In The Woods

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Stuck in My Head

It had been a week and a half since Dylan had almost let go of his wolf. I could only tell by the meals they gave me. They had given me 27 trays of food that I had eaten in my cage since that evening. I rubbed my stomach lightly as I realized that when I got to where I was going I most likely would not even get one meal a day. Since the day Dylan had come so close to letting go he had not come back. That day came back crystalline in my mind…

*The rough brick dug into my soft back as Dylan pushed me uncaring into the wall. He had one of his hands laced in my hair, holding the tangled strands as a way to force my head in one place. His other hand was roaming my body in various locations. His hot lips forcefully pressed me backwards, bruising as he stroked his velvet like tongue against mine. I want to say that I didn't respond that I kept control of my body, but no. My mind was disgusted as my body threw itself against Dylan, my hands threaded through his hair on their own accord. My lips moved with Dylan's as we tried to get closer than physically possible to each other. I gasped and tried to push my wolf back down as it did what it wanted to Dylan. It snapped and growled at me 'Do you not get it you stupid girl? If we mate him, he can't sell us! Wolves mate for life!' it hissed at me. It had a point… I thought and this didn't feel BAD either. Dylan's cold hands reached up my shirt caressing the soft globes of my breasts as we lowered ourselves to the ground. He had loosened his grip once my body started to reply and now his full length was lying on top of me as he stared possessively into my eyes. What he saw in my eyes must have shocked him because his whole body shook as he pushed himself off of me.

'I'm sorry Lean… I'm so sorry' he whispered, his eyes growing huge and childlike in terror. Dylan turned and ran out of the tunnel.

I had not seen Dylan since that lonely night. It was a good thing to, because I could feel that I was about to go into heat in a few days. I don't think that I could hold my wolf back from lying at his feet and begging him to take me on the cement floor. As it was I had been informed by Jason that they would be taking me to the other pack as soon as they got an affirmative from the 'Prince' of the pack. He explained to me that the 'prince' was the son of the alpha that had been the one to hire them.

Aaron's POV

It had been a long two and a half weeks since we had first left the hotel. Every day dragged on like a week as we went in search for Lean. We were still about a two days drive to Dylan's clan, where we are going to start our search. It did not help that we couldn't take a plane and that I was stuck in a tin can with Damian either. In fact at the moment we were parked at a restaurant in the middle of nowhere because he was 'hungry'.

"Dude I know you are worried but you have to eat." Damian said exasperated as he tried to coax me into eating again.

"If I get food can we go? I can't even begin to imagine how hungry Lea is." I snapped at him as I downed my whiskey.

"You just need to stop thinking about her, put it out of your mind. Until we get to Alaska there is nothing you can really do about anything." He said gently putting his hand on my arm to comfort me. My fist twitched as I fought against my instincts to punch him again. This trip really was a self control exercise. Instead I uncurled my fist and grabbed Damien's hand throwing it off of my arm.

"I cannot just forget here you idiot! This is my fault she's in the position she is in and the fact that I don't even know that position is even worse. The situations that are going through my mind would make you barf if you saw them in the theaters." I growled at him. I waved the waitress over and ordered a quick chicken sandwich and fry meal to go. It took them another 15 minutes to get it to me, in which time I downed another whiskey from the bar.

Dylan's point of view

I punched the sand filled bag in front of me again trying to somehow filter my anger. Since I laid my eyes on her I could not get Lean out of my mind. Yes she was a pretty girl, yes her lavender eyes were childlike in innocence as you watched her interact with most people, yet when I stepped into the room those mystical purple orbs sharpened and shot daggers at me. I couldn't help but want to lick that angry expression off of her milky skin and pouty lips, but as with most things in my life, I didn't get a choice. I had to get our females and pups back, and in order to do that I had to hand Lean over to the New Mexico pack. They were one of the biggest and oldest packs besides the ones from England. They also treated their females like shit. The females were forced to mate after their first heat, after being auctioned off by their fathers of course. They would be mated to men of any age and move into said men's houses. They would be raped, impregnated, and more often than not they would be beaten as punishment for getting pregnant and be forced to have an abortion or miscarriage if they found out the child was male. They also practiced polygamy, or the ability to have more than one mate. The higher rank in the pack you were the more mates you had, it was a sign of wealth. Some woman were shared between men or traded off. It was rumored that the prince had a dozen mates to choose from each night. He would take one or more from a room where they were kept and into his bed chamber. They would all be on birth control though, because until he found what they called his 'true mate' he would not be allowed to have an heir. The 'true mate' is the one he likes the most and the only one he will have a child with. If the child is female it is killed or to be the 'mate' of the next male child. This however, was only for the prince, others were allowed to have as many children as they like. If the population grew too much they would simply sell children off as slaves to clans of different shifters.

"Are you okay?" a firm voice asked from behind him. I snapped out of it and quickly turned to face my alpha.

"yes sir, why would you think otherwise?" I asked calming myself by digging my nails into my palms.

"Maybe because you were growling son?" he suggested. I smiled at him, he was like the father I never had. My father was killed in a trap when my mother was pregnant and my mother killed herself in depression after Aaron, Ray, Gale, and Damien left to form their own little pathetic pack. 'But Aaron still got the female now didn't he?' a haunting voice whispered inside my head. 'Shut up!' I snapped at it.

"Sorry sir I was just thinking of the evil bastards that took our clan mates." I said lying through my teeth; I was one of the few wolves that could do it undetected. This is why I was the one that had to go after Lean.

"Yes well with that female you won't have to fret for long." he said smiling. "Now how about we go on a run?"

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