In The Woods

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The Search

When I woke up I remembered where I was almost right away, but I still wished it had all been a bad dream. I wasn't so mad at Dylan and Brian now. I knew why they had done it, even though I still didn't like that they had. I can see how they would reason taking me in trade for their packs survival. I looked over at the wall to see who was here guarding me; they always had someone guarding me. It had been about a week now since I was originally taken. Every day the same boring routine happened. One guard would come in the morning with food, around noon another one would come in with food and they would trade off same with dinner. When I had to use the restroom they would escort me to a side room where there was a toilet and shower. I was allowed to shower everyday at night.

There were only four guards that I had seen. The first was of course Brian; he was the most fun to talk to. The second was a guy named Jason, he was in his early twenties and had hit on me multiple times but in a dark and brooding way. The third person was a girl named Rebecca she was the older female with the supposed miscarriages. Rebecca was in her early to mid thirties; she had also brought me clothes to wear. The fourth one was Dylan; he was always silent and tense. Dylan never fell asleep like the other ones did and he also never talked. He just sat there with the rifle in his lap and staring at one of the cement walls.

Unfortunately the guard that was there right now was Dylan. I had nothing better to do than twiddle my thumbs and dream about when I wasn't here, when I wasn't even a shifter. I looked up at Dylan, debating whether or not it was worth it to ask him to go to the bathroom. I waited about 15 minutes but then my bladder was about to burst. So I thought 'what the hell'.

"I have got to go pee." I claimed, I looked at him and waited for him to react. He just slowly got up and unlocked my cage. He grabbed my arm and escorted me to the bathroom. Well at least that's what I thought he was doing. Until half way there when he pinned me against the wall by both of my arms. He pushed himself up against me and bent his head to whisper in my ear.

"You know, I really want you right now." He said as he bent his neck even further to smell me.

"That's only because number one, you want to hurt Aaron. Number two I'm the first female you have been around in months that was your own age." I said trying to be calm as he sniffed at my neck.

"No, I have already hurt Aaron enough. Also I was around females my own age at the trading place. It is something more than either of those things." He practically growled in wanting as he licked my pulse.

"Well, too bad we couldn't figure out what it is, because after all, YOU ARE SELLING ME." I practically screamed at him and I fought against his touches. I thought of Aaron and I was instantly furious. He was the one that wouldn't let me go home, he was the one that had tortured me since I became part of the pack, it was all his fault that his so called friend was now molesting me…. for the second time!

"Damn it!" he said. I could visibly see him trying to take control of his wolf. Both his will and his wolf were strong, I could see that.

Aaron's POV

I had walked out of the hotel after proclaiming my love for Lea. Gale, and Ray had said that they understood and that I could go. They gave me some money and some supplies; they also gave me an annoying passenger. Which leads me to where I am now.

"Why did you come along again?" I snapped interrupting Damian's turning the radio channel yet again.

"I already told you, I couldn't let you go and get yourself killed. Plus I had become found of our newest pack mate and I'm not going to let you screw this up again." He said and turned back to fiddling with the stupid rental cars radio. My tires squealed as I stopped on the side of the road suddenly. I clenched my hands on the radio, my knuckles were white.

"What did you just say?" I asked in a deadly calm voice.

"I said I'm not going to let you screw this up again." He said turning towards me.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked again in the same deadly tone.

"I meant that you need to stop denying it and face the facts. If you hadn't left Lean's door open that night, Dylan wouldn't have been able to get in. It was a stupid mistake and it's what possibly caused Lean to lose her freedom. Not even to mention her mating choice." He finished with a steely glint of his own in his eyes.

"Are you finished?" I asked him and turned the car back on.

"Yeah I am." He said. Damian got half way through the word 'am' before my fist connected with his face and I broke his nose.

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