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Chapter Thirty-Eight

Current day, 09:06 AM,

The First Baptist Church of Mount Silver, Virginia.

Cole fell to a knee, releasing the frightened dog. Pete’s old canine launched from the agent’s hands and darted for the safety of the pews. In one fluid action, Cole rolled to his side as he landed on the floor, brandishing a small pistol he had been hiding underneath the dog. He fired at the surprised Radii security chief, sending a bullet through Vick’s neck, a pink mist erupting from the impact.

Vick lurched backwards, clutching at his throat. He slammed against the wall and began to slide down, leaving a bright vertical streak of blood on the white sheetrock.

Cole winced as he rolled to his right and shot once more, catching the guard named Bohannan in his bulletproof vest. Unfazed, the large man angrily loomed over Cole with his weapon ready to kill.

“Shit!” Cathy mumbled, grimacing as if her decision was painful, and lifted her G-36. She pulled the trigger and buried a bullet in Bohannan’s face before the man could kill the CIA agent lying on the ground.

“Don’t Blitz! It ain’t worth it!” Del Toro said following Cathy’s lead. He pointed his weapon at the remaining Radii guard.

“No, argument from me!” Blitz said, dropping his rifle to raise his hands. “Look, I’m with you guys. I am not down at all with anybody blowin’ up D.C. I don’t know shit about all that!”

Cole rested his head to the wood floor and he groaned. He let his arms fall to each side of him. “Shit, that hurts.”

Frannie looked up at Cathy with pleading eyes. “Can we?”

The woman lifted her rifle to clear Frannie’s path. She nodded toward Cole. “Go on, honey, no one’s gonna hurt you or your kids.”

“I got Hunter and Raven, momma,” Kaitlyn said. “Go see daddy.”

Frannie smiled at her brave, beautiful daughter with tears in her eyes. She placed a hand to the girl’s face and then leaned down to check on Delinda lying prone on the church pew. The young woman was pale, but still coherent.

“What are you doing Mrs. Hitchens?” Delinda said, weakly. “Go make sure that idiot husband of yours is still kicking!”

Frannie eyed the female agent and then nodded. With a turn, she exited the row of wooden benches and ran through the church toward Cole.

“Thank you for helping my daddy, lady!” Raven exclaimed and grabbed Cathy around an available leg.

“Ow, shit that hurts! Let go, little girl!”

Raven released the woman’s bandaged leg in surprise and then stepped back placing a hand on her side. The little girl cocked her head and raised a pointer finger, wagging it at Cathy. “You know Jesus hears...”

“Dang it!” Kaitlyn grabbed her little sister and backed away from the Radii guards to follow her mother, placing herself between them and her siblings. “Thank you,” she said, eying the rifles in their hands.

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