In The Woods

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Happy Reunions

I laid on the bed staring at the T.V. but I didn't hear or see anything that the damned machine put out. I ground my teeth together and waited for the knock on the door that signaled their arrival so that I could go get Lean before it was too late.

'Unless it already is too late' my wolf said quietly in the back of my mind.

'Shut up! It is not too late' I growled back at the stupid thing.

'What will we do if it is?' the wolf whispered. This stopped me, I hadn't thought about what I would do if I lost Lean. I didn't even want to consider the possibility.

'We will kill Dylan. So be ready.' I vowed grimly.

'Of course we will, if he kills our female. He laid his hands on her… we need to kill him.' My wolf mused inside of my head.

I must have dosed off because the next thing I knew someone was shaking my shoulders. I didn't want to wake up, I was having a wonderful dream about Lean. With her smooth ivory skin, long dirty blond hair, lovely violet eyes, and that adorable mischievous smile.

"Aaron… Aaron wake up." Lean whispered to me in my dream. I opened my eyes with a smile but instead of seeing my loves face I saw my sister.

"You're finally fucking here. Let's go!" I said standing up to quickly. I ignored the black and red waves that threatened to take over my vision and decided to head for the door.

"Slow the fuck down." Gale growled as he grabbed my arm. "If we go in there now not only will we lose Lean but the kids as well. Not to mention our own lives."

"You are forgetting that you may have already cost Lean her life." I growled back jerking out of his tight grip.

"If I remember correctly you are the one that took that honor already." Gale replied sneering as the acid like words burned their way up his throat. They hit me like a ton of bricks, stopping my feet dead on the carpet. It felt as though the letters slithered down my body like a snake, its venom turning my blood to ice.

"What the hell is wrong with you Gale?" Damian stated from the corner. His shrew words shattered the trance that I was in; I turned, my fist whistling through the air. I heard the sound of flesh on flesh as Gale grunted and fell to his knees on the cheap brown colored carpet of the hotel room.

"Gale!" Ray shrieked as she ran to his side and cradled his head in her lap. Gale glared at me over his bloody nose and was on his feet before anyone could stop him. All of the others bowed with their noses to the dirty carpet, forming a meat circle around the two of us.

The two of us faced off. Our shoulders had risen as well as the hair on the napes of our necks. Power welled from me as I pushed it to my full ability, showing my strength and capability to lead the pack. Meanwhile Gale's own power burned against my skin invading every cell in my body. The pain was overwhelming like a million explosions inside of my skin. I saw the cliff and my feet walking on the edge. I made a decision in the moment that changed my mind forever. Instead of wallowing in the pain like a week puppy I embraced it. Like a dog rolling on its back in the fresh cut grass I embraced it, enjoyed it even. Looking Gale strait in the eyes I saw the pain breaking him down. I saw as his week spine bended, twisted, and finally broke.

In his eyes it shone through as he broke down and gave up. His power faded and Gale fell to his knees on fought even as his unworthy nose touched the carpet. The exact moment that his face touched the carpet the rest of the people that had surrounded our mental showoff looked up their eyes widening in surprise. As they howled they came forward one by one to lick me and push their faces into me, memorizing my scent. I had won the challenge. I was now alpha.

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