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Chapter Forty-One

Current day, 11:15 AM,

Hwy 58, Several Miles East of Thompsonville, Virginia

Steam escaped from the limo’s smashed chrome grill with a hiss. The driver’s body lay motionless, face down on the hood, his lower half bent over the steering wheel. Blood ran like small rivers over the glossy dark surface of the black vehicle’s front end. It flowed around the remnants of the broken windshield scattered randomly about and dripped down a flickering headlight.

“You guys do damn good work, you know that? I really thought this joker would have been long gone by now,” Kevin said with a wince. “Thanks, Mutt.”

“Anything for you, Kevin,” the large biker replied, setting the injured man down next to the wreck. “These guys were holed up at that motel outside Harris Gap. Wasn’t too hard to find ’em.”

The Roadhouse’s owner rested against the car and lazily looked around at the leather-clad collection of bikers grinning back at him from their rumbling motorcycles. They encircled the mangled limo like a victorious pack of wolves surrounding a kill; their mechanical prey’s hood wrapped around a large tree trunk.


Kevin rapped a knuckle against the wrecked limo’s tinted window. “Come on out, thief! Open up and give me my damn money. I pinky promise I’ll let you live.”

No response.

“Okay jackass, this here’s request numero dos, so don’t go and waste it. Open on up. It’s over! You ain’t got nowhere else to go!”

“You are a dead man, American!”

“...says the guy that is surrounded by a bunch of veterans who ain’t too fond of your ideological persuasion,” Kevin retorted, his anger quickly rising in response to the Chinese officer’s apparent lack of respect. “You know, one might expect a touch of humility from someone like you in a situation such as this. So, c’mon asshole, open up.”

“On your honor, you will let me live and I will open the door, yes?” the Red Army captain asked nervously.

Kevin rolled his eyes. ”Nooo, I said...and I repeat, give me my damn money and I’ll let you live. But at this point, I’m questioning my decision to carry through on that promise. Look, dude, I ain’t go no beef with you or your country, but you got to realize, your little entourage up and shot me and killed a bunch of my favorite customers. So, forgive me if I’m still holding on to some hard feelings ’bout what you did.” Kevin paused for effect. “...all that ‘cept for killin’ backstabbing Phil, I’ll give you a pass on that one. But you really screwed the pooch when you went and ran off with my money. Ten percent of which, I promised to my friends here for their, um, VFW fund, you see? The only reason you are still alive is because my CIA friend Cole wants to speak with you, but if it weren’t for that, well...”

The bikers laughed.

“So, if you want to live, get the hell out of the car, NOW!” Kevin said and emphatically slapped the glass with an open palm.

“Okay, American...okay!” the Red Army officer said and slowly opened the door with a creak.

Kevin looked up at Mutt and tilted his head toward the Chinese Red Army officer emerging from the limo.

The biker nodded and then grabbed the captain, pulling him out of Kevin’s way.

Kevin bent over to look around the inside of the elongated vehicle. “Dammit!”

“What is it, boss?” Mutt asked.

“I can’t do it...I’m hurtin’ too bad. Would you mind grabbin’ those two things right there,” Kevin asked pointing at a couple of glass objects. “Those are yours, too, guys. I’m feelin’ generous.”

“Alright...Whoa! Aw shit, ya’ll, we’re drinkin’ the good stuff tonight!” Mutt exclaimed, backing from the limo’s interior holding two bottles of twenty-five year-old Chevas Regal whiskey.

The members of the motorcycle club began whooping. “Hell yeah!”

Kevin glanced over at the fuming Red Army captain. “Damn, you commie fellas know your liquor, dontcha?”

The Chinese officer snarled and cut his eyes at his grungy captors.

“Alright, what else we got in there, Mutt? You see a metal case anywheres?”

Mutt leaned down and re-entered the limo. “Let me take a looksee...”

Kevin cocked his jaw and stared at the Chinese officer for a moment. “Oh yeah, I almost forgot to ask...have you ever been to Afghanistan?”

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