A War Full of Lies

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The Execution

Things were looking good for the two, with the emergency of getting the wounded treated none paid any mind to the nurse and German. As they made their way out of the thickest part of the hassle it looked to be open sands for the two. At least until a man walked out from the small tent to their right. He was short and fat, probably some kind of general.

"Where are you taking this man?" the looks-to-be general asked, placing one hand on his hip.

"Out for a walk, he's restless," Clarence answered, a pang of annoyance filled her tone.

"Then why does he have a bag over his shoulder?" Suspicion began to rise and with each step Volkner could feel his throat tighten up. He was caught, he had to of been.

"It's weighted down so he can build muscle in his wounded leg," Clarence lied confidently, even pointing to the blood stained bandage wrapped around Volkner's calf. Although the soldier didn't look convinced, he stopped coming closer. "We're only taking a small lap around the beach, there's nothin' to worry about."

"If you say so," the fat man said with a small nod and turned at a dime, walking back to his tent. Before they could leave out of earshot Volkner could hear the man eating. It wasn't just simple eating, he was shoveling food down his throat while inhaling it.

Filthy pig, Volkner mumbled as he adjusted the pack on his shoulder and continued to falsely limp until the darkness covered them. The only noise was the salty waves rolling up the shore, no gunfire, no shouting of nurses, nothing. At least until Volkner's breath became labored and he picked up what little body weight he had on Clarence and found a good spot to sit down. "We need new clothes, if we are to pass as normal civilians we must get out of these," he huffed, trying to catch his breath some. It was going to be hard to find clothes to fit his long legs, but there may be some out there laying around.

Clarence soon joined him as she rested on the sand and started moved her hands up his leg, checking the skin around the bandages to see if they were feverish. "Looks like you're fine, no infection settin' in. Ain't no telling if it will though, with us bein' away from the doctors an' all." There was a bit of doubt in her tone, but Volkner only shook his head.

"We must leave as soon as possible. We will walk until dawn, and sleep until we wake, then we must continue further." He had plans to accomplish, tiredness couldn't get in the way. He had to destroy the Führer.

"But, we still need to rest. We can't be come zombie walkin' through the streets while Nazi's run past us, and have you forgotten, I'm not exactly a blonde," Clarence pointed out to him, slight anger in her voice. She was right, no German would believe she was pure for having such dark hair. They had to try though, at least until they could get some clothes.

"Rest now, Fraulein, and in a few hours we will continue on. There should be some empty houses coming up, so there will be clothes for the both of us and maybe a bed to sleep in." Volkner let out a yawn and crossed his long legs as Clarence took the bag and used it for a pillow. It was obvious how tired she was, as her breath became deep and rhythmic, on her way to peaceful sleep.

The light was just coming over the horizon as Volkner's eyes shot open. He had fallen asleep! Their few hours had turned into an all night rest, and now they had hardly any cover of darkness left. He turned to the sleeping nurse beside him and shook her shoulder. Groans were muffled from the bag, but he only shook her harder, "Fraulein we have to leave. We have slept all night," Volkner ordered as he took the bag from under her head and stood up, slinging it over his back.

"Hey, I'm tryin' to-" Clarence started, her green eyes filled with anger before they opened wide. She too had realized it was morning. "We've gotta get goin', now." With that, she picked her small frame up and onto her feet,. Looking up at the large German before her, with a tired smile, she mumbled, "You lead the way." The two continued walking the shoreline until it started to recede and land pushed it away from them. Slowly the sand turned into dirt, and then into grass as they found themselves nearing a windmill.

The place looked abandoned and old, the sails broken and laying scattered across the ground. There had been an air raid at some point. "Schauen Sie hier!" Volkner yelled as he half jogged half limped his way to the windmill. From the ones he had been in they had a living compartment at the upper levels, or they were a barn for livestock. Volkner prayed this was a Wohnraum.

Using his large hand, Volkner slowly opened the door, his breath quick and deep as the running took a toll on him. Pain was all over his body, there wasn't a single spot that hurt, but he continued walking inside the mill. The air was musty and dank and the area was so poorly lit you could only see that the ground was some kind of dirt and shavings. "It looks as if this place was used as a barn," Volkner sighed as he heard Clarence walk behind him. He was really hoping to find something better than this, but it would have to work. By now his white pants were stained brown, green, and black from walking through everything, and even some of his bandages were soiled. They needed new clothes that were more practical.

"Ov'r here," Clarence pointed to a raggedy stair case, her small frame darted towards it. Volkner slowly followed, the pain getting to him more with each step. Oh how he would love a shot of morphine now. "It's a house!" you could hear her yell from behind a wall, and this made Volkner quicken his pace up the stairs. They creaked and groaned under his weight unsure if they could support him.

It was small, very small. It was one connecting room with a stove, bed, and bathtub compacted together. "This is no house," Volkner started, his accent strong. "This is a stowaway room for Jews. Genius really, a family would put them in here and no one would question because animals would live at the bottom. It's disguised as a little room where maybe the owners would stay if the nights got too cold in their own home and used the heat from the animals below." He then made his way towards the small bed, looking at chests underneath and beside it. "This may be the only way we can get different clothing for the time being."

Clarence's attention was focused on Volkner when the words clothes came out. Oh how she wanted to be in something more than a dress! She made her way onto the bed, it squeaking under her weight, so she could watch the man before her disembowel the chest. Anything that seemed somewhat useful inside the first chest was taken up by Clarence, some shoes, a thin scarf, and a summer dress. Everything else was either for men or children. None that could fit Volkner.

Moving on to the next few, Clarence grumbled as only dresses were thrown at her. "Go try them on, what fits keep, what doesn't rip and keep strips of cloth," he demanded, keeping his face turned into the chests.

"Just don't be peekin', that's is," Clarence muttered before trying to find anything to shield herself from the man. Volkner only huffed and pulled out a beige shirt, tossing it onto the bed for further inspection. Soon the pile on the bed was little more than a few shirts and even less pairs of pants. He prayed that at least one would fit.

Now on his last chest, Volkner yelled in excitement. Shoes! Oh how the sight made him want to cry. Walking on the hot sand and grass all these days had made his feet sore, but hopefully these would be a decent fit. Before he knew it, he was pulling out a few pairs of socks and another pair of pants. A large grin spread across his lips.

"So, do I look more like one of you?" Clarence asked, her brow forward some in frustration. There she stood in the first dress, it was pale blue and made her green eyes pop. Volkner couldn't take his eyes from her, the dress hugged her in every way perfectly.

"Du bist sehr schön," Volkner whispered, trying to keep himself from smiling. As he stood, he limped towards the American nurse, a soft smile playing at the corner of his lips. It took all he could to not place a large hand against her tan cheek and stare into her eyes, but he didn't. Quickly, while blushing, he turned around and headed back towards the bed, gathered his clothes from the side of the bed and tried to find a hiding place to change while he tried to spot blushing.

Pulling the beige shirt over his head, it came down a decent length but was a bit on the small side. The shirt was tight around the biceps and chest, defining his muscles more than he would have liked. Next was the pants, he let the thin white ones drop to the ground and jeans were being pulled past his knees. With his eyes closed, he buttoned the top button with ease and looked down. They were a bit short, but nothing noticeable with shoes and socks.

Now back on the road, theoretically, with their new clothes, Volkner and Clarence kept treading through the tall grass. "So," Clarence started, looking up from the ground, "what are we suppose to do if some Nazi soldier comes up to us and I dunno, kill us?" There was truth in her words, but Volkner could only shrug. He had no idea. Would he just talk his way out of it? That is when something came to mind, it was farfetched but it was worth a try.

"We can say you are stupid," Volkner calmly stated, continuing to look forward, smacking his lips together. He was starting to get thirsty.

"Stupid? What in the hell is that suppose to mean?" Clarence exclaimed, her voice filled with anger.

"Or well, whatever you call it. We will say you cannot speak."

"You mean disabled?"

"Yeah! That is it, you are disabled and cannot speak, so I do all of the speaking for you!" Volkner exclaimed, in his mind he thought it was a great idea. Clarence only replied with a shake of her head and sighed, there was no getting away from this man.

Volkner's ears strained as he heard what he thought he heard, running water! He took tightened his grip on his bag and started running towards the sound, Clarence cursing behind him as she had to quicken her pace. They had been walking for hours, no idea where they were going. Volkner had to be the typical man and not use the maps she provided.

When they reached the banks, Volkner dropped his bags and began to run towards the small little stream. It wasn't much, but it made quite a bit of noise rushing over rocks. "Wasser!" he yelled as he jumped onto the bank, inches away from the water. He then took a small canteen and began to fill it up, they needed as much water as possible.

"Are ya goin' to take a bath in it or drink it?" Clarence asked as she made it to the side, face red and her breath heavy. She didn't have legs as long as Volkner and moving through the tall grass wasn't an easy task for the girl. Volkner only smiled before downing the entire canteen, refilling it, and offering some to Clarence. She took it with a small snatch and put it to her lips. The water was cold and refreshing on her lips, making her anger recede and a small smile replace her frown.

When their thirst was quenched, the German and nurse headed out, crossing the stream and back into tall grass, at least until a small dirt path presented itself. The two gladly bounded across the field and onto the path, continuing it in silence. Volkner ached worse than when they were back at the windmill, and with all the recent running they would have to take a rest soon. Luckily for them, a small farmhouse was just ahead.

"Hey, will ya look at that, a house!" Clarence yelled, pointing at the wooden cabin with smoke rolling from the chimney. It was small and quant, with a few chickens out front and a dog barking as they approached.

"Let me handle this," Volkner said with a smirk, taking a few long strides to be ahead of Clarence, but stopped dead in his tracks.

"Arrête !" a man yells, slamming open the front door and armed with a gun. "Qui es-tu?"

Volkner looked at Clarence, confusion twisted in his face, "I'm not sure what to do."

A mysterious smirk crossed Clarence's face as she let out a low hum, "Let me handle this one."

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