Street Racer

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House Affairs

"Hmmmm. Seems like someone decide to show up. I'm so happy to be graced with you presence" Jefferson griped.

Wandering into the room Harlow paused by the nutrition condenser.

With an eye roll she delivered a patronizing line,"I'm glad to be of service."

Jefferson ambled out of the room with a huff, no doubt contacting her father about her disrespect of curfews. Nothing ever changed, he always did this. Anymore she couldn't understand why he continued such a farce, the same round about result always happened. Her father would call to tell her what a disappointment she was, and how continuing on this road would get her left out of the inheritance. He didn't care enough to actually make an appearance though.

Harlow went about scrolling through the options on the condenser, never satisfied with what was there. She knew they never changed but yet she still scrolled through the whole menu. Steamed vegetables, mashed potatoes, grilled chicken, steamed cabbage, the list went on.

The technology industry had really done a number on food, and not in a good way. The government declared food only a source of nutrients, and no longer an open source concept. There were no longer sweets, cakes, or anything fried. In the last 20 years the changes took place for a healthier, safer world. Harlow knew nothing else, unlike the older generations. She overheard one of the house cleaners reminiscing about making pies in an appliance called a oven. It was ridiculous. Harlow couldn't imagine why they would want to waste time to make something when with the nutrient condenser it was instant.

Pushing the button on the touch screen, Harlow selected steamed cabbage and chicken.


"Mhmm. Maybe that's why" Harlow muttered to herself as she observed the mush on her plate. Mush was being kind to the nutrient goo that served as her daily meal.

Taking the plate to the anti-gravity lift she traveled to her personal level, preferring to eat alone rather than have a staff member try to make small talk with her because they ought to. She never invited any of the guys here because she knew they would make a big deal about how nice and big it was. She knew they wouldn't notice how cold and distant it was, or how impossibly empty it seemed. They would just notice the things. The grandeur.

Harlow looked around, making sure the staff didn't move anything while she was away. No matter how many time she told them they always cleaned her room multiple times a day. She'd rather they didn't at all, she wasn't a messy person. Out of the whole house her level was the only one that had any personality, rather than the stark white the rest of the building. But that didn't make it unclean or messy.

Turquoise decorated the walls, with lilac fabric knotted into dizzying designs. Gold strands fell from the ceiling, reflecting a glow along the walls. Thick white carpet rugs intermittently decorated flashing the wood texture of the floor below. This room, no matter how nice it looked, was a prison cell. Racing was her true sanctuary.

Looking out of the window the trees swayed, dancing away from the cold building. Like they could feel the sadness that dwell in such a structure.

Tomorrow was a new day. A day of school.

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