In The Woods

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Get Away

Dylan’s Point of View

I ran the way to the safe house, only pausing to make sure Ray could keep up.

“How much further?” Ray gasped after had had been running for about ten minutes.

“I can take her if you want, it’s another half mile.” I offered stopping for her to catch her breath.

“Yeah, right,” She said panting, “I’m going to hand over my brother’s future mate to her kidnapper that makes sense.”

“You’re right that doesn’t make sense, but seeing as she isn’t your brothers future mate I don’t see why you brought it up.” I growled out, my eyes narrowing.

“Guys stop, she is in pain.” Damian scolded us. “Ray can you carry her the rest of the way or do you want me to take her?”

“I’m fine, thank you. I just don’t want you to get your head ripped off by my brother.” She panted holding Lean’s weak body to her chest. Lean had passed out a while back.

“Fine then, let’s move.” I growled. Five more minutes I signaled for them to stop. “I’m going to go check it out and make sure it’s safe. Wait until I wave you over.”

I walked slowly over to the cabin, keeping my head down. Sniffing around the outside I discovered nothing but stale trails. I grabbed the key from the hole in the front oak, waving them over. I unlocked the front door quietly as Ray took Lean inside.

“Where should I set her?” She asked me quietly, as if not to wake her.

“Over there, in the bed room.” I pointed towards where the door to the bed room was. Walking to the closet by the entry way I pulled out four outfits.

“Why four?” Damian asked as he came closer to see what I was doing.

“What is the owl girl’s name?” I asked looking pointedly up at the rafters where a tan, brown, and white owl sat patiently.

“Serrina? When did you get here?” Damian questioned as I threw some clothing up to her. I turned my back as I heard her change.

“I flew over here; the window was open so I came in.” Serrina explained climbing down from the rafters, fully dressed. I handed a pair of jeans to Damian as I pulled some on myself.

“Serrina bring these in to Ray will you?” I questioned throwing her some cloths.

“Yeah, sure,” She shrugged. “I think you two should stay out here and watch the door though. It’s nothing personal but Lean is safer with you two in a separate room.”

Lean’s Point of view

I screamed as I woke up the heat and pain unbearable. This was worse than when I first shifted. I tore my jeans off of my legs, the rough texture of the offending fabric making me want to cry.

“Sush, sush. Lean? Can you hear me?” I heard Serrina ask as I opened my eyes.

“What’s happening to me? Serrina, it hurts so badly. I feel as if my skin is on fire.” I cried to her.

“You are experiencing your first heat. Do you know what that is?” She asked me handing me a few pills and a glass of water. I chugged the water and gave her back the pills.

“Allergic to Advil, remember? Yes I know what heat is, but I thought it was just supposed to be like having your period.” I gasped and turned my head into the pillow to muffle another scream as pain and wanting raced over my body like a wild fire.

“It’s vicodin,” She replied handing me back the pills and going over to the bathroom to refill my glass. “Now what your body is experiencing right now is a process called heat. This is a natural time that all female wolves experience. This heat is a physical and psychological need of your body. It craves sex with a male wolf in order to be satisfied. Now you don’t have to mate during this sex, but that takes great restraint from both the male and the female wolf. Once you have sex you heat will hurt less but you will crave that man more and more. You will be able to have sex with other men, and they will become your bodies new fascination. Your heat will last anywhere from one-three weeks.”

“Is there any way to get out of this heat, without having to fuck some guy constantly?” I asked Serrina.

“Well three ways that you can ride out the next couple of weeks. Number one of course is getting a nice guy and completing coitus. Number two is just riding out the pain. I will be able to give you drugs if this is your choice, but they don’t last long and only take a little bit of an edge off of the pain. Number three is masturbating. While this will not complete your bodies need for sex or semen it will take some of the pain and need away.” Serrina replied using her medical tone. If I wasn’t listening I would have had no idea she had just suggested that I masturbate constantly for the next few weeks. I blushed as red as a tomato. I sure as hell was not going to tell this teenage girl that I had never masturbated before. In fact I didn’t even know how.

“um… okay. Is there anything else I need to know?” I inquired grimacing. The pain meds did take the edge off but it still hurt like hell.

“You won’t be able to leave this room. Male wolf shifters smell the pheromones that your body is producing and their wolves take over. Most likely you would, excuse my rudeness, get raped as soon as you walked out of this cabin. You are lucky that Dylan, Aaron, and Damian had enough self-control over their wolves to get you out of that clearing. You will also need to eat and sleep more than normal. These and sex will be your top priorities. Do you have any questions?” Serrina asked me gently.

“n-no, thank you. I missed you Serrina.” I muttered and did my best to smile at her.

“I’m gonna be in the other room okay? I don’t think you want me in here. Dylan and Damian are outside watching the house.

“Wait they are here? Why?” I asked panicked. They didn’t need to know that for now I was a sex crazed she-wolf without a mate.

“Just in case someone tries something. Don’t worry about it sweetheart it will all be okay.”

“W-w-where’s Aaron?” I questioned. I missed him, even if I couldn’t be around him right now.

“He’s busy sweetheart, I can tell him you want to talk to him. If you want to take that route, that is.”

“What no! Serrina I was just wondering where he was, I have not seen him in months.”

“Well tell me when you decide, so that I can get you medicine or the male of your choice. That is if you are planning on taking those routes.” Serrina replied walking out of the room.

‘How the hell did I get into this?’ I asked myself. I just got told to tell a fifteen year old girl if I was going to be banging someone, masturbating, or overdosing for the next few weeks.

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