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Night Terrors

“Ugh. God” Liam grunted as he lifted the lat bar one more time. The gym was silent besides his own sounds, just the way he like it. The only problem with the silence was that his own thoughts became overbearing.

Just last week he enlisted in the army to try to better his situation. Working at the gym made his life less of a living hell, but going into the Marines could change all his problems. He had it all planned out. He would excel at it, he would become the best, and then he would come back to Chicago, make a difference, help people like him. Who knows? Maybe he’d even go to college on the government’s dime. Get an apartment somewhere. Start a family. Be someone. That’s all Liam ever strived for, was to just be someone, to anyone. Just for a moment.


Liam whipped his head around, searching for the sound of the crash. Quietly, he puts down the exercise bar, and slowly stands. Rushing towards the wall he dropped to the ground, barely visible to any intruders. He listened.




A shadow lingered on the wall as it moved through the building, stopping momentary to check out the merchandise.

“Yo, Damon. You neva’ goin’ guess what kinda shite that Trug has in here. Top shite......No, No. Damon. You gotta bring the big fucker. Shite is top notch but hella heavy.”

Liam had heard enough to know a robbery was about to go down. He had a job to do. He sprinted along the wall, intending to catch the perp unaware with his back turned. Just before Liam got to him, the criminal twisted around.

“You fucker!”




Shots burrowed into the floor, getting lost under the wooded boards.


Liam hit the perp in the side, knocking the gun from his hands.

Thud. Thud.

Fists met skin, breaking first a nose cavity. Then, a mandible. Blood gushed onto the floor, staining the wood.

Liam looked down at his hands, red splashing his shoes.

Drip. Drip.

Nausea flowed over his person. He knew his hands held strength, but to see it first hand. To hurt someone?

“Oh God” moaned Liam, clutching his mouth. The scent of the metallic crimson filtered through the air, the whole room smelling like old pocket change.

Liam stumbled into the locker room, spewing vile from his mouth.


Tripping, he went down hard.

Face first into the floor Liam mumbled, “I need to call the police”.


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