In The Woods

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Once we landed we rented a car and drove to a hotel. Ray and Serrina got a room to share, Damian and Aaron were sharing a room, and Gale and Griff were sharing one. The room numbers we got were 514, 516, 527, and 314. Guess who got 314? Yes that's right I got the room that was on the different floor.

When I got to my room I unpacked everything and hung it up. I got a shower and lay down to watch T.V. and brush through my hair when I heard someone knock on the door. I got up to answer it and found that Ray had paid me a visit.

"Hey Lea. I was wondering if you had any questions about shifters since you just kind of got thrown into this." Ray said sitting on the second bed. She had said that we won't be here long and to just leave everything packed up.

"Um… not really. I mean is there anything you think I should know about?" I asked her, answering her question with a question.

"Actually there is a lot that I think you should know about shifters before we go to the trading market." She answered. "Let me tell you a story."

"For as long as humans have been around, shifters have too. Wolf shifters were the first, they were called were wolves because they were usually only seen by humans when the full moon was out. As you know the pull to change is the strongest around that time. Well then these stories started in Europe because the first known pack started in Europe. As the shifters got stronger they sailed across the seas to the Americas and found a new type of shifter. The first clan they found was the Sky Clan. The Sky Clan was made of bird shifters of all types. That is where Serrina, Griff, Kris, and Alex's ancestors came from. That is why Serrina changes into an owl, Griff changes into a Flacon, Kris changes into a Raven, and Alex changes into a Hawk. The Wolf shifters stayed and learned there. One day they heard about another group of shifters called the 'Serpentine clan'. The Wolf shifters traveled to this place that they had heard about and found that all of the shifters changed into snakes. This is why Max changes into a rattle snake. This continued until they found the Feline clan of big cat shifters. The example here is Sarah and her cougar. These are the only clans they found over here. The wolves settled down here and started clans of their own. There are now 3 avian clans, two in the East and one in the North. There are 2 Serpentine clans, one in the middle of the U.S.A and one in Texas. Now there are 4 feline clans but there numbers are dwindling. They are in Michigan, Florida, Texas, and Arizona. That leaves 3 clans other than us, all wolves. Montana, Alaska, and New Mexico are where the remaining American packs live. We have heard rumors of a couple of Canadian and South American packs. We have conformation of a Brazilian snake clan and wolf pack. Also there are still the two original wolf packs in Britain and Russia." She said pausing so that I can take it in.

"Okay, so there are going to be a lot of people like us here." I said kind of unsure of what else to say.

"Well not exactly. You might have noticed that I didn't say what Karina and Brent shifted into. That's because Brent is a kind of mutt amongst shifters he is a Coyote. Now we are guessing that his parents where a Feline shifter and a wolf shifter. Karina shifts into a mouse. We are thinking that maybe as disgusting as it is the Serpentine clan or one of the Avian clans are using rodent shifters as a food source and not telling us about it. We however are more puzzled by you than either of them. You see female wolf shifters are very rare. The wolf clans keep all of their members from wondering, especially female ones. Also most of the wolf packs treat female shifters very badly and just try to get pups any way they can, even if the female is unwilling. So we don't know how your mother managed to get away from the shifters but we do know that unless your mother that you grew up with shifted, that she was an adoptive parent." She said and then stopped letting this all sink in.

"What do you mean my mom is not my mom?" I asked appalled at her for even suggesting it.

"I mean that her pack wouldn't have let her leave. They would track her down… and depending on the pack they would bring her back or kill her." Serrina said gently putting a hand on my shoulder. "Now I know this is a big shock but there is something more important for tonight. Although most of the females in the packs don't resist anymore because they grew up being treated like Whores and Prostitutes. Some packs even use this trading place to sell females to other packs. It is no use disguising you as a guy because they can smell unmated females up to about 5 miles away. So we need to-"

"Wait you said unmated? What does that mean?" I asked cutting her off.

"It means that you don't have a mate. Just like wolves, wolf shifters have mates. When someone finds another someone they want to mate with the male marks the female. Then they complete the process by well mating. Now a female can switch mates by being marked by another male. But keep in mind that a mate is a serious thing and you can't just switch mates, it is almost unheard of for a wolf shifter to switch mates." She answered my question.

"So what are we doing about our little problem?"

"Well we can't really do anything about it. You just have to stay close to us. We can't leave you here because we have to make sure you’re okay. If they found the cabin they could have fallowed us here."

"Okay…" I said just as we heard a knock on the door. "Come on in guys!" I yelled, I could smell it was the guys and Serrina. "Hey guys"

"I already briefed her." Ray informed them.

"Okay well then. We can go whenever you are ready."

"I'm ready." I said placing my brush in the bathroom and slipping on my black leather heeled boots. I was wearing skinny jeans and a yellow tank top with a jean jacket over top.

"Um… Lea…" Damian trailed off hesitantly.


"You might want to dress it down a bit. It is a full moon night in the spring time. If you go dressed like that I think we might get in more than the already expected fights." Damian grinned giving me an exaggerated once over.

“What? Why would I change? I look fine.” I exclaimed exasperated. Why the hell were we wasting time doing this instead of looking for information that could lead towards the kidnappers?

“It’s spring time…” He trailed off blushing brightly and staring at the floor.

“Yeah…? I mean black isn’t really a spring color but I really don’t care. We have to go find the kids, why the hell are we arguing if my outfit is appropriate? You act like I’m going to a middle school dance.” I scoffed at him walking past him to the door.

“Um… We’ll meet you in the car. Ray you fix her.” Damian blushed and propelled himself out the door in a hurry, quickly followed by the rest of the awkward looking males in the room.

“What the hell was that about?” I turned looking at Ray for an answer, “Fix me?”

“Female shifter wolves are in heat in the spring and summer time depending on the shifter; unlike a regular wolf that goes into heat in the late winter. Also full moons tend to make the male wolf shifters 'hungry', if you know what I mean.” She giggled winking and throwing me a more suitable outfit.

“Oh… how will I know if…” I questioned her awkwardly changing.

“You will want to jump on every male wolf that your inner wolf approves of. Oh and if you don’t have sex it’s gonna be super painful. I honestly haven’t experienced my first heat before, but I know that it is extremely hard for a wolf to not have sex, or mate, during their heat cycle. Plus they say that once you have sex on your heat cycle your body craves the guy like an addiction. Not to mention that during a female’s heat cycle males go crazy and lose control. Even if they smell your pheromones they will fight for the chance to mate with you.” She made big eyes at me to emphasize the point.

“Well that sounds absolutely awful.” I told her, trying to shimmy into my pants, “and I don’t understand how males ‘lose control’. Isn’t that basically saying that they are so horny that they are going to rape you at every chance they get? Not to mention how creepy is that, they can SMELL your pheromones? I don’t need everyone knowing that I’m some sex crazed she wolf running around.”

“Well you won’t be running around,” she winked at me, “but you probably won’t have to deal with it for a while considering I’m 23 and haven’t had mine yet. Normally you get your first one anywhere between 22 and 25 years of age.”

“Okay… well does this look okay so we can get going?” I asked, twirling in a pair of jeans and a zip up hoodie.

“God damn girl, it will have to do. You are going to drive my brother crazy though.” She threw out as she grabbed her bag.

“Wait… wait what?” I gasped, she wasn’t supposed to know about that!

“I see the way he looks at you, and I can smell both of your hormones. The only ones that can’t tell are Damian and Griff.” Ray scoffed as if I had insulted her intelligence.

“Ray… I’m sorry, I mean I didn’t, we didn’t.” I stumbled over my words blushing brightly as I tried to explain to her that I wasn’t fucking her younger brother.

“Hey girl, it’s okay! I’m glad that he has found someone that makes him happy. Also, I don’t need to know details about your sex life. If you want someone to talk to about that I’ll happily talk to you about it but you don’t need to explain yourself to me.” She laughed and smacked my shoulder.

“We don’t have a sex life…” I mumbled embarrassed and red as a tomato. Ray promptly grabbed my arm and pulled me out the door.

“Let’s get going slow poke, or the awkward squad will get impatient.”

We got to the car and as Ray predicted, the boys refused to look in my eyes. We piled into the Jeep and I ended up in the very back with Aaron, while Serrina, Griff, and Damian where in the middle and Ray and Gale sat up front.

“Everyone ready?” Gale called from the front as he started the car.

“Absolutely,” Aaron replied, he slipped his hand between my legs so that he was holding onto my upper thigh. I jumped at the unexpected touch and turned wide eyed to him, but he was already looking out the window. Slowly he moved his hand up and down my thigh. I grabbed his hand trying to get him to stop, the others didn’t need to SMELL me getting turned on and he knew that they would. Leaning over he pressed his lips to my ear.

“Something wrong Princess?” Aaron teased, his lips brushing the outside of my ear. Looking around the car to make sure no one was noticing I realized that Griff and Damian were in the middle of a heated debate about something or another. Serrina had her headphones in and was reading a book and Gale and Ray were talking softly to each other. No one would notice how close Aaron had gotten or how he was whispering in my ear.

“Stop it,” I tried to squirm away from him but his hand between my thighs held me to my spot.

“Stop what? I’m just trying to enjoy the ride.” He purred biting my ear lobe and unbuckling so that he was as close as we could possibly get without me sitting in his lap.

“Stop, we have to focus on the task at hand.” I told him giving his hand a pointed look.

“I am focusing on the task at hand. My current task is to drive you absolutely crazy just because I can.” He whispered against my neck. His hand traveled up and down my thigh with just enough pressure to make it so I barely felt it. I started to heat up and bit my lip to keep a whimper in.

“Aaron stop…” I begged him, staring into his eyes with my own pleading ones.

“Now why would I do that?” He growled into my hair as he ran his nose along my ear.

“I don’t want them… to smell it.” I stuttered turning my crimson face away from him. That had to be the most embarrassing thing any being, human or otherwise, had ever uttered. I had to ask my… well I don’t really know what we are… to stop touching me because he was turning me on and I didn’t want our friends to smell me getting all hot and bothered in the back seat. Normal, human, girls didn’t have this problem. In fact when a normal human girl gets turned on by… whatever Aaron was to me… the guy didn’t even know half the time. Now I had to admit that he had turned me on, and if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, if we weren’t careful the entire pack would know that Aaron and I were not only together but that I was turned on by only his hands on me.

“Why are you embarrassed?” Aaron questioned pulling my hair back to get a better look at my face.

“Because…” I trailed off trying my best to pull away from him. There is no way that he couldn’t tell that he was turning me on, in fact that was the end point of his little game. No, I was not going to spell it out for him. What did he want? For me to jump on a roof top and scream that I was getting wet because of him? No thank you.

“Because why?” He asked turning my face so that I had to look at him. I looked down at our laps and sighed, why does this stuff happen?

“I am not going to spell it out for you Mr. ‘I’m going to drive you crazy just because I know I can’.” I snapped at him, my jaw clenched in anger. Why would he do this to me? He knew better than I did a shifters heightened abilities. He was the one hesitant about telling the others, but right now I really didn’t want them to figure it out.

“Oh Lea…are you embarrassed because you’re… turned on?” He sighed and wrapped his arm around my shoulders, pulling me to lean into him.

“What do you think?” I growled pulling away from his embrace. I hadn’t ever told a guy that he turned me on, in fact I was very inexperienced in the matter and it was a legitimate reason to be embarrassed.

“Lean, look at me.” Aaron commanded, “That is nothing to be embarrassed about. It is a natural thing, and shifters are more used to it than humans. I am sorry if I embarrassed you, I just forget how new to this world you are. I figured you had some experience when you were a human… I just didn’t think that you would be mad.”

“I just… I don’t have much… I am not experienced in the guy department…”I blushed so hard that I could swear that my face was going to burst into flames. I stared down at my lap again and tried to figure out a way to get out of this conversation. After Ray talking to me about mates and heat and everything… I just wasn’t ready to think about anything like that. I mean I had only kissed two guys and now they expected me to be some sex crazed maniac that choses a lifelong mate. Plus with how skilled and comfortable Aaron was with sex and hormones, how much experience did he have? Was I just another mark on his bed post? What did I mean to him, and was it too early for us to be asking these questions? Normally it would take months for me to be asking these types of questions but with Aaron everything seemed to accelerate.

“Lean… what do you mean that you don’t have much experience? Are you…?” He asked his hand on my arm tightened as he thought about what I had just said. Was he mad at me? Why would he be mad at me?

“I’ve never had sex… I’m a virgin.” I mumbled hating myself for getting into this conversation. It was much too early in… whatever this was… for me to be telling him this.

“Oh Lea… how far have you gone?” He trailed off loosening his grip on me and allowing me to look away.

“Before they… before the night that Damian and Gale rescued me I had only kissed two guys. After that night…” I scooted away from him, freezing as he pried for information. My mind screamed at me that trusting people always got you hurt. The only person I trusted back home was Matt, and he got so mad at me after our argument that I walked home alone that night. The night that those men… if you could call them that, attacked me. Now that I had known this guy for all of a month, he wanted my deepest darkest secrets? No thank you.

“Lea… why didn’t you tell me?” Aaron asked, he reached out to touch me and I flinched away. “What they did to you… I wish I could have killed them myself.”

“You didn’t need to know.” I told him, still turned towards the window sitting as far away from him as the small third row allowed. I could tell that he was trying to keep his voice soft and gentle but his fury had risen underneath like the tide washing up to the shore. Would he have acted any differently if he knew how inexperienced I was? If he was going to act differently did he regret making our… whatever this is… physical? And if he did regret it did that mean I meant nothing to him other than a purely physical past time until he found his mate?

“Oh God… the other night… I’m so sorry Lean.” Aaron whispered horrified, I guess he had finally come to the conclusion that up until now this had all been a mistake. He tried to reach out but again I pulled away, I didn’t need his pity.

“We both consented to any physical activities that happened between us. No need to be sorry just because I’m inexperienced, we never defined what this was and if it is purely a fun past time to you than that’s fine.” I calmly stated, no need to let my emotions show through. Especially if he already pitied me, I didn’t want him to see how hurt I was that he didn’t care for me at all. All of the sudden I felt it as Aaron forced me to turn around and look him in the eyes.

“Princess, whatever this is, is not a ‘fun past time’ to me. I do not regret what we did, so much as how I went about it. You must have been terrified the other night… I just lost control and needed to show you that I have feelings for you. I should have gone slowly with you… I should have waited until you were ready for anything physical. After what you went through… well no one would blame you if you never wanted another males hands on you.” Aaron tried to be gentle but a growl rose in his throat and contorted his words.

“Aaron, I don’t need your pity. I have functioned just fine by myself for the past six years and I have been through a lot more than a boy not having feelings for me. Trust me, rejection is the least of my worries right now.” I told him, staring him in the eye as I forced him to see the truth in my words. It was true, I had lived through a lot worse, especially in the last six years. I had lived through the loss of my family, watching multiple women get raped and killed, I had lived through the loss of my identity and finding out that I was a shifter. If I could live through all of that, I could handle this with ease… even if it did sting a little.

“Listen to me Lean, and listen closely. I do not see you as some fuck buddy to play with. I am honored that you shared this information with me and I hope that you can learn to trust me.” He told me intently, his eyes shining a brilliant emerald green that urged me to believe what he was telling me.

“Aaron, there isn’t anything about me to like. I am just the only female wolf shifter around your age that you aren’t related to. You don’t need to proclaim any feelings for me, we can continue as we are. That is fine with me.”

“Why is it so fucking hard to believe that you mean something to me?” Aaron growled as he grabbed the back of my neck.

“Alright gang, we are almost there. Aaron, Griff you guys are with Lean. Go to the bar and listen for anything anyone else might know about the kids. Ray and I will go trade and find out what they know there. Damian and Serrina you guys go to the medical tent and see if they have anything we might be able to use. I want you guys to be able to protect each other in case of a fight. MOST OF ALL do NOT start any fights." Gale yelled back at us before parking the car. He and Ray promptly got out and started grabbing the suite cases with all of the trading stuff. Getting out of the car I ignored Aaron as he tried to keep me back to finish our conversation. Griff and I stood to the side as we waited for Aaron to lead the way.

"Stay close to me. Don't react to anything. Don't leave my side. Don't talk unless you have to." Aaron whispered to me as he threw off waves of aggression. We walked for a good five minutes until we reached a large building resembling a cabin.

"Okay. So we have to have a couple drinks or else we look suspicious. But we have to be sober when we walk out. Griff I know you have drunken before, Lean how about you?" Aaron asked as he fell instep on my left and Griff fell into step on my right. I kind of felt as if I was a prisoner on death row being walked to their last meal.

"Um… no. I am only 18." I said embarrassed but kind of proud. I mean I know that a lot of teenagers drink especially in the big cities, but I never have. Not from lack of opportunity but from choice.

“Wait, you’re only 18?” Aaron asked stopping where he was to look at me.

“Um… yes?” I asked questioningly, I was under the impression that he was around the same age. Did shifter age at the same rate as normal humans? Another question to add to the list I had to ask Ray or Serrina about.

"Wow um… okay, I thought you were 20 first of all, and I also thought that you would have drunken before. Well this shall be interesting to say in the least. Okay well since you're a shifter you should be able to drink more than a vanilla human but since it's your first time stay to two or three drinks please." Aaron said, he sounded like he was uneasy about this new information but this was too serious of a situation to take the time to consider what that meant. We walked into the bar which consisted of a big cabin that smelled like fire wood, alcohol, sweat, and cigarette smoke. Altogether it smelled disgusting and I had to fight to keep myself from barfing for the second time that day.

"Ugg that is a revolting smell!" I groaned under my breath. Griff looked at me amused and Aaron looked like he was about to shoot me. Right, don't talk, oh well this didn't seem that dangerous. Aaron led us to a table and sat down waiting for someone to take our drink orders. Someone came over almost right away. The waiter was a cute brunette that carried a lean build with just enough bulk, his hazel eyes swirled with interest when they landed on me.

"What would you like?" he asked looking directly at me. Obviously checking me out while he waited for me to answer, interest shined in his eyes.

"Um… I don't really know. What would you recommend that is fruity?" I asked him just like I would any other waiter at any other restaurant. Apparently that was the wrong thing to say because Aaron grabbed my arm.

"How about a mandarin Pina Colada to start? How about you guys?" He asked looking at Aaron and Griff.

"A Yingling for me and Mikes hard Lemonade for the kid." Aaron replied, anger and threat evident in his voice. The waiter nodded absently at the drink order, unable to resist looking me up and down one last time before leaving.

"Could you let go of my arm before you bruise it?" I asked Aaron sharply.

"Well if you would listen to me-" He growled out before I interrupted him.

"I asked him what drink I should get! That's all!" I growled back and ripped my arm from his grip.

"Aaron! You didn't tell me you were coming!" said a large red headed male that was carrying a few extra pounds from behind us, I jumped.

"Well it wasn't planed so much." Aaron said forcing a smile on his face.

"Well who's your friend?" he asked looked at me like I was a piece of meat he was planning on eating.

"Her names Lean." Aaron said cautiously. The red head came up to me and sniffed my hair and felt my arm muscles.

"How much is she going for?" The red head asked. I growled at him. The nerve! I am not a piece of property to be sold! He bellowed out a laugh at my growl. "Feisty one aint she?"

"She isn't for sale Frank." Aaron said simply, he didn't even seem surprised.

"Oh to bad, I would pay handsomely for her. My sons all still need mates." He said letting his eyes linger on me. "Are you sure that I can't take her off of your hands?"

"Yeah I'm sure." Aaron said. He was still not even mad at this obtrusive old man, as if this was a regular occurrence. The red head walked away looking annoyed.

"Here's your drinks." The waiter said coming back and sat them down on the table. I saw a note underneath my cup and lifted it up to read it.

This ones on me.

Brandon- the waiter

I looked up to see him smiling and winking at me. I laughed out loud, I couldn't help myself. Aaron growled when he read it over my shoulder. I ignored him and opted for lifting my cup to take a swallow of my drink. It tasted pretty good mostly just a tropical fruit flavor but it burned going down. I had a feeling 'Brandon' had put some more Alcohol than usual in my drink. I decided to spite Aaron by chugging the thing. If he was going to get mad at me for treating the waiter like a normal person and then let strange men that apparently new him treat me like a horse at auction, I was going to do everything he didn’t want me to.

"I'm gonna go to the ladies room, I'll be right back." I said so that they wouldn't follow me. I really just wanted to go outside for some fresh air. My head was clouded from the stink of dirty man and I really just wanted some pain killers to take away the pain. I went out to the door of the bar and slid half way down the wall. I rubbed my hands on my face I sighed, I was so tired.

It was then that I felt hands wrap around my waist.

"Hey there baby" said a deep voice and I felt breath ragged against my ear. It smelt like beer, smoke from something illegal, and old meat. It was past disgusting.

"Get off me." I growled at him and tried to fight against the hold he had on me.

"Not a chance sweet heart." He said and cupped my ass with his hands. "Mmmm, your toned aren't you babe?" He moved one of his hands from my butt to the hem of my big tee shirt that I had put on. His hands slipped under it just as another voice froze him.

"Get off of her Brian." said a deep voice. I felt it as Brian was lifted off of me and watched as the red head was pushed against the wall by a blond that I presumed was my rescuer.

"Why the hell do you care Dylan?" the red head, Brian, spit out.

"Because she said no!" Dylan snapped back.

"Oh that's right your pack actually respects a female. How many pups do you have this year?"

"You are going to leave here right now. You are not going to touch her again." Dylan yelled in Brian's face and actually let a deep gravel like growl rip out of his throat. Brian's face turned from sneering to fright; apparently this guy was high up in the food chain here.

"Whatever Dylan. It's not like I wanted her that much anyway." He growled back, it sounded like a pathetic attempt after Dylan's. Dylan watched until Brian was out of sight and then turned to me.

"Are you okay?" he asked gently giving me a hand up.

"Yeah I'm fine. Thanks by the way." I said shakily and dusted off my butt. I looked into his eyes and they were a deep blue green color, it was very pretty when paired with his bleach blond hair. He looked like it was a deathly serious situation.

"No problem. I wish you didn't need saving. You know you really shouldn't be walking out here alone." Dylan said, he had his hands on both my shoulders.

"Well I just came out for some fresh air. Speaking of which I should probably get back to my companions. Thanks for the help again." I said and turned to leave. He pulled me back to him.

"Who are you here with?" he asked like he was going to scold them for letting me run around by myself.

"I'm um here with Aaron from the Chicago pack and-"I said but then I got cut off. Dylan wore a big smile and he laughed a deep bellowing laugh.

"You're here with Aaron? No wonder you fought against Brian. Come on lets go to Aaron." He said showing for me to lead the way. I did.

"You know Aaron?" I asked as we came to the table, hrm meeting one of Aaron's old friends?

"Yeah. Our pack helped him, Ray, Gale, and Damian when they first got over here." He said smiling.

"Got over here..?" I asked but it was drowned out by Aaron.

"Where the hell have you been? What the?" Aaron said and then a big smile crossed his face too. "Dylan!"

"Hey Aaron long time no see!" he said and then walked over to Aaron and cuffed his ear. "That is for letting this little lady wonder around here by herself!"

"Bloody Hell Dylan! Where that hell were you?" he asked, well more like screamed at me. I'd never heard him use a British accent before, it was kind of hot. I will have to ask him where he got it later.

"Getting fresh air…" I replied cautiously.

"When I had to save her from being molested by Brian from the New Mexican pack!" He finished for me. Aaron came up to me and instead of being angry he hugged me up.

"At least you’re okay." Aaron said softly into my hair. We all sat down to the table and Dylan got a drink I had a refill. I drank 3 more, only because I was stressed and it was the only thing that I could get here. It was the only thing they served. I was leaning on Aaron by the time he realized how much I had drunken. He smelled my cup that I had just emptied. "Shit. This has vodka not rum in it. How many have you had?"

"Umm… I think I drank 4" I said, my tongue was strangely heavy and I had trouble making the words sound right.

"First time drinking?" Dylan asked, he looked amused at the face I made when I couldn't form my words right.

"Fuck, I let her get totally wasted on her first time out. Shows how good a babysitter I am." Aaron said mad at himself.

"Look I'll watch her with Griff; you go find Gale and them. Tell them I'll take you guys back to where you are staying." Dylan said and a wave of relief washed over Aaron's face. He got up to leave and I groaned in protest he was my pillow. When Aaron had left, Dylan scooted over and I used him as a pillow. He laughed at me and pet my hair.

"What about you kid? You're not too bad are you?" he asked Griff.

"Naw barely tipsy, I only had 4 mikes." He said. I started to feel drowsy the next thing I knew I was being carried to a big green jeep. The person buckled me into the back seat and sat next to me. I fell asleep on their shoulder. When I woke up I was in my hotel room and Aaron was glaring at me. When he saw that I was awake he did a move so fast that I could only follow it because of my shifter vision. He was now kneeling on top of me panting.

"What the hell?" I asked glaring at the bright lights. Aaron's eyes were swirling so fast that I had trouble keeping track of the green. They were mostly black, and he was sniffing me.

"What the bloody hell is right." He basically growled at me. "You smell like them. When I go to find Gale to tell him we are taking you back I come back to find you are in Dylan's lap. My best friends lap!"

"What? I was asleep and when I fell asleep I was on the bench. If I was, he moved me there." I said honestly. I wiggled underneath him, we were both under the influence of alcohol, me more than him. When he didn't respond I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him down on top of me as hard as I could. He growled at me so I moved my hand so that I was grabbing the edge of his shirt and I tugged it off. He growled at me again but this time it was for a different reason. I slid my hands up and down his torso letting my nails run lightly over his skin, teasing him. He shivered at the way I was touching him, teasing him. Aaron brought his mouth down to mine hard as if it was urgent. He grabbed my hands and pulled them above my head. He started to rub himself all over my body, marking me with his scent.

"MINE" his voice lashed out between our panting. I was burning everywhere because he was everywhere. He put his hands on the hem of the big tee shirt I was wearing and shucked it off of my body. I moaned when he grabbed my breasts and rolled them in his hands. While he was playing with my breasts he forgot my hands so I moved them to trail my nails teasingly between his hips right above the hemline of his pants. It was his turn to groan in pleasure first. His hot tongue pressed against my mouth lashing out against my lips as it demanded entrance. I opened my mouth giving him what he wanted. We stayed locked like this for a couple of minutes. Our hips were gyrating against each other.

"Aaron no sex…" I gasped I had to tell him while I could still say no. Aaron flipped me over and pretended as if he didn't hear me. I pressed my butt back against his hard lower section; this was all my wolf my rational mind wanted to stop until he told me he was fine with not having sex. When he grabbed the clasp of my bra with his teeth and the hem of my jeans with his hands I froze. Even if my wolf protested, I was not losing my virginity to someone I have only known for a month even if I did feel the strange connection that I felt with Aaron. Another thing I was not going to lose it in a hotel bedroom. "Aaron I said no!" In response Aaron only growled and pulled with his teeth trying to break my bra. I flung my elbow back hitting him in the jaw. He released my bra. I got up and threw my shirt on again… just before I got tackled to the ground. Aaron lay on top of me snarling.

"Aaron get off of me. NOW." I snarled in his face. He got off of me after a minute looking pissed.

"You are such a fucking bloody tease!" he screamed at me. I flinched, he looked like he was going to beat me and force himself upon me.

"I told you I was not going to have s-s-sex" I shouted, startled and slightly scared by the reaction he was giving me. He stormed out of my room supposedly going to his own; he didn't even bother to shut the door. I just lay on the floor in a fetal position crying. The nightmares were strong and vivid.

I was just laying there crying on the floor from how terrified I was of Aaron’s reaction.

"Hello beautiful" said an eerie voice from behind me. Then someone grabbed me from behind and shoved a wet cloth over my mouth. The next thing I knew everything was black.

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