In The Woods

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In Your Place

"I'm afraid that this is the bitter truth. Look at where you are; you are in a cage with a knife to your throat. One twitch of my hand and your life will be no more than a warm treat for us to lick off of the floor. Whether it is here and now that I get you for my employer or later when you are sold to the highest bidder, you will get treated like a piece of property. How long before you are thrown into a whole new culture and environment with people you don't know? How long before you are forced to bear pups that you are not ready for? How long before your life just becomes one of the meaningless others that are just breeding bitches? How long before your mate gets tired and sells your body for a chance at making a dime? So sweetheart are you going to come with me and face your fate? Or are you going to make it ugly? Sooner or later it is going to happen, my employer is nicer than most. You might even be able to talk him out of being pregnant for a month or so. You are no different than any other bitch out there. You are not special, you are not the soul mate of anyone, and all you are good for is fucking and puppies." The man whispered in my ear.

"No… this isn't happening" I said but that was when Dylan tackled him and set me free. I slid down the wall as I watched the man pull the knife out of Dylan's grip and put it too his throat.

"Hey puppy, I wasn't talking to you." The man growled at Dylan. Dylan fought against the man's hold but he had taken a cheap shot and was holding Dylan's neck with his hand as he pushed his long, sharp, gleaming knife against Dylan's ribs. All the sudden blood appeared on Dylan's white shirt. Before I knew what I was doing I was standing by the man who was now falling as I looked down at my hand. The dark red of liquid blood contrasted with my ivory skin as the blood fell droplet by droplet to the floor. A long gleaming piece of metal was stuck into the man's ribs and driven up through his heart. There was no way that he could have lived through that.

"Lean…" Dylan said and caught my shoulders as I fell to my knees and then passed out as he held me to his chest.

I groaned and rolled over stuffing my face into my pillow and reached over to shut off my annoying alarm clock. I couldn't find it, which was impossible because my apartment bed was only a twin. I shot strait up in bed and remembered that my old life had only been in my dreams. The interesting thing was that I was in a bed and not in a cage. Looking around I saw that I was in a room painted dark blue with the exception of one wall which was covered with an enchanting mural. The paint swirled and blended mystically on the giant canvas. The picture consisted of a light grey wolf looking directly toward the bed while its adult counterparts howled at the moon and the pups played on the ground. The grey wolf had startling blue eyes and I fell into the contrasts the colors held…

The noise of the doorknob turning made me jump then I forced myself to relax my muscles and close my eyes. Breathing deeply I concentrated on the voices.

"Sir, she did not run when she was unguarded... I just do not see the risk." I heard Dylan say.

"Dylan, you are a bright boy. You know exactly what she did instead of running, she killed a man with no effort exerted at all. How can you not see the risk of her staying in the Alpha house? As my Beta I need you to act the part."

"Sir, with all due respect, she killed him too-" Dylan got out before something jumped on my chest. I gasped making my presence known. Looking down I saw that a wolf had put his paws on my chest on purpose.

"See Jeffery knew she was awake and alerted us too it. He knows his place." A man in his late 40's appeared to be scolding Dylan. The man had black hair that was graying on the sides and a tan complexion. Around his mouth were smiling lines but his gaze on me was anything but friendly.

Aarons POV

Once they had accepted me as alpha we got down to making a plan.

"So what are your ideas for getting her back?" I asked the group that had gathered on the beds and on the floor.

"We can't take their pack head on that's for sure." Damian quipped up from his crouching spot by the T.V.

"Does anyone need to state the obvious fact that we are not going to be able to force them to give her back?" Gale asked snidely from the corner.

"No, we cannot force them to give her back… but we can fight them for it." I stated thoughtfully.

"Aaron are you crazy? I mean you are my brother and my alpha so I love you but that is a suicide mission!" Ray stated like I was crazy.

"If I challenge Ian then he can't have help, it will be one on one. I have a chance then." I replied evenly.

"You can't alpha challenge Marc, you will die!" Damian screamed at me.

"I have to; it's the only way to make her safe again."

"No, Aaron there has to be some other way!" Ray shouted desperate.

"If you alpha challenge him, we will add the betas in. I don't know who his current beta is but you have to pick one. All of us are good fighters and will be able to help you." Gale pointed out from the bed that he a Ray were lying on.

"Gale, I thought I made it clear that I challenged you. That makes you the second most powerful, my second, my beta. If you are up to the job?" I made myself ask. I knew he would, even if he was pissed off at me.

"I would be honored, to fight beside you in this battle and many more to come." Gale repeated the ancient words, accepting the position.

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