Jenni Jackson: The Nightmare Begins

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Back to School Shopping

As the moans drew closer to her hiding spot Jenni stashed her notebook back into her bag and opened the door to peer out into the hallway. There were three zombies milling about in front of a ransacked classroom. The sight of the three undead children made Jenni regret choosing to raid this elementary school for supplies. She knew that a school wasn't the most ideal place to hit up for supplies, but all of the stores had either been claimed by gangs or ransacked. It was heart breaking to see so many dead children, but she needed supplies and this was the only place she could raid without having to worry about gangs. Jenni waited for all three of them to turn away from her general area before making a break from the janitor's closet she was hiding in. She kept an eye on the mini-zombies as she hustled down the hall, pausing only to check around the corner before leaving them behind. They looked a little too well preserved to have been victims of the first wave, but there weren't any fortifications that she'd seen so far in the school. Surely no one would hole themselves up in a school like this with nothing to keep the zombies out, at least Jenni wouldn't. Deciding to investigate later she followed the signs on the walls to the cafeteria and peered into the tiny windows on the door. Luckily enough there were no zombies present so she pushed the door open and ventured inside. As she carefully crept past all of the tables she wondered if anyone had already thought to look here for supplies, it looked far too clean to have been left untouched since the first wave. There was barely any dust and all of the tables were folded up against the walls. As she neared the doors to the lunch line she pulled her knife out of her boot before turning the knob. When it wouldn’t open she wiggled the door knob, only stopping when she heard a crash behind the door. Figuring it wouldn’t hurt she knocked on the door. “Hello? Anyone in there?” she asked, “Go away.” a scared sounding voice replied. She wasn’t surprised that the person on the other side of the door was wary of strangers- hell, she herself had become much more distrustful of other survivors after one had stolen her gun. “Relax, I’m not with the gangs and I don’t plan on hurting you. I thought no one had claimed this place. so I thought there might be some food here. I’ll just be on my way.” It was a shame that someone had beat her to the school, but she wasn’t about to fight whoever was on the other side of the door for the food. They could have a gun for all she knew, so she did the smart thing and started walking away. She had almost made it to the doors when she heard the door opening. “You’re seriously only here for food? What about all of the supermarkets?” he asked, “They’ve all been taken over by gangs, or at least what’s left of the gangs. If you don’t mind me asking, what are you doing holed up in here with no other fortifications anywhere?” Jenni replied. He shrugged and she walked back towards the lunch line. “It wasn’t really necessary. When the first wave hit most parents came and got their kids, I came here because my parents were out of town at the time and I was the only one who could get my little sister. I didn’t make it in time to save her, but I was able to save a few other kids. We were doing fine until they all came down with something.No one wants to see dead children, so no one came by. Until you, of course.” He explained sadly, “I take it they are the ones wandering the halls?” she asked. He nodded and Jenni sighed. “ You can’t just leave them like that.” Jenni said, “I know, I know- but I just can’t bring myself to raise a weapon to them. I don’t have anywhere else to go either, at most I could go look for my parents. If they’re even still alive.” he explained. Jenni sighed again and prepared herself for the sheer stupidity of her next words, “ You could come with me if you wanted to. As much as I’d like to just leave, the fact of the matter is that eventually the gangs are going to realize that schools have food- and I would feel bad about leaving you here alone. I’m not going to sugar coat this for you, if they decide to raid this place they will kill you. The whole world’s gone to shit and what’s risen from the ashes of our crumbled society is much crueler and less logical. We’d both be safer together.” she explained, he hesitated before answering “If things really have gotten that bad, then I guess it would be safer to stick together. I’m Randy, by the way. What’s your name?” despite a small part of her wishing that he hadn’t seen the wisdom in her words- especially after her last apocalypse buddy- she smiled at him and answered, “The name’s Jenni. Nice to meet another sane person in this hell hole that’s replaced our society.”

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