In The Woods

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Queso Dip

When I woke up my bed that usually was warm, felt cold and empty. I heard someone moving around my room but decided to ignore it. I was really tired still and wanted to go back to sleep. I felt something hit me.

"Good morning to you to." I grumbled and turned over to go back to sleep.

"Get up and pack. We are going for the kids." I heard Aaron say.

"Five more minutes" I grumbled.

"Get up." He said and threw something else at me.

"No." I said and buried my head in the pillows.

"Fine. I'll just have to pack for you." He said and I could hear his seriousness.

"NO!" I said jumping out of bed. I was NOT letting him touch my underwear! He laughed and chucked a shirt at my head. "Not funny!" I growled and tackled him.

"Okay, I'm sorry. You know you're kind or grouchy in the morning." he said laughing. "Now get off of meI have to go pack up the kitchen stuff."

"What about if I don't want to?" I asked innocently making my eyes big and pouting a little.

"Well… in that case you asked for it!" Aaron said smiling.

"Asked for wh-" I got out before he started tickling me. I screamed and tried to get away from him. I hit him with a pillow from the couch and crawled away. He grabbed my calf and dragged me back to him. He pinned me to the ground tickling me.

"A-a-aron! Stop it!" I gasped for breath smiling and laughing.

"You asked for it!" he said sneering and managing to smile at the same time.

"Aaron!" I said and hit him playfully. He just pinned my arms above me and continued. "Stop it!" I gasped out, I could hardly breathe from laughing so hard.

"Nope. How bout I don't and say that I didn't?" he teased me from above. I could only think of one thing that might stop him, I sighed. I bent upward as much as I could with my hands pinned and gave him a soft kiss. He laughed.

"Wow. Nice to know that me kissing you is laughable!" I said sort of hurt. I scooted away from him. He grabbed for me but I avoided him.

"Come on Lean you know I didn't mean it like that." He said in a 'don't be ridiculous' voice.

"Oh yeah? How else could you have meant it?" I snapped at him.

"I laughed because that's the only thing you thought of that could stop me tickling you!" he said back, his voice had now taken on an edge like he was getting mad to. He had such a short temper! He came over to me and wrapped his arms around me. I was stiff but I didn't move away for fear of angering him more. "Princess you know I didn't mean to hurt you."

"Aaron, you just come across wrong I guess sometimes…" I whispered and put my head in the hallow by his shoulder. He pet my hair and kissed my cheek gently.

"Well sorry Princess, but I wasn't lying I actually do have to go pack up the kitchen." He said against my hair and groaned. "Do you want to pack and then come help me?" He asked smiling suggestively. I rolled my eyes and playfully punched him.

"By the way how are we going to tell the others?" I asked leaning back against him.

"Um…" He said and suddenly stiffened.

" 'Um'? Um what? You are planning on telling them aren't you?" I asked pushing off of him and standing up.

"Yeah, of course. I just don't know how…" He said awkwardly.

"Well, you better figure out, soon." I said and gave him a meaningful glance while I continued packing. "Where will we even start looking by the way?"

"I believe Gale has us booked for a flight to Oregon." Aaron answered throwing some shorts at me.

"Why in the world are we going all the way to Oregon?" I asked confused.

"There is a sort of trading post there. Most of the recent shifter news gets over to there." He sat down on my bed not knowing how to help me.

"How many shifters are there?" I asked. I mean how many shifters could have hid from humans for all of these years?

"There are only about 12 packs in the country. Two in England. We don't know about other places."

"Oh. Are the packs all about as small as this one?"

"No. We are the smallest."

"Oh okay." I said a little freaked out. "I'm ready when you are to go to the kitchen." I said zipping up my suite case. "By the way where did you get this suite case?" I asked.

"It's one of my old ones. I usually go to all of the out of state meetings." He said and grabbed my bags heading out to the kitchen.

"Hey! Are you seriously taking it back AFTER I got my stuff packed in it?" I asked baffled. I mean it is his suite case but still.

"No." he said laughing at my expression and tone. "I'm taking it out to the truck, unless you want to carry it Princess?" he laughed and his eyes sparkled.

"Sure why not?" I said to his utter surprise. I tried to take the suitcase but he dodged me.

"Nope you don't get to put it in the truck!"

"But… I want to carry it…" I said giving him puppy dog eyes. He looked at me.

"Nope." He said easily and walked to the kitchen. "We have to pack this anyway."

"Oh. Why are we packing food if we are going on the plane?" I asked confused.

"Because we have to be able to hide the pelts that we are trading when we get there. "

"Oh okay well I'll grab the food and throw it to you. You can put it in the bag." I said, I mean assembly lines always work right?

"Mmmm k." he replied. So I grabbed the chips, pretzels, fruit rollups you know the dry stuff. He just packed it away in this ginormous bag that I'm assuming held pelts.

"What about Queso dip? You guys have like 10 jars of it!" I said grabbing the nasty fake cheese dip. I chucked it at him. He threw himself on the floor, the jar of Queso smashed against the granite counter top.

"WHAT THE HELL? WHY DID YOU THROW A JAR QUESO AT ME? THAT SHIT IS GLASS!" he yelled at me not really mad though. It was more of a 'wow are you kidding me' type of voice.

"Queso is plastic isn't it?" I asked staring dumbly at the broken jar on the counter.

"Nope, defiantly not!" he said sarcastically rolling his eyes.

"Well… crap!" I said getting nauseous from the nasty fake cheese smell that filled the room.

"Ug… we have to clean this up" he said giving me a look.

"Okay. SO not my fault!"

"You're the one that threw the glass jar!" he said smiling.

"Yeah but no one told me it was glass! Plus why did it have to be filled with nasty fake cheese." I said and he stopped smiling and looked confused.

"Wait, you don't like Queso?" he asked baffled.

"NO it's nasty fake cheese in a jar. Even the smell of it makes me feel ill."

"What smells like Queso?" Damian asked coming into the kitchen.

"She didn't know it was glass and threw it at me. More importantly she doesn't like Queso." He said still amazed, but he was laughing. A big full hearty laugh that made everyone smile.

"You don't like Queso?" Damian asked just as baffled as Aaron by this fact.

"NO. For the last fricking time I don't like Queso!" I said getting aggravated but still laughing.

"Who doesn't like Queso?" Gale asked coming in with Ray.

"Lea doesn't" Damian said basically pointing a finger at me.

"Really?" Gale asked raising one eyebrow at me. They were all laughing but my face was turning beat red.

"What is with you guys and Queso?" I asked, I mean they were like worshiping it.

"It's food of the Gods" Griff said coming into the kitchen, having apparently heard our conversation.

"Well do you guys want to clean this up with some chips then because I think I'm going to go throw up." I said feeling my stomach heave.

"Sure why not have a good snack before going on the plane?" Ray said getting the chips out. I ran out of the kitchen and barely made it to the bathroom before throwing up the minimal contents of my stomach. I had only a moment to be glad I didn't eat breakfast when someone knocked on the door.

"Come in!" I yelled through the door. I got up and started brushing my teeth. I was expecting Aaron so I turned around to say something and found Griff behind me.

"Are you okay?" he asked hesitantly. I shook my head yes unable to speak because I was still brushing my teeth. "Sweet. Hey look about yesterday…" he started but I shook my head. He was just under the wrong assumption that I helped the people that took his sister. Although he didn't have to slap me I understand where he was coming from. I spit into the sink and washed my mouth out.

"Look you were just trying to punish the person that you had thought had taken or helped take your sister, I get it." I said gently.

"Yeah… but I am sorry for slapping you." He said chewing on his lip.

"That's okay I'll get you back one day." I said winking at him and we both laughed.

"Yeah? Well come on we have to go get in the car." He said turning around and leaving. I followed him because I couldn't remember where the car was.

Once we got everything packed in we took off for the airport. We got there just in time to catch our 4 hour flight to Oregon.

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