In The Woods

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Aaron's POV

"Yes I hear you, when should we expect you?" I asked Gale. The information they had gathered at the trading post pointed to the Alaska Pack. They were going to meet us so that we could all go in there together.

"Well we are going to dig into some of the pack funds and take a plane. It has been a while since they were taken and we don't want them to be traded away. So we should be there in about an hour. We will drive to the hotel and formulate a plan, go in there later tonight."

"You didn't let us take a plane" I all but growled out.

"Yes, that's because we needed to make sure we had enough funds to save the kids." Gale sighed into the phone as he said it.

"I could have been here weeks ago." I bit out the words, my tongue as sharp as a dagger.

"Yes but we didn't know that the kids were there weeks ago."

"Your point being?" I snapped out.

"My point is that we have more invested here now that they are there, truth be told."

"Don't say that! She is a female wolf. You know how important she is to not only furthering our pack, but our race! Yes, the children are important and you know that I love them, but they are no more important than Lean."

"The children are part of our pack; of course they hold more value than a stray. Plus less than a month ago we thought that she had led traitors to our territory. We still do not know for certain if she did or not. I know that you are infatuated with this girl but… you have to keep your priorities straight." He pointed out, still with that calm voice

"She is part of our pack. Also I am not infatuated with her; I am just worried for our newest pack mate. You keep referring to the children, what about Sarah, you know she went missing to. You also know that she would not have protected the children."

"She might be a part of our pack; the alpha board needs to decide this fact. What are you implying about Sarah?"

"Oh give up the 'Alpha board' shit. You know that it has come down to you and I, we only made that up when we were kids so we didn't have to fight it out. It is time to face the facts. Sarah could very well have led who ever this was to our territory to take the children. She had nothing in the pack. She wanted me but then I told her no and Damien recently turned her down as well. She had no mate, no feline shifters, and no friends. If I am not mistaken, she just went after the most powerful of us. She even tried to go after you once or twice didn't she?" I sneered at him. I was more than tired of his games, yes he was my sisters love interest but he just got on my nerves some times. I didn't know how I was going to be able to put up with him being my brother in law. He hadn't come to the 'Alpha board' to ask to mate her yet but you could tell it was coming.

"We found her broken and beaten down in an ally after being raped. Why would she turn on us? Yes she had been turned down by Damien, you, and I but she was willing to wait. Feline shifters go to many different 'mates' in their life time, just like their animals. She was going to convince Damien to fuck around with her, if he hasn't already, and she knew it."

"Did she ever say she was raped? Or was it just implied? We just assumed from the way she acted terrified of us, and the way she was beaten that's what they had done to her. She might have just been afraid that we would find out."

"Why would she have waited this long though? She has been with us for over two years, it doesn't make sense that she would wait this long to turn on us."

"I don't know Gale. This all seems to be coming back to Lean. Nothing happened until she came into our pack. Maybe Sarah was just waiting, I mean it was only a matter of time before we found Lea and took her in. We were the only pack in the area so it would fall on us if she went rouge and decided to attack the town. It only makes sense if we took her in and trained her."

"I have to get on the plane, I will see you in an hour and we can discuss the possibilities." Gale said snapping his phone shut.

"Fine, I'll see you then." I growled out into the phone.

"You will see who when?" Damian asked rubbing a towel in his hair as he came out of the hotel bathroom.

Gale's POV

I snapped the phone shut, not realizing my anger until it turned to a crumpled pile of metal in my hands.

"Are you okay?" Ray asked concerned as she put a hand on my shoulder. I turned my eyes on her, my sweet Ray. I was going to ask her to marry me when all of this was over, I needed more of her. I needed a blood bond with her so that I could sense her feelings, her thoughts. I needed HER. I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her into me kissing her deeply. She groaned as I let her go, yes she needed me too.

"Now I'm okay."

"How about Aaron, is he okay?"

"Your brother is fine." I spat a little too curtly. He was the only wrench thrown into me marrying her and making her my mate.

"You know you don't have to hate Aaron, he is my little brother after all." Ray growled back narrowing her eyes into a glare. She got on the plane with her luggage and Serrina.

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