Jackie the Jack Russell

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The tail of a Jack Russell like no other. A beautiful, majestic creature that is stuck in the world of un-knowing.

Action / Scifi
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Mary brought the present that Brent had given her and placed it on her table next to her laptop, she then removed the ribbon that was neatly wrapped around the wrapping paper, and then she proceeded to rip off the wrapping paper off to reveal a box of chocolates. But not just any chocolates, chocolates from France, that Mary loved most.

Mary returned to the sneezing and wheezing, and was starting to give up on all hope. She had been ill for over a week now. Dave had given up on helping her, so he just strolled down to the farm every morning to get out of it. Although, Mary was gradually improving, thanks to the drugs that the pharmacists had given her.

Mary decided that she needed to go and use the toilet, and she strolled off into the porch, closing the door behind her, and slowly walked up the stairs. But, what Mary didn't realise was that she had left the French Chocolates on the tree look-alike table. Next to her laptop. Also, her chair was positioned so that any human...or should I say animal...could climb onto it to get onto the table. Jackie saw her chance, and sneaked in the sitting room, being sure not to make any noise at all from her jingling collar, since Shaun was in the room next door. She then carefully walked up to the chair, jumped onto it...after 5 attempts...and grabbed the chocolate box.

It fell onto the floor.

The French Chocolates were scattered everywhere, all over the sofa, all over the chair, and all over the table. Jackie knew that she would be caught out, and immediately hopped off the table, and out of the room.

With a French Chocolate concealed inside her strong jaws.

But, what Jackie had never realised, is that a dog had never tasted this sort of chocolate before. So she was the first dog in the world, to eat this kind of chocolate. No scientist knew the side-effects of eating a French Chocolate would be. And so, Jacky began to experience those side-effects almost immediately, as she jumped up, and began to walk on her hind legs. She then began to shout some human words, some words like:

"Oh Yeah! I feel good!"

Jackie then suddenly realised the side-effects of eating French Chocolates, and that is that it gives the dog human actions. Such as walking on hind legs, and using the front paws as hands. Jackie walked over to the long mirror that was in Mr & Mrs White's bathroom, and admired herself.

"Wow, look at these strong legs!" She cried.

"And I can talk like a human!" She screamed. "My owners can finally understand what I am telling them!"

Jackie hopped around the room screaming and yelling. She was jolly and happy about being able to act like a human, that she never noticed Shaun right behind her.

But Shaun only just came in when Jackie stopped, and he was totally oblivious to what she was doing and just assumed it as a dog's natural way.

"Come on Jackie, let's go and get you a biscuit," he said.

But Jackie was so happy to be a human; she suddenly forgot how a dog was supposed to act, so without thinking about it, she suddenly said something to Shaun.

"Yes, please."

"What did you just say?" questioned Shaun, with a shocked look on his face.

"I mean, woof!" She responded quickly.

Jackie gave up, her cover was blown, she needed to tell Shaun what had happened.

"Look Shaun, please don't go crazy, but I can suddenly speak Human" she quietly said to him.

Shaun immediately responded by screaming which made Mary rush into the room.

"What's going on in here? " She screamed.

"Ur Mum, you not going to b-b-e-lieve this b-b-but Jackie can talk!" He stammered.

"What?" she questioned, a concerned look on her face.

"Jackie is just an innocent little cutie," she said, patting Jackie on her head.

"Yes I am."

Everyone stared at Jackie, with a shocked look on their faces.

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