In The Woods

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Looking Through the Glass

Aaron’s Point of View

I ran, ran and ran and ran. ‘not fast enough,’ my wolf growled at me, ‘she is going to fall!’

“No she isn’t!” I growled out loud. The world seemed to just get longer and longer as my legs stretched out there was just more ground to cover.

“Aaron! Help me!” Lean’s voice screamed for my help as she hung over the ledge. Her hands started slipping as I ran, making no progress.

“I’m coming just hold on Lean!” I shouted at her. Only a few more feet, why couldn’t I get over there?

“Aaron…Aaron I’m slipping!” Lean shrieked her voice squeaking in fear. She needed my help, just a little bit further.

“Don’t you dare let go!” I ordered her. I couldn’t lose her.

“Aaron! Aaron I can’t hold on any longer.” She sobbed her voice cracking. Her fingers slipped and finally I saw her fingers slide over the edge.

“No Lean, I love you!” I cried my hands grabbing the empty air where hers had been just a moment ago.

“Rah!” I exclaimed shooting up bolt right in my bed. My heart was pounding and my lungs heaved in the cool air of my hotel room. My body was covered in a layer of sweat and the sheets were torn with multiple claw marks. Well… at least we signed in under aliases so that I wouldn’t have to pay for them. The pack did need to get some funds, and quick.

Another rap came at the door making me jump. Quickly hopping out of the cheap bed I shoved on some jeans, not bothering with underwear.

“What do you want?” I snapped opening the door, my sister stood on the other side.

“Uh… are you okay kiddo?” Ray asked looking concerned.

“Don’t call me kiddo. I am 20 years old and not to mention your Alpha.” I growled out staring her down.

“Aaron! What the hell?” Ray growled even while she was lowering her head in submission. Her wolf had recognized me as her dominant and acted in accordance to the fact.

“Sorry sis, just… a lot on my mind.” I mumbled my apologies, motioning for my sister to come into my room. I ran my hands through my hair, a nervous habit. My sister grabbed my hands and dragged to sit on the bed.

“Bro, what’s wrong?” She asked me and I looked away. I’m alpha now, I told myself, I don’t need to lean on anybody. “Aaron… please talk to me.”

“I… I just can’t stop thinking about her Ray. What if I lose my true mate? What if it’s my fault this girl dies? What if… we are too late? Will I still want her when she is already mated? Do I treat women wolf shifters just like everyone else?”

“No sweetheart, no not at all. You won’t lose her. I promise we will do everything in our power to get her back. We are going to their camp tomorrow, are we not? We know she is there. We WILL get her back, and kick Dylan’s ass while we are there.” Ray murmured to me placing my head on her shoulder and she stroked my hair. She really always was more like a mom to me than a sister.

Aaron’s Point of view

Adrenaline pumped through my system as my senses worked in overtime. Everyone was in position we just had to get in and execute the plan. My senses were not the only thing in overtime, so were my hormones. My wolf was ready to mate and he sensed that his future mate and mother of his pups were nearby. Sometimes I really hated being a shifter. I was not ready to mate with Lean, not even close. I just wanted her back and in my arms. We could talk about mating later… that is if she would still take me.

‘Is everyone in place?’ I questioned my pack, wow that took some getting used to.

‘Yes, Aaron, everyone is still in place.’ Gale responded.

‘Everyone remember the plan?’ I asked, everything needed to go right in here or else we could all die.

‘Yes! We all know the plan.’ Damian replied with sarcasm dripping from his words.

‘Mind yourself!’ I snapped at him, as his alpha he had a chance to obey me or challenge me.

‘Yes sir…” he grumbled but shut up anyway.

‘Let’s go over it one more time’ I growled, the tense posture of my wolf body giving away my nervous attitude.

‘We go in there as a pack you in the front, Gale and I flanking you. Serrina and Griff fall into the back, watching. You will challenge them and Gale will challenge the Beta. Once you win we are going to beat Dylan’s ass and find the kids and Lean.’ Ray confirmed their knowledge of the plan.

‘Correct. If at all possible we are to avoid starting a war, we will lose. I have faith that we would beat them with fair numbers but they out number us and have been formally trained. We are getting in and out with little to no commotion.’

‘Right got it.’ Serrina stated.

‘Good,’ I sighed taking a deep breath, ‘let’s go get our pack back then.’

Dylan’s Point of View

“No! You can’t have her!” I growled. No matter the original intent, they were not selling Lean. We could figure out a different way to get the kids and women back.

“Dylan I said move, I need to give the girl over, now.” Marc spit out, barring his teeth.

“I said no.” I spit back, tensing my stance as I pulled Lean into my back. Forcing my head up and my spine strait I fought my submissive side. My wolf growled its approval; it was time for us to be a dominant, an alpha.

My throat rumbled protectively as I buried my face into the warmth at my front. Wait… what? I opened my eyes slowly. Dirty blond hair was spread over the pillow I was laying on, Lean’s hair. ‘Shit I fell asleep,’ I thought to myself ‘and how did I get in the bed?’

“Mmmm” I heard Lean moan in her sleep. Damn she was cute… and smelled good. Her scent of Coco and Lilies invaded my senses every time I came around her. My wolf urges came to the surface as my morning hardness made itself known. Apparently my wolf didn’t care how I got into the bed as much as that I was in the bed. I grabbed my arm around Lean and pulled her back against my torso. Wrapping on leg around her waist my wolf growled in approval.

“No…Matt… I said no! Matt… stop...please…” Lean whimpered in her sleep. ‘Who’s Matt?’ I thought baring my teeth. Lean stirred in my arms, startling herself awake. I felt as her breath sped up and she started to panic.

“Sush… sush Lean. It’s okay, I’m not gonna hurt you.” I whispered soothingly into her neck, stroking her hair.

“What the fuck?” she growled struggling against my grip on her. “Get off of me Dylan.”

“It’s okay, I’m not gonna hurt you. Just calm down and relax.” I breathed out and gently licked the sensitive place under her ear. I felt her body relax underneath me involuntarily. That was a hot spot for everyone, but it was even more sensitive for shifters.

“What do you want?” She sighed, still unnaturally stiff in my hold.

“Lean, you forgot that you are in my bed. Its morning and I had nowhere else to sleep.”

“You are holding me captive here, so me in your bed is your own damn fault. Also… I can definitely tell that it is morning.” She told me smirking sarcastically and wiggling away from my waist.

“Oh…uh…um” I stuttered lost for words. That’s when Jeffery decided to burst into the door.

“Dylan! Marc needs you and the whole pack outside now. It’s an emergency.” He panted, red faced.

“What, Jeffery? What’s wrong?” I asked jumping out of the bed and sprinting over to where he was now standing shocked that I was in bed with the prisoner.

“The border patrols picked up something… also he said to bring the girl.” Jeffery said quietly and left. I watched as her face fell with my spirit. They were here, to take her away. The question was, would I let them, or would I follow my dreams?

Lean’s Point of view

I stared wide eyed at the door, dreading this new turn in my life. Dylan stared at me his mouth pressed in a thin line as his face voided its self of emotion.

“Lean…” he murmured trailing off as if he was about to say something else. I just looked at his expression and got furious.

“No, I get it, really I do. There was no use trying to pretend we had a friendship going anyway. Thanks for pretending while I was here that you actually liked me.” I stated back my throat rough with unshed tears.

“Lean, stop.” He grabbed my arm as I headed towards the door. A fire burned my body where he touched me. I had gotten used to that though. I didn’t know why but my skin had become extra sensitive in the past few days. I waited for him to tell me why, but only silence answered me.

“Dylan, let’s get this over with. My new owners will probably get impatient with you.” I snapped at him and tried to yank my arm away from him.

“I do like you Lean, more than I should. I don’t want to do this…” Dylan stated his stoic face softening a little when he said my name. The hand that wasn’t wrapped around my wrist brushed my hair from my face.

“Maybe you should have thought of that before now.” I snapped, this time succeeding in ripping my arm from his grasp. I started walking down the hall in the direction that Jeffery had gone.

“Lean I have no choice!” he shouted catching up with me and grabbing my elbow. I just stood still and cold as a stone. He waited for me to reply, but this time he wouldn’t get one. “Fine be a bitch!” Dylan growled. I spun around and got in his face, looking him directly in the eyes.

“You are selling me Dylan, what don’t you get about that. As soon as you hand me over to these psychos I lose all of my freedom, my choice of mate, and my life. I will spend the rest of my years beaten and producing litter after litter of pups for some guy that is going to rape me night after night. You don’t have a right to call me a bitch. My virginity is going to be lost to rape tonight, so I think I have a reason to be a little moody.” I said in a very calm, very quiet voice. Before he could respond I turned on my heels and continued walking without him.

Dylan caught up to me and walked by my side, not saying a word. Taking a few turns I felt his hand on my back, his touch burned my skin as I jumped away. This whole touching thing was getting worse and worse. There was a pain in my side and I flinched, stopping all together.

Aaron’s point of view

I held my head high as I walked out of the forest with the pack behind me, my pack. I was the only one in human form and that was only by communication necessities. The men in the clearing stared at us, some of them even baring their teeth at me. I growled a warning and sniffed deeply. Dylan’s scent was all over this clearing but I didn’t find the one I was looking for. There was no sign of Lean.

‘It’s okay Aaron, she’s here.’ Ray sent that comforting thought to me.

‘Just keep your eyes out.’ I thought to my entire pack. ‘If they are here, we will find them.’

‘And if they are already gone?’ Giff questioned quietly.

‘Do not think that way kid. We will find them all, including your sister.’ I guaranteed him.

“Aaron, what are you doing here?” I heard an all too familiar voice question with obnoxious amounts of authority.

“You know well what my business is here Marc.” I said turning to face the alpha that we had left to escape. The others thought that we left only because we didn’t fit in here. In truth this man in front of me had tried to force my sister to mate with his son.

“Aaron I truly do not know what you are talking about.” Marc stated with a look of malice in his old eyes.

“Where are my pack members?” I asked him starting to bare my teeth. I truly did hate this man.

“Oh, you mean that pretty little girl?” Marc asked sneering at me.

“I’ll ask you again, Marc. Where are the kids? Where is Lean?” I growled trying to keep from leaping at his throat this second.

“Your misfits are not with me; however, the girl is coming with Dylan now. As I have been told, she was in his bed chamber. So she may have to get ready.” Marc said gleefully. I snarled at him as my fingernails elongated against my will. Claws erupted from the tips of my flesh. I was about to go after him when I heard a small voice.

“Aaron?” Lean asked in disbelief. I snapped my head to where she stood her eyes wide with shock

“Marc, give me the girl, now.” I ordered him.

“No, she is property of my Beta. Apparently it was all too easy to snatch the girl who was crying over an overly pushy boyfriend. I mean something as… valuable shouldn’t be left in unlocked hotel rooms. Plus we have plans for her.” Marc stated, bored, as he picked at his nails.

“What plans?” I growled out, my eyes never leaving her terrified face.

“We got an offer we couldn’t pass up.”

“You are not selling her. She is not a doll that you can just push around and do with as you please. I thought that even you were better than that Marc.”

“Yes, I am sadly. I would have loved to give her to my Beta as her mate, oh well.”

“Hand her over, now.” I snarled furious.

“I told you, I have plans for her. I need to get back my females and pups in exchange for your one female.” Marc stated bored. “That is, if you are Alpha of this band of misfits you call a pack.”

“I will fight you for her then.” I growled.

“You will have to fight my Beta, as he is the one that took your property.”

“Who the hell is your Beta?” I snapped my wolf was thirsty for blood.

“I am.” Dylan spoke up from where he was standing with a hand on Lean. I noticed he was looking at his Alpha in disbelief.

“Of course, I have a right to challenge your Beta, if you are fighting mine.”

‘Do you want to do this Aaron?’ Gale asked me.

‘I don’t think we have a choice. I am sorry. Beat his ass please.’ I thought back at him.

Dylan’s Point of View

I listened to my Alpha as he conversed with Aaron, not believing what I heard. Not that I minded fight Aaron, quite the opposite, but the fact that he was pointing a finger at me. This was not the man I had grown up respecting as a father. His snide comments sounded more like a pup than a mature 50 year old Alpha. ‘If I live through this,’ I thought to myself, ‘I am going to challenge him the first chance I get.’

“Who the hell is your Beta?” I heard Aaron’s deep rumble question furiously.

“I am.” I called out clearly from where I was standing with Lean. Aaron stalked toward me through the now parting crowd.

“You,” he snarled, “give her to me.”

“I think she is fine right where she is actually.” I replied as I looked over at Lean. She had given up the stone mask when she saw Aaron. Sweat now beaded on her forehead as she watched him.

“Stop talking about me as if I’m not here.” She muttered absently through her swollen lips. “Aaron, he won’t let me go. They want their females and pups back. The same people have the kids. They are trading me for them.”

“She’s right, as much as I’d like to not trade her, we have to. Not that I’d give her to you anyway, you don’t deserve her.” I replied stripping my shirt getting ready for the change.

“You are not selling her, she is mine.” Aaron spit at me, he was quickly losing his self-control.

“You were not even man enough to mate her when you had the chance. She is far from yours. In fact, I bet I got farther with her than you did in the few weeks she has been here.” I taunted him.

“Guys stop…” Lean stated as she stumbled towards us. I grabbed her by the shoulders, stopping her, and kissed her forehead. I noticed how abnormally hot her skin was.

“It’s okay babe, just sit down. I will take care of him.” I murmured against her ear, just loud enough for Aaron to hear.

“Like hell you will.” Aaron snarled as he completed the change and jumped at my throat. I completed my change as well as I jumped out of the way of his sharp teeth.

Lean’s Point of View

I watched as Aaron jumped at Dylan’s throat and the fighting started. Yelps sounded from all over the central clearing as the two Betas and Alphas fought.

“Stop.” I pleaded with them before being pulled out of the way by strong arms. I looked behind me and Jeffery was the one holding my waist. I struggled to get away from him but it was weak. I could do nothing but watch as they four wolves tore each other apart, blood and fur flying everywhere.

“Don’t interfere with a man’s work.” Jeffery scolded in my ear and smacked my ass as punishment. At this I gagged and barfed on both of our shoes. “What the fuck?” Jeffery yelled letting his hold slip on me. Falling to my knees I heaved but nothing came out of my empty stomach. A hot liquid splashed on my face and when I reached up my hand came away red. I had either Aaron’s or Dylan’s blood on me. This made me dry heave some more as I laid on the ground on my hands and knees. Looking up and watching the fight all I saw was blurs as the two men that claimed to have feelings for me fought. Oddly enough I felt a growing warmth in between my legs at the sight of the two dominate males.

I pushed the thoughts away as I got to my feet slowly. ‘That is enough!’ I thought to myself, even as my body writhed in pain and my wolf howled with pleasure... and need. Stumbling my way over to the two fighting wolves I tried to reach out for them.

“Aaron, Dylan please stop! Please...” I pleaded with the blur of black and blond in front of me. They didn’t even look at me as I stood only a foot away. I tried to shift but gasped as an overwhelming pain of need swept through my body. Falling to my knees I cried out in pain, hold my hands to my stomach to keep my intestines inside of me.

Aaron’s point of view

‘Lean!’ I screamed in my head as I saw her fall. Howling I snarled at Dylan and slashed my claws across his muzzle. Fighting with renewed energy as I saw her lying on the ground holding her sides. Dylan snarled at me and flung the blood that had begun to burn, streaming into his eyes. His claws raked over my back so fast that I couldn’t dodge him. My blood and his mixed together as we struggled in our fight for Lean. I lunged clamping my jaw around his leg, gaining a sick sense of satisfaction as bone snapped. Dylan howled his pain to the sky and snapped at me as I came close. My jaw was at his throat and ready for the kill.

“No, Aaron.” I heard Lean plead from her place on the ground. Why was she asking me to spare this good for nothing ass holes life? Was Marc telling the truth when he said that she had been in Dylan’s bed chamber? My wolf was conflicted. Dylan rolled underneath me showing me his stomach and neck, acknowledging my dominance. I had a choice, I could either kill him or spare his life. Another cry of pain from Lean made up my mind as I settled for snapping my jaws shut and shifting back.

Running over to where she lay I got down on my knees and held her in my lap. My nostrils flared as I realized what was wrong with her, she was going into her first heat cycle. My wolf growled in want as my member hardened beneath her.

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