In The Woods

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When I woke up I was in a strange cage type thing. 'Where's Aaron? Where's Serrina? Where's Ray?' I asked myself panicking. I looked around and I was in fact in a metal cage with bars, like a lion's cage at the circus. The cage was in a rather large white walled room. A red headed man sat against the wall; no not a red headed man the redheaded man from earlier. It all came back to me.

The fact that Aaron had called me a tease because I hadn't wanted to had sex with him, the fact that he had stormed out leaving my door open, the fact that while I was crying on the floor someone had come in and put something wet over my nose and made me pass out, the fact that Dylan had molested and kidnapped me….

This was all enough for me but then I looked down and realized that I was in my wolf form… that means that I have to turn back some time. That means pain… Well SHIT. I started whining softly, but apparently it was enough to wake Brian up.

"Well look who's up, hello beautiful." He said the sound of his voice shocked me. His voice sounded rough and… husky? I backed up against the corner of the cage cautious of him. He laughed and cleared his throat.

"Don't worry honey, I can't touch you or else the deal is off. Plus it's just my wolf that wants to jump on you; my human part isn't attracted to you. Not because you aren't hot, because I meant that you are very toned when I said it two days ago, but because I play for a different team." Brian said laughing and winked at me.

'Wait so your wolf is strait and your human part is gay?' I asked him through a thought.

"Ha-ha yeah, haven't you figured out by now that your wolf is almost a different entity than your human part?" He asked his eyes sparkling.

'Um, sort of? I mean it is more extreme in emotion but I mean right now I still feel the same as before I changed except from being sore from where Dylan attacked me…' I thought back to him. I didn't want to be talking to him; it didn't seem to be doing any harm so I continued.

"Oh? Well some of us are almost bipolar with our wolves. Like Dylan, he would never have hit you or jumped you if he actually had control of his wolf at the time. There is just something about you that sets him off. He is usually a pretty good guy, not to mention that our pack is the only one besides your clan that respects women." He said he was still smiling.

'Oh, really? How can he be a good guy? He made me fight with Aaron, he KIDNAPPED me, then after all of that he MOLESTED and COLOFORMED me, and you fucking say he's a good person.' I said mad but really semi just matter of fact.

"Yeah he is a good guy. As I said though you just make him something different. Plus he is really hot, I would let him do the last three things you listed, to me." he said winking. I gagged and curled up in the corner of my cage for a conversation. Brian had put down his rifle and scooted closer to the cage. He was about 2 feet away from the cage lying on his stomach his chin propped up on his hands.

'Okay, eww. That is really really gross." I told him.

"Yeah well sweet heart not many wolves are gay, and there are not many girls. So you take your action where you can get it. You can't tell me that you are innocent can you?"

'Well… um… maybe…' I thought nervously, I mean why do I have to tell this complete stranger about my life?

"Oh My God! You're a virgin!" he said laughing loudly at me. "I feel really bad about helping Dylan now."

'It's not a bad thing… and you should have felt bad before! You took my freedom away from me. It's Lean by the way, not sweet heart or honey or any other stupid term of endearment.'

"I'm sorry for taking your freedom away from you but it was worth it. Did Dylan happen to mention why we kidnapped you?" he asked growing serious.

'Yes, because the pay was good.' I growled at him. Why did he have to visit the touchy subjects?

"Yes but the pay is not what you're thinking of. The person that is paying us for you took three of our pregnant females, in exchange for you we get them back and we also get promise that they won't do this again. With those three females gone we have only two left, out of our entire pack. Out of the 50 wolfs we have we only have two females left. One out of the two females is eight. The other one has had repeated miscarriages. Do you really blame us for getting back our packs future in return for giving up one girl we don't know?"

'I do blame you, because you took my freedom away and I don't even know how I am going to be treated by these people. It was not my choice to go there and I might get my virginity taken away by rape, by someone I don't even know. I might be killed or tortured. I might be forced to bear children before I'm ready with a father that doesn't care about the pups or I might get all of these things done to me… but I can see why you are doing this.' I thought to him and started crying. I curled up in the corner of my cage and went to sleep with my tail covering my eyes.

"I know it's horrible and I feel horrible for doing it. If it's any consolation we are also getting the kids back from your clan, we will take care of them until your clan comes to get them." Brian whispered, it was the last thing I heard as I drifted off to sleep.

Aarons Point of view:

I started to change right there but I swore and kicked the dresser, it snapped underneath my feet. I needed to stay in my human form so that I could go get the others and we could start to look for her. I grabbed her suit case and zipped it up so that she would have a change of clothes when we find her. The first place to look would be Dylan's pack, which is the one up in Alaska. I ran out of the room and down the stairs to Gale's, I was hoping not to find Ray and him in bed together. I knocked on their door so hard that I had to be careful not to break it. Gale opened it wearing draw string pants and no shirt.

"What is the matter with you?" he asked and I pushed past him growling. I slammed the door so no one could hear us very clearly.

"They fucking took her!" I screamed at him.

"First of all who are they? Second of all who did they take?" He asked calmly.

"Dylan… Dylan took Lean." I said crumpling on the edge of the bed. I watched my hands, just a couple of hours ago I had to hold my wolf back from slapping her. I would never forgive myself if she got hurt. The only reason that he had been able to get her was because I stormed out and left the door open. All because she wouldn't have sex with me. Right then I swore that if I got her back that I would never touch her again unless she asked for it.

"GOD DAMMIT! How the hell did he get to her! You were supposed to be watching her!" Gale yelled at me.

"Yeah, well see how well that worked out?"

"Why weren't you watching her? We don't have time to look for her! We have to look for the kids!" Gale was growling in anger at me.

"Like hell we don't have time to look for her! She is in more trouble than the kids! She is a fucking female wolf!" I screamed back at him.

"AND they are CHILDREN! There is no way we are going after her first!" Gale screamed back at me.

"Where would you like to meet then because I am going after her!"

"Why do you want to go after this chick so badly!"

"Because we actually have a lead on her and we have nothing on the children."

"There has to be more to it than that!"

"FINE it's because I love her!" I shouted out without thinking. Well… dammit.

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