Street Racer

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Prison Chambers

Zooming towards the security gate the car halted.


High tech beams scanned the car. A female voice spoke from the security gate, slightly robotic in nature.

“System secure. Welcome back Lady Harlow. I see you took the Porsche 911 Turbo out for a spin again”

“Oh hush up Daria, I don’t need this shit from you. You’re a fucking security system.” replied a frazzled Harlow. The sooner she got inside the less likely she would get caught.

Daria questioned, “Should I notify Master Grayson Leastle of this development? Surely your father would not approve.”

Knowing better than to answer, Harlow quickly put the car into gear and pulled forward to the side of the large white structure, her home. The building loomed over the trees, creating a beacon parting the clouds with its ridiculous proportions. It curved inward, as if fighting off the sins of its own construction. Countless windows dotted the sides, no doubt creating a freeing open atmosphere inside. Harlow knew the outer exterior was just a shell for the prison within.

Harlow slammed on the brakes, quickly exiting the car to approach the building. The car still hummed. the engine running. With a downward swipe of her hand a control panel extruded from the wall.

Harlow quickly started swiping through the touch screen menu, until she reached the bottom, “Display Car Lift”. Very efficiently she pressed the button before moving back towards the car, and taking a seat on the driver’s side.


The car started to descend, with the mechanical gauges clicking in time.




“Come on..... COME ON. Can this thing not go any faster?” Harlow muttered angrily to herself.

Darkness engulfed the area surrounding the car as it dropped beneath the depths of the house. Stone lined the sides of the lift, making the area damp and moist.

Harlow knew that her father wouldn’t be home but the scheduled staff would no doubt start looking for her soon. Jefferson, the acting house guardian, would take great joy into telling her father about her short comings. He constantly found amusement in the fact that she was the sole heir to the SDL legacy, and a complete fuck-up. At least in his eyes, and the corresponding eyes of her father. She could never do anything right.


With the last click the space outside the car was illuminated in an atrocious fabricated glow. The display car hub. The motherland.

Harlow promptly put the turbo in gear and glided it over to its designated section by the far wall, along with the more “inferior cars”. The cars not part of the highest esteem in the collection, the ones that her father didn't care for. Ridiculous really, the turbo was Harlow’s favorite. She knew which cars to not touch, or even look at. The few in the middle were “untouchables”. The corresponding rules made sure to let Harlow taste death if she ever touched them. Her younger self was obsessed with them, and had her fair amount of warnings. They were comparable to poisonous chocolates lined up in a row.

SSC Ultimate Aero

Koenigsegg One

Lamborghini Veneno

Unimaginable in a race, the competition wouldn’t stand a chance. Worth billions in 2050. Poisonous. Harlow took a big swallow that seemed to get stuck in her suddenly dry throat. That thrill was never going to be worth the surefire death.

Quickly heading to the anti-gravity lift, Harlow traveled to the 23 floor where the main kitchen was.


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