In The Woods

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In Strange Places

Lean coward on the floor bloody and bruised. Why me? She thought to herself. I'm not ready to die! I'm only 18 for God's Sake and barley at that! She flinched at the cracking sound seconds before the blood crusted whip landed on her shredded body. She knew that unequivocally she was going to die. The other three they had taken had already died and now lay as broken nameless faces piled in a corner of the room. Her captors were 5 men, all of whom appeared to be in their mid to late 30's. They hadn't raped her, no; they had already satisfied their needs with their other three captives. Now they just stripped her and beat her.

"Well she really is a beauty aint she? You know boys, I am feeling mighty itchy. I might just have to make her beg on her knees." sneered one of her uneducated capturers. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up onto her knees. Lean could do nothing but watch as the man undid his belt and pulled down his pants revealing his small member that wanted attention. The man still had his hand in her hair and shook her waiting for her to comply with his demands. Lean whimpered and shook her head.

"Bite me!" she yelled up at him. She already knew she was going to die so why would she do anything he wanted? She could deal with a few more minutes of pain if it saved her from touching her mouth, or any part of her body, to his nasty, dirty, hairy length.

"WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME?" her capturer yelled and the other ones laughed watching them with beers in their hands. The man pulled his hand back and she felt the sting of the whip as her head snapped to the right. She felt it as he let go of her hair and her cheek hit the carpeted floor. Suddenly there was a noise she more felt through the floor than heard. It was the unmistakable deep gravely sound of an animals growl. 'Well crap!' she thought 'they have fricking dogs!' as she waited for the bite she felt something warm splash across her body. She opened her un-swollen eye and found that her body had been covered by her captures blood. As Lean looked around the room she spotted blurs of tan and brown fur ripping out the other men's throats. She closed her eyes and let her head fall back to the ground. 'Great now I'm going to be ripped to pieces.' Instead of the bite she was expecting she was shocked to hear voices.

"She's in really bad shape we better get her to Serrina" said a male voice.

"We can't bring her back to the pack!" argued another one.

"What else can we do? We can't just leave her to die!" said the first voice. He reached down and touched his fingers gently to her neck and she jerked away from him. He then felt her neck again and this time she only whimpered and curled herself in a ball. "She barley has a pulse. Plus this blood loss… she'll be dead before morning if we don't take her."

"Fine" snapped the first voice "how do you suppose we get rid of her once we heal her hmmm? We can't let her see the pack!"

"We'll figure that out later. First let's get dressed we will have to carry her back." said the first voice.

"Great! So now we are going to have to carry a naked girl through the streets of Chicago and not get noticed this should be fun!" said the second voice venomously.

A few minutes later Lean felt a soft blanket being wrapped around her body, and it hurt like hell. She tried to scream but all she managed was a soft yell because her throat was so raw from all the screaming she had done previously. She felt two calloused hands being laid on her body. One was under her knees and one under her back. She felt them start to flip her and this was the seventh shade of hell. Her whole body burned and she blacked out from the pain.

When Lean woke up she still hurt like hell but at least the swelling had gone down and now she could open both of her eyes. She looked around and couldn't remember where she was, or anything that had happened. She wondered why she hurt so badly and she tried to sit up. The effort was almost too much for her and red swam across her vision. She fell back down unseeing unto the bed.

"Take it easy! I brought down the swelling and tried to prevent any bruising still forming but even I can't heal all of the bruises and cuts you have!" said a scornful voice from her right. "The boys are going to be shocked when they see your eyes! Such a lovely color! Especially Damian he was very irritated about letting a mortal into our camp. But hey! I guess you aren't 100% vanilla are ya?"

Lean groaned as the peppy voice droned on. Then the past night came flooding back to her. How she had been walking down the street on the way home from work when they took her. All the screams as the other girls were tortured and then her own screams as her turn came…. Lean shivered. She turned her head towards the voice and ground her teeth at the effort. She opened her eyes and saw a teenage girl of medium height talking to her. The girl had long golden hair that fell to her waist. "Who are you? Where am I?" Lean managed to ground out.

"OH my I must have forgotten! I'm Serrina. For your next question though I'm going to have to go get the boys. But don't worry they will surly explain everything!" said the peppy Serrina. Serrina gave Lean a hug and left looking apologetic.

Lean looked around and assumed that she had been taken by the two men to some type of cabin because of the rustic look of the wooden walls. She was lying in a queen sized bed and the blanket on top of her was natural beige. Next to her was a poll with and I.V. and beneath the bed was a wooden floor. Other than a picture on the wall and some clear cabinets filled with medicine the room was pretty but plain. This was obviously a makeshift hospital of some kind.

"You haven't told her anything right?" asked a male voice that drifted into the room.

"Just go in there and talk to her will you? Get off my back! You asked me to heal her and I did. I did my job now it's time for you to do yours." Serrina huffed.

"God damn it Serrina! You told her something didn't you?" said the male voice again. This time Lean recognized it as one of the voices from last night.

"Calm down Damian! If she did then she had a good reason for it. Serrina is our healer. Therefore she has saved our asses before, including YOURS." snapped another male voice. This one Lean also recognized from the night before.

"Whatever just go play with your dolls or something Serrina." said the man named Damian. Lean could hear stomping as someone walked away. She closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. She did not want to talk to these people they obviously did NOT want her here.

"How could she have fallen asleep already?" said Damian sounding irritated.

"She got beat and possibly raped last night, give her a break!" said the second voice. Lean heard walking as someone approached the bed. She felt a hand on her shoulder. Her eyes flew open and she jerked back from the hand. The boy that had grabbed her had short blonde hair and looked to be about 20 but what drew her attention was his eyes, they changed from sky blue to navy blue as she watched."It's okay we aren't going to" the man started and then his hand tightened to the point of pain as he saw her eyes. Lean whimpered and tried to inch away from him. Tears sprang to her eyes as his hand continued to tighten.

"GALE! Let go your hurting her!" Damian shouted and yanked on Gale's shoulder. The boy whom she now knew as Gale looked down at his hand as if not even remembering that it was attached to his body. The hand gradually loosened and Lean scooted back as far as the bed would allow until she hit the head board. Her lungs heaved as she struggled to draw the cold air into her body, terrified of what they were going to do to her.

"God damn it. Damian look at her eyes. It's her, she's the lead we've been fallowing for the past month. She's the one." Gale whispered shocked. Damian came over to the bed and looked at her. He came close enough for her to get a good look at him. He had tan skin and mottled brown hair. He looked at her for a long moment, no, not just at her, at her eyes. Both of them seemed to be in trance with her.

"W-W-Who are you? Where am I?" Lean demanded trying to sound brave, but she knew the stammering kind of ruined it. Damian shook his head as if the trance was broken.

"The more important question is who you are?" asked Damian.

"I am Lean Dianna Hall. Now answer my questions." Lean said unsure of herself now that they were actually focused on what she said.

"I am Gale and this is Damian. You are at our home." Gale said speaking slowly from her other side. Lean jumped because she had forgotten he was there. "Now answer our question. Who are you?"

"I did!" said Lean confusion threaded in her voice. "I did now Gale and Damian would you mind explaining how I got here? Where here is? Or maybe not staring at me like your some kind of creepers? Or if you are some kind of creepers can you kill me now? Because I don't want my death to be prolonged, I've already had enough of that!" she started again trying to explain calmly. Lean ended up screaming though as she realized what might be happening again. Tears came into her eyes even as she tried to fight them back. 'Why did they even save her and heal her if they were just going to hurt her again?' Where Gale had grabbed a hold of her shoulder there was a handprint shaped bruise forming as evidence to her thoughts.

"Listen we are not going to hurt you. We saved your ass last night and we aren't going to heal you to kill you. How sick do you think people can be? We aren't some kind of ‘creepers’ so if you don't mind I'd rather you stop trying to insult us with childish words." Damian stated with his eye brows raised and humor sparkling in his eyes. Lean couldn't fight it back any more and a tear rolled down her milky white cheek. Damian reached out and patted her hair trying to comfort her. Even as he felt her flinch under his hand and could smell her fear. The scent of her fear was potent in the air, so thick that it almost drowned out the smell underneath all of the dried blood, bruises, and hurt. The smell was the reason this girl was still here, the reason she was special. "Look I'm sorry I know you have been through a lot in the past day but"

"No you don't know! You didn't sit there for an eternity hearing screams as those girls were raped and tortured as they died, you didn't get stripped and whipped, punched and slapped around like an unwilling whore. You didn't sit on the ground after all that and watch as dogs ripped the throats out of those men. You didn't feel the satisfaction as their blood splashed down the length of your body drowning you in a sea of red…" Lean was sickened as she remembered how happy she felt as their life blood was spilled all over the floor and over herself. Yes they had tortured her, and yes they had deserved to die a long painful death. Yet the fact that she felt so happy that she was there to witness their throats being ripped out, to feel their warm life blood spill… that she was disappointed that their death was so short lived.

"Look you little" Damian started. Then another guy with black hair stormed into the room with Serrina hanging on his arm. He was obviously mad and when he saw Damian stepping closer to Lean he seemed to grow even angrier. A quiet girl that looked a little older than the boy trailed in behind them.

"WHAT THE HELL? We went hunting for 2 days just 2 days and you bring a stranger to camp? What have you done?" screamed the black haired man.

"Please Aaron!" pleaded Serrina her face red she had obviously been putting in effort that her small body didn't have. Aaron just shook her off and she fell to the floor with a grunt.

"Aaron maybe they have an explanation" the girl started but was roughly shoved back by the man. By this point Lean was so terrified and filled with confusion that she just laid down, closing her eyes to whether out the storm. Lean was exhausted and she could just as well listen to what they decided to do to her while she rested.

"Or maybe they just screwed up yet again!" Aaron growled. "Maybe I'm tired of the trail of bodies we leave!"

'Oh well maybe I am going to be killed' thought Lean.

"Would you just shut the fuck up and look at her eyes? Or maybe even take a minute to scent the air?" asked Gale calmly yet with a cord of ignorance in his tone. Lean heard footsteps and she felt someone turn her over. She gasped in pain. He had reopened where her capturers had decided to draw patterns on her, with a knife. She opened her eyes to see Damian slamming Aaron into the wall.

"What the hell are you doing? Can't you smell she's already hurt? You just reopened the decorations the murderers and rapists that we saved her from decided to carve into her! That took Serrina half the night to close up!" Damian was yelling at Aaron. She saw Damian's fist swing back but then Gale moved and grabbed his fist before he had time to hit Aaron. During all of this Serrina had moved to Lean's side with some pads and medical tape. The calm teenager pulled off the bandage that she had already placed on Lean's wound and put a new one on. With the clam hands of a healer she taped the bandage on even as Lean writhed in pain. Lean screamed. She had been on drugs from the I.V. that Serrina had put in place, but nothing was enough to cover the pain of having that bandage that had been matted with blood torn off. Lean started to hyper ventilate as she saw Aaron and the girl that came in with him walking towards her. 'How could they do this? They healed me and protected me and now he is going to kill me and they are just standing there, letting him do it!' She couldn't help it she started crying in earnest.

"I can't believe it." whispered Aaron shocked. He reached up and tried to put a hand on her forehead but she flinched and he stopped. Both he and the girl were staring at her eyes. Lean couldn't figure out why, her eyes have always been just a normal brown green. These people all had weird eyes though. Aaron's eyes were green also, but they had a sunburst of black stretching all the way across his iris. His female component had eyes the color of pumpkins. That's as far as she got because just then Serrina stuck a needle in her arm and within seconds she was out of it.

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