In The Woods

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Where My Face Is

Dylan’s point of view

Sitting in front of the door I laid in my wolf form, exhausted. I had argued with Marc, with my Alpha. That went against every fiber in my being. As Beta I was supposed to be a submissive and help him at any point possible. That’s why when yesterday I argued with him, about something as little as the girls sleeping arrangements, it shocked all of us. That is… until I was ready to challenge him for the Alpha position. That couldn’t be right though because I was only young, and Marc was like my father. I shook my head banishing the thought; I had to watch Lean, who just happened to be stirring. She moaned and rolled over shoving he face into my pillow. Lean’s dirty blond hair swept over her naked shoulders on my soft grey sheets. After we started arguing yesterday Jeffery had jumped on top of her to protect her, but Lean had taken it the wrong way. Shifting into her wolf she barred her fangs at Jeffery and got the chance to rip his throat out… but she didn’t. She looked at me in question and then at Marc as she backed away from Jeff lowering her head in submission. By Lean showing that she knew who was in charge I convinced Marc to let her sleep here. Reasoning that we are betraying our own kind and therefore, should make her last days of freedom comfortable. The only condition that he laid down being that someone had to watch her at all times. This is how I ended up not sleeping last night. Marc had suggested that he send in someone different every night to watch her but my wolf had growled and barred his teeth at the idea.

“Good morning.” I whispered after changing back and slipping on some pants, hiding all evidence of my arousal. Lean being naked on my sheets definitely did not help my effort of putting distance between myself and the girl. I had to find her some damn clothes, I just didn’t have time after she clasped yesterday. Apparently shifting so much with only a certain amount of food with a shifter new to their… other side… was not a very good combination.

“Five more minutes,” Lean groaned rolling over when I spoke. The sheets pooled around her lower back as she buried her face in the pillows, my pillows.

“No, sorry, but you must get up.” I told her chuckling at the want in her voice. The huskiness in her voice however was not funny, my wolf growled with arousal. Lean groaned clutching the pillow closer to her face, causing the sheets to slip down and pool in the indent of her waist. My lower member hardened at the stretch of her milky skin that was exposed. Walking over to her I grabbed the sheets pulling them up to her shoulder, much to my inner wolfs regret.

Lean’s Point of View

“Mmm” I groaned at the rough touch on my back. Why was he covering me up? My skin felt like it was on fire. I wiggled away from the burning flames and felt as the sheets slipped.

“Lean, you need to get up and get dressed.” Dylan stated stroking my hair.

“Why do I need to get dressed? These cloths are comfortable, maybe I’ll just have a PJ day.” I murmured stretching my legs and arms.

“Lean… unless you want to face the Alpha naked… I suggest you get some clothes on.” Dylan chuckled. ‘Wait what?’ I thought through my sleep fogged brain. I moved my hand up my torso, searching for clothes. Realizing I didn’t have any on I clutched the sheets in my chest sitting up strait.

“What the fuck? Why don’t I have clothes on? We didn’t…. did we?” I questioned panicked and completely awake. Dylan as serious as ever just raised his left eyebrow.

“Did we what?” He asked me oblivious.

“…Did we… you know…” I muttered suddenly embarrassed.

“Have sex?” he questioned.

“Yeah… that.” I blushed, nodding my head.

“No, we didn’t. If we did we would be practically mated. Being even more attracted to you is the last thing I need.” He rumbled, my eyes attracted to his chest. Whatever you could say about their attitude, shifters tended to have great bodies. Maybe it had something to do with the shift?

“You know, usually it’s the girl telling someone where their face is.” Dylan stated chuckling as he grabbed my chin forcing my eyes to meet his.

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