In The Woods

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When I opened my eyes I couldn't see anything. My hands and feet were bound and I could tell I was sitting in a moving vehicle of some kind. I breathed in deeply and could smell the faint smell of chloroform. This is when it sunk in that my dream wasn't a dream but reality.

‘Not again! No I would rather die than go through this again!' I thought panicking, my breathing and heart rate both escalated with my panic. I felt it as someone leaned in and grabbed my hair, they noisily inhaled my scent.

"Fear and panic smell lovely on you" I heard a semi familiar voice say. I snapped at their hand.

"Get away from me!" I screamed at the voice. There was no way I was going through this again! No no no no no no no no no! I heard the voice laugh as they dodged my mouth letting go of my hair.

"Oh dear, you actually think that you can do anything to me Lean?" the voice asked. The man wrapped his arms around my torso and lifted me so that I sat sideways in his lap. He had a hand in my hair so that I couldn't move my head.

"I said get away from me! Don't touch me! I don't know you but I can tell you this, whoever you are, my pack will hunt you down and they will kill you if you hurt me." I said growling. He just laughed as he leaned in to nuzzle my neck. 'If only I could change fast enough!' I thought to myself.

"Oh Lean, but you do know me. Also your 'pack'" he spat out the last word "is nothing more than a bunch of misfit shifters. They could hardly do anything to my pack." With him this close to my face I could smell his breath; it smelled like Irish Car Bomb. My brain then put the pieces together. Who he was, why earlier I was saved by him, why he came back to my table, why I ended up in his lap, and why he offered to drive us back to the hotel.

"Dylan, how could you! Aaron trusted you!" I questioned in a sure voice.

"Well the money was good, the girl was pretty, and I got to get back at the bastard that stole my mother's attention as a child. I don't see why I shouldn't have. Now since you know who I am I'm gonna take the blindfold off." He breathed his alcohol filled breath into my face as he ripped off the blind fold not even bothering to untie it. I was in what looked like a very expensive black hummer. We were in the third row. I looked up to see who was driving and saw a tinted piece of glass blocking us from the drivers view. He laid me back on the floor, the second row of seats had been laid down, and then he trapped me with his body. I had trouble breathing because he didn't spare me any of his weight and he was a good 200 pounds of muscle.

"What do you want with me?" I asked on the brink of tears, I was remembering what Ray had said about the other packs women and how they were treated. Was he going to sell me? Or was he going to mark me? Was he going to trade me for another, prettier, girl to be his mate?

"Well first I plan on having a little fun and then I will bring you back to my pack where in a week or two my employer will pick you up and pay me." he said and for emphasis on the first statement he put his mouth so that he was kissing my pulse. He groaned. I was shocked and couldn't move for a minute. When his hand drifted down to the bottom of my shirt I snapped out of it and struggled against him, it was useless though because this guy was 200 pounds of muscle and I only weighed in around 140. He elbowed me to get me to stop struggling, I did stop, he would just inflict more pain and it was useless anyway. He kissed me harshly and shoved his tongue into my mouth.

"Please don't." I asked him almost crying. How could this happen to me again?

"Don't worry honey, I was told that I wasn't allowed to maim you too badly." I felt him go hard against me. I whimpered as he dug his hands into my hair and back. He moved one of his hands to my arm and squeezed so hard it hurt.

"Please…" I pleaded with him as he slipped his hand under my shirt and rolled my breasts in his palm, he rubbed his fingers over the tips.

"Please what honey?" he asked amused and panting as he moved away from my mouth, and bit my ear.

"Please" I asked him again.

"Yeah? What do you want?" he asked still smiling. He still had a grip on my arm and it hurt like hell. I knew there was going to be a bruise.

"Please j-just kill me…" I begged him. I couldn't go through this again, how could this even happen to me again? This is when the tears spilled out. His eyes narrowed; apparently this is not what he wanted to hear. He started growling and his blue eyes were swirling and getting darker.

"Shut up bitch! You will like it or I will hurt you." Dylan said and slapped me across the face. My cheek stung where he had struck me and I bit my lip to stop crying. He slammed his mouth down on mine and shoved his tongue back into my mouth and as far down my throat as possible. He put a hand between my legs to grab my butt. I wanted to scream, to do anything to try and get this monster off of me but I couldn't because his stupid thick tongue was still lodged in my throat. After a few minutes of this the car had stopped.

"Dylan! Get off of the girl! Remember he said you were not to touch her!" I heard an unfamiliar male voice say. I felt it as Dylan was yanked off of me and thrown out of the car. I was picked up and blindfolded, and then I was chloroformed again.

Aaron's point of view:

I went back to my room steaming, why did she have to be such a fucking tease? I only got half way back to my room when my conscious self took over and pushed my wolf down again. I couldn't turn around now though, even when I felt like a monster. I mean she just said she didn't want to have sex and I basically treated her like a whore, I know better than that! I groaned out loud as I pushed the key into the door.

"What are you groaning about?" Damian asked from his spot laying on the bed, the Redwing's game was on the T.V.

"Ug… dude I just made a serious mistake." I groaned and flopped on the bed.

"What did you do this time?" he asked trying not to laugh.

"You probably already know from scenting anyways." I said and flipped him off.

"Yeah you're right, you smell like her. I didn't even know you guys were 'dating' of sorts. Dude but going all the way with another shifter is pretty serious." He said his face growing solemn.

"Oh says the person who I have walked in on before." I said raising my eyes brows.

"Dude that was a feline shifter though." He said throwing a pillow at me. "You know that going all the way with a wolf shifter is like halfway claiming a mate. If you got too carried away, which is easy to do trust me, and you bit her… You guys couldn't do anything you would be mated."

"I wouldn't get that carried away!" I growled at him.

"That's what you say now. Your eyes give you away though, they are still not normal."

"Whatever, let's just go to bed" I said going to the bathroom to do my business and brush my teeth. I stripped down to my boxers and shut the lights off so that we could sleep. Before I fell asleep I promised myself to apologize to Lea tomorrow. With that thought I fell into a restless sleep.

I woke up at about 3 in the morning and couldn't fall back asleep. I decided to go up to Lea's room. I threw on some pants and went to the elevator pressing the button for floor three. When I got up there I walked halfway down the hall with a smile on my face because I couldn't wait to make things right between us again. When I hit about the halfway mark my gut jumped and I knew that something was wrong. I ran the rest of the way to room 314 where Lea was supposed to be staying. The door was open and I could smell a faint trace of chloroform, I could also smell a very familiar scent. It was Dylan's scent. I burst into the room praying that she was in there and okay. She wasn't even in there and I couldn't tell if she was okay or not. I howled, my wolf had broken through my control.

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