In The Woods

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I woke with a start with someone grabbing my hair in their fist so tightly that I couldn't move without excruciating pain. I yelped loud hoping someone would explain to me what was happening, or at the very least let their hold loosen.

"Now come along like the good bitch I know you are. Nice and quiet like see? That way this won't turn into a big shebang." A male with a southern accent whispered to me petting my hair. I swung my leg back and managed to kick him in his crotch.

"I'm not a bitch," I murmured snapping around only to have a wet cloth pushed against my nose and mouth. 'Hell no, I am not doing this again!' was the first thought that went through my mind. I threw a last desperate attempt to get free fighting tooth and nail not to go under.

"What's going on here?" I heard a voice that I thought I would never be glad to hear. Apparently I was wrong on that aspect; Dylan might have just saved me. I elbowed my attacker in the face while he was distracted and took a deep breath of clean air.

"Little help would be nice," I snapped at him as I continued to fight off my assailant.

"Oh, right." He said and lunged for the person, however, he didn't get there quickly enough. I got a fist to the face as the man turned me, trapping my arms behind my back. I felt something sharp being dragged along my cheek as the man petted me with his cold metal.

"Come any closer or call for help and this little filly is going to become mutt chow before she can become a full fledged bitch with pups of her own." The man stated calmly from behind me, his chest rumbling against my back. Realizing that my life was now in Dylan's hands I looked at the floor, I was not going to beg.

"Put down the blade and you might get out of here with your life." Dylan snarled and carefully inched his body forward. It took a moment but as I watched I noted that he was moving to the left as well, just slightly, with each step.

"Now junior, that's no way to talk to a man that has a silver blade to your ladies life vein." The man replied to Dylan with humor evident in his voice. He thought it was hilarious that Dylan was trying to order him around. Meanwhile I was staying silent watching Dylan, that was, until I met his eyes. He needed me too stall for time so he had enough time to circle around.

"I am not his lady." I growled to the assailant.

"Oh, is that so? Well then why, my dear, are you hear? Are they going to sell you to the highest bidder? Do you have another mate? Are they going to force a mate upon you? You are a bitch nothing more than an expensive object to be bought and traded. If you actually think that anyone in the shifter world cares about you, you are wrong." This was really cracking him up.

"No, you are the one that is wrong." I said with doubt in my mind. Aaron practically tried to force himself on me and Dylan was selling me. Was I just an object to them? A piece in their game of life..?

"Aw that's cute, did some young lover boy tell you that he would die for you? Even you cannot be that naive. He is clouded by his hormones and has not come across many, if any, females of his own age. This boy, did he ever get carried away? Or act in a way that you would never expect him too because you thought that he loved you? Once you have a mate you have no worth to the wolf world besides bearing the pups to keep whatever pack that buys you growing. Whether it is this male, my employer, or a pup that has stolen your heart they will all say the same thing. How do modern day teenagers say it? They want in your pants, and it is much more enjoyable, though not necessary, for the female to enjoy the sex as well. They first time you refuse they will all just beat you or tie you down and take you anyway, because you are just and object. Sure males will still battle or bribe your mate for a chance to lie with you but that is all you are. You make money and children for the males of the society."

"No…you… you are wrong." I stuttered thinking about the way Aaron had tried to take advantage of me when I was wasted. Did he sell me to Dylan and his tribe? Is he even looking for me? Was I being completely naive to think that I actually had someone that cared about me? Was caring for me all a plot to gain my trust in order to sell me to the highest bidder?

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