Jenni Jackson: The Nightmare Begins

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Journal Excerpt: Gangs and Family

I am not entirely sure how to go about recording everything that’s happened so far, but I suppose it would be best to start at the beginning. The first wave began sometime in August, no one I’ve spoken to knows the exact date that it started on. The media started tossed around ideas of what could possibly be the reasoning behind what they thought was a string of cannibalistic murders around the third of August. It then evolved into speculation of a cult worshiping Hannibal Lecter a week later. They finally stopped tip toeing around the truth around the seventeenth and announced that it was indeed some sort of disease, but it was too late. Even with everyone in the nation taking measures to protect themselves from the disease, no one was really prepared for the zombies themselves. Quite a few people treated the news of the outbreak like they would a natural disaster; they flocked to the nearest stores to stock up on supplies and ended up being infected. That’s why only gangs can take control of supermarkets, there are almost always too many undead shoppers for a small group to take care of. After the fall of the shoppers the military attempted to move in and clear out all of the infected. I'm not entirely sure why, but Congress all but pitched a fit when the military announced their plans. Apparently they didn't like the idea of the military killing citizens to stop a plague. Needless to say, the military didn't end up mobilizing in time. By the time they did there were too many zombies for them to handle. I've heard rumors that what's left of the military has separated into groups and have formed safe havens all around the country, but since I've never actually seen one it might just be a rumor. Everything just went downhill from there; cities fell with ease, people were eaten in the streets, the government fell, gangs became the highest authority of the land, and you couldn't even trust other survivors because they might end up betraying you and stealing your gun. I spent about three weeks hiding in my apartment after everything went to shit, eventually I had to venture out to get more food. That's when I encountered my first gang. While every gang is not as brutal as others, it's still not a good idea to just walk up to one. Fortunately, they were one of the few gangs that I've encountered who didn't immediately try to kill me. They even offered me a place in their gang, but looking back on the experience I think they were only being so nice because I was a woman. In fact, I dare say there wasn't another female in sight while I was there. It's probably for the best that I was too focused on seeing if my family had survived to even think about staying there. I don't know if this really needs to be repeated, but for the love of all that is holy; stay the hell away from gangs. Unless you have an army or your own gang any interaction with them will probably end in blood and disaster. I try not to think of their questionable intent, after all they can still be loosely considered allies. They were even able to pass on some gossip about a town that was taken back by several gangs coming together in some kind of kingdom, but it didn't seem like a popular idea among the local gangs. I didn't spend very long with them since I was so caught up with finding my parents, but they did give me an idea of where they could be. Apparently, there was a supermarket that had been abandoned by the gangs when the food ran out that had been reclaimed by another group of survivors. They had ultimately failed to hold onto the area and had left after the walking corpses infected almost half of their people. My mother had been among those who hadn't made it out with the others. At the time I held onto the hope that at least my father had gotten out, but he hadn't lasted very long. All I have left now is my brother, my annoying, lives-three-states-away older brother. Hopefully my newest apocalypse buddy will turn out much better than my last one, I still haven't been able to replace my gun. It would suck to have to cross three states alone.

-Jenni Jackson

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