Street Racer

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Harlow Leastle is a street racer. Not only is street racing extremely illegal, but dangerous. Follow her try to get her wheels under her as she battles it out with everyone in her life.

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Alley Tales

The alley was damp, filled with moisture from the previous night. Small expansions of water developed the farther back the alley went, almost as if it was sloped. Cracks and fractures woven into the cement walls aged with time, settled in an uneven exaggeration. Chips of grey cement littered the ground, no doubt from mice burrowed into the walls. It was a wonder that the buildings hadn’t been torn down yet when they were in such disrepair.

Sirens blared in the background, fighting to be heard between the sounds of exploding gunpowder. Explosions of color dotted the sky in the distance, over the city of Chicago. Quickly the wind brought the smell of sulfur. Dogs barked, cars honked, then the night was still.

It had not been a smart move on their part to come out on the night of fourth of July. The floor of the alley was grimy, filled with litter that didn’t have the opportunity to reach a recycler. Crouched down behind an overflow pipe, they listened for the sirens to come closer. Harlow was certain that this night should have been a success, but the universe was always trying to derail her plans.

“Iker…..Iker” Harlow whispered to the far corner of the alley. “Do you see anything?”

“Besides those lovely ladies on the corner?” Iker replied, reappearing into view with the light of a firework. As always, a smirk on his face.

“Iker, get your mind out of the gutter. They wouldn’t want anything to do with you anyway, broke ass.” Asher whispered from behind the pipe.

“Guys, cut it out. We need to wait for the cops to leave then go back and get the cars.” Harlow replied to her teenage peers, disgruntled as always with their fascination with women.

Asher grumbled, “If Iker hadn’t messed with the transmission of the R8, we wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place.”

“If you had just told me how to fix it in the first place I wouldn’t have tried to go around you.” Iker stated.

“You know I like to handle all the cars, and make sure they are up to specs. Now I’m going to have to try to rebuild a transmission. Do you have any idea how long that’s going to take? It’s not like I can just go somewhere and get parts.” Asher steamed, ready to come to blows with his friend.

“Break it up, the sirens are getting closer.” Harlow hissed, willing the boys to get down.

A light storm still glittered the sky, decorating it with chemically induced explosions. The whirling sounds of the cop cars were coming closer, no doubt bother all the people trying to enjoy the firework show. The best thing about the alley Harlow had chosen was the fact that it was off the grid. Unless the officers physically got out of their cars they wouldn’t even get close to there hiding spot.

Lights of red and blue flashed as the cars traveled past the far street. That had been one of the closes calls yet. Waiting until the sirens were just a subtle whistle, the friends stood with grins covering their faces.

“I wouldn’t give this up for anything, even if my dad finds out.” Harlow stated proudly, impressed as ever that they had yet to be caught.

“Harlow you are the biggest rebel on the earth!” Iker exclaimed with sarcasm. Harlow’s only response was a quick middle finger salute.

“I am struck! This flipping bird will forever be the end of me!” Iker fell to his knees, clutching at his seemingly failing heart.

“Come on, we need to go get the cars.” Harlow stated, always being the voice of reason.


This part of town was abandoned due to the Self-Driving Luxury(SDL) Car Factory nearby. Smog of charcoal covered the ground, an end result from the polluting factory. Her father never did care for the environment, rather the safety of his bank account. Being the CEO of SDL came with a large amount of pocket change, some may argue too much? The company was everything to him, a fact that his daughter knew oh to well.

The fact that her father had bribed a whole town of people to leave the area spoke volumes. He would rather pay them a small sum upfront than get in a nasty settlement in the future over the damage his pollution caused on their lives.

Coming to the entrance of the hidden garage, Harlow surveyed her surroundings. The building had long been abandoned, leaning on rickety cinderblocks. The only positive trait of the building was the fact that the door still worked, which was enough for their needs. With a grunt Iker pushed up the sliding door, revealing the beauty inside.

Inside sat two shiny cars, very out of character for a garage such as this. An Audi R8 and a Porsche 911 Turbo sat in the middle, looking like close friends waiting to speed away together.

“My babies!” Harlow exclaimed excitedly going to hug the hood of her preferred Turbo. Her face glowed a faint royal blue from the reflection of the paint.

“Just because your dad owns these doesn’t mean that the R8 isn’t my baby,” Iker whined crankily.

“Come on, reunion over. Get the Turbo back to your house Harlow. Hopefully your dad doesn’t notice the fact that the R8 will be gone a couple weeks while I rebuild the transmission.” Asher stated, giving Iker a glare.

“He doesn’t even go down to the basement anymore, he’s hardly ever home. The last thing on him mind is his 30 year old collection of sports cars.” Harlow says blankly, almost if she’s disappointment in her dad’s actions. “I’ll see you guys at school tomorrow. Don’t forget to get to Walker Street before calling a SDL, you don’t want anyone wondering why we were in this area.”

With that Harlow stepped into the Turbo, the engine running seconds later. The boys watched her take off before shutting the garage door shut.

“Do you think her dad will ever find out?” Asher asked to Iker.

“I don’t know Asher, I just don’t know.” Iker pauseed, shook his head and walked towards Walker Street with the younger boy following behind.

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