whatever I want. That also meant that Joey got to wear his Hawaiian shirts everyday. Now wearing coffee colored boots, dark jeans and a jet black shirt with a charcoal sweater over it, I head into the kitchen to make myself breakfast.

4:45 am

Grabbing my bag, I looked at my place one more time to make sure everything was in it’s place before finally walking out of my apartment.

“Good morning Arden”

I looked up to see Ms. Nora walking down the hall in her usual light pink robe and her hair in a pony tail. She always wakes up at this time, she used to wake up as late as noon but ever since her husband passed away, she wakes up at the same time that he used to.

“Good morning Nora, how are we doing this morning?” I asked her

“Great! Have a lovely day Arden” she said

I chuckled and nodded, waving goodbye to her and going down the stairs. Out the door, I walked to the station. It was gloomy, the pavement still wet from this morning’s shower. But then again it was always like this in Seattle which I loved. Although it was a bit overcast, the clouds were starting to break apart and let the sun shine through. It got a bit more humid but it wasn’t like North Carolina’s thankfully. As I continued to walk, the area around me started to become alive; kids waiting at the bus stop, people getting in their car to go to work, friends meeting up to get some coffee. It was always something I loved to see every morning. Finally, I got to the station. I showed the guard my badge, and he let me through.

5:30 am

“Good morning Detective” Chief Serholm said

“Good morning Chief” I replied

I put my stuff down at my desk, when I looked up Chief was standing at his doorway and motioned for me to come inside his office.

“I just got a call last night about another murder and they’re pretty sure it’s from the Dopplers.”

“That’s the fifth one in the past three months.” I stated

“I know and there's rumors that they're going to expand, which is why I called for a favor from my buddy who works in the FBI,” he responded “They’re coming in pretty soon to help us out so I want you to give all the investigations you have right now to other detectives or officers. I know we've all been working on this for some years now but I want this to be your main focus right now.”

“Will I be able to pick them back up if they’re not done?” I asked him

“Sure, but this kind of investigation will open up doors for you kid” he said

We both knew that I was applying for the DEA, and although I was pretty good at my work, Seattle doesn’t have much crime that is connected nationally like New York or Miami has. So I agreed with him, thanked him I went to back to my desk and started assigning my cases to co-workers. Giving my easy cases to officers and giving my more difficult and ones that have taken me longer to solve to other detectives like Detective Joey and Detective Chaudlen, I was pretty much almost done when I felt someone looking at me.

“What? None for me?” he asked

I rolled my eyes and sighed before turning in my chair to see Detective Daxium looking at me arrogantly.

“I’m sure you have enough on your plate Daxium” I said

“Oh I do, but I can always help you out if ya need it bud” he replied, slapping my shoulder and grabbing it tightly

“Uh, no thanks I’m good.” I said before forcibly removing his hand off my shoulder

“Just remember that this is a mans job, I know that can sometimes be confusing for someone like yourself” he whispered before going away

By the time I could count to ten, my knuckles were almost showing the ivory of my bones.

1:00 pm

“I told the lady, ‘Miss you cannot have your dog in here, it says it right there in front of the store!’” Dominguez exclaimed

Dominguez and I were having lunch together, waiting for the FBI to come in. He was a detective like me, one of the top best and one of the few that welcomed me when I first got here. I considered him a close friend now and was happy to hear when the Chief granted Dominguez retirement once this case was closed.

“Detective Dominguez and Hal meet FBI Agents Perrego and Mez” Chief Serholm said

I looked from Dominguez to the group and my heart dropped to who I saw.

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