In The Woods

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The First Time

Lean’s Point Of View

“Aaron… Aaron it hurts.” I cried, my arms still wrapped around my abdomen. I felt it as Aaron pulled me into his lap; his touch burned my skin like a thousand suns. I felt his naked waist beneath me and my wolf growled at him to take me. Instinctively I knew that’s what my body craved, what I needed in order to stop the excruciating pain waves that were racking my body like a kid at a playground. I looked up at him as my want grew stronger like an irresistible need.

Aaron’s Point of View

“I know, I know it does princess.” I whispered into her hair pulling her body tight against mine. This was a true test of strength as my wolf growled at me to fuck her. I heard footsteps as the males around me smelled her heat; there was no way we were getting out of this one without help. With the amount of pheromones she was producing they would all fight me for her before letting me leave with her.

“I missed you Aaron…” She whispered against my chest as she let out another cry of pain.

“I know Lea, I missed you too baby girl.” I told her sincerely, snapping my fist against some guys crotch.

“I could help you put an end to that pain girl…” a young brunette trailed off from a few feet away.

“Back off.” I snarled at them in my most dominate voice. I beat their Beta, so now I was taking his place. The majority of them stopped moving and lowered their head, acknowledging me as their dominate. However some of them kept getting closer.

‘What the hell is going on over there Aaron?’ I heard Damian ask me.

‘Lean has gone into heat; I’m going to need to get her to a safe hospital room and fast. What happened with Gale? Is he alright?’ I asked back, snapping at a nearby leg. I knew that I couldn’t fight my way out of this alone; I was bleeding from scratch and bite wounds all over my body.

‘He is at Marc’s throat waiting for you to come and finish it. How the hell are you going to get out of there with her?’

‘I don’t know, I’m going to need help.’ I said and kicked one of the male’s legs so hard it broke.

“He said back off.” Dylan snarled at them. He then looked down at me. “We have to get her outta here, and fast. Which means you need my help.”

“Thank you.” I spoke after a moment of understanding came between us. We were both fighting for the same cause, to get Lean out of here as quickly as possible.

‘Damian grab Ray I need you two over here now. Serrina get ready you are gonna need to help her. Griff stay by Gale, make sure that Marc doesn’t try anything funny.’

‘We are on our way.’ Ray growled.

“Dylan, we have to hold them off. Ray and Damian are on their way.” I told him as I got up, cradling Lean in my arms.

“Aaron, it hurts!” Lean screamed from my arms.

“Talk to me Lean.” I ordered her, in some cases she-wolfs die from the pain of not mating during heat. Lean wasn’t supposed to have to deal with this yet; Ray hadn’t even hit hers yet.

“I can’t.” She cried grabbing her stomach and ripping her shirt open. I just cradled her into my body as I kicked yet another male across the face. I couldn’t keep this up, and they knew that. I looked around, Ray and Damian where a few feet away fighting a path through the crowd.

“Aaron watch out!” Dylan warned me as a redheaded man came up on my left side. I snapped my head over at him and snarled.

“Hey, dude, it’s okay. I’m here to help you.” He shouted to me.

“Fucking her is not helping!” I snapped at him.

“Dude, I’m gay. I’d rather fuck you than her.” The redhead replied and rolled his eyes. I growled at him.

“It’s okay Aaron… Brian is …a good guy.” Lean murmured from my arms her head curled into my chest. I looked back up at the redhead; I didn’t have time to argue with him.

“Stay with me baby, it will all be okay Princess.” I told her as Brian fought off the guy to my right. I stepped closer to the outside of the circle. Lean and I were completely protected with Dylan behind me Ray in front Damian to my left and Brian to my right. I carefully stepped around unconscious bodies as we moved closer to safety. The last guy fell to his knees in front of us as Ray swiped her claws across the bulge in his pants.

“Where is your hospital?” I snapped at Dylan.

“You can’t take her there, she will get attacked!” Dylan replied running a hand through his blond hair.

“That’s where she needs to be!”

“No, that is inviting someone to rape her!”

“Oh like selling her isn’t?” I growled at him. Lean cried out in pain again as I jostled her.

“Aaron…” she whimpered.

“Fine take us to a safe room.” I snarled at him.

“Follow closely.” Dylan ordered as he turned to leave.

“Wait!” Ray protested as she grabbed my arm.

“What?” I snapped at her.

“I’m sorry brother but you have to go finish Marc. Gale can’t hold him forever.” Ray pointed out. I growled, I couldn’t bite into Marc with Lean in my arms.

“I’ll hold her bro, just go do what you need to do.” Damian offered as he reached out to take Lean from me. I snarled at him and snapped at his hands. My wolf had taken over and decided that no other man was going to touch her.

“It’s okay Aaron, I’ve got her.” Ray stated putting a soothing hand on my arm.

“Take care of her.” I growled as I handed over Lean’s underfed body. Turning I ran to where Gale and Marc still lay in their wolves bodies, Gales teeth on Marc’s neck.

‘You have to do this.’ Gale murmured as he moved his muzzle. I changed quickly the sweet pain made me shiver as it altered my structure. Bending my neck I looked into Marc’s eyes as I wrapped my teeth around his wind pipe. Biting down I tasted as his dark life blood flowed into my throat. Swallowing eagerly as the fight went out of Marc, his body gave up and he went limp. I howled in triumph as the pack members that had just been fighting with me changed and joined in my song. They lined up to welcome their new Alpha and Beta. I quickly ran my nose over their fur as they took a bite out of Marc’s lifeless body. I was the new Alpha.

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