In The Woods

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So fucking good

“Sir, what are your plans for ranking order?” One male asked me. I fought to keep the growl silent as it tried to claw its way up my throat. I didn’t want to be dealing with these trivial matters. No my place right now was by Lea’s side. I had spent so much time away from her already I should not be worrying about things these idiots could figure out for themselves.

“You will stay in the order you always have been.” I ground out. Even with my calm tone the male looked as if he had seen a ghost, which might be attributed to the stoic look on my face though. I looked into the crowd that surrounded me in the meeting hall and sighed. This could take all day.

‘Calm down or else you will have every wolf running for the hills.’ Gale sent his thoughts my way. We had both thought that it would be better if he remain in wolf form during these meetings, less someone try something.

‘Good,’ I thought back, ‘less work for us.’

‘We will need them to fight Aaron, if we intend to get the children back. Unless…’ He trailed off as if implying something.

‘Unless what?’ I though back very, very quietly. But before he had time to speak another question was asked of me.

“What do you intend to do about getting our females back?” A familiar voice asked. I looked up to see Dylan’s bleach blond hair among those that had gathered.

“This meeting is over, those of you that have questions may meet with either Gale or I tomorrow.” I announced. It was either that or risk losing control over my new pack. Dylan strode up to where I stood with my original pack. Gale started to growl when he got too close.

“Calm down, I won’t hurt your leader pup.” Dylan smirked in contempt at the snarling wolf.

“What do you want Dylan?” I asked him wearily wiping my face with my hands. I was exhausted and couldn’t get Lean out of my head.

“I need to know that you have a plan. We have few females and they were kidnapped, in case you hadn’t been informed. Also, not that I care, but your little group of misfit kids are there as well. You seem to have forgotten them.” At this Griff flew down from the rafters and raked his talons across Dylan’s arm, narrowly missing his face.

“I have not forgotten the children, what do you mean your females have been taken?” I asked thoroughly pissed off and confused. Why had no one thought to inform their alpha of this?

“All of our fertile females got taken from us. While at least three were with pups. The same people took your kids and told us the only way to get our females, pups, and your mutts back was to hand over Lean. You really think that we were going to hand a girl like Lean over for money? With how well you know me?” Dylan stated snidely.

“Until recently I did not think that you would take my future mate at all. So apparently I don’t know you at all. Why was this not brought to my attention as soon as I became Alpha?” I snarled back at him.

“She is not your future mate.” He growled back causing Ray and Gale to rise on either side of me. “Also maybe because normally Alphas come from within a pack and when they don’t the challenger has not just come into power in their own meager… pack.”

“Do not tell me you want her as your mate,” I replied laughing, “you kidnapped, drugged, and imprisoned her. Why would she ever want to even be near you?”

“I also stood up to Marcus for her, made out with her, and got her soaked in her own juices. Hell she killed a man to protect me.”

“Leave, now.” Gale spoke up from beside me where he had changed back to human form. Dylan looked triumphant but turned and sauntered out of the meeting place.

“I’m going to see Lean.” I snarled, jumping out of my chair and stalking out of the tent.

Walking into Leans room she did not even notice that someone had entered. Her body shined with sweat as it contorted in pain. My heart grew soft upon seeing her. My princess was in pain and it killed me seeing her body twist from the pain of not mating. I would give anything to be able to take that pain away from her and bring it upon myself.

‘You know how to take away her pain.’ My wolf whispered in the back of my mind.

‘I am not going to fuck her unless she asks me too. It is her choice.’ I snarled back.

‘It is the natural process, it must be completed. She is in pain and you could take it all away.’

‘It is her choice!’

‘She does not know what she is missing. You could always give her a little taste of what it could be. It would take away some of her pain.’ My wolf suggested. Thinking about it, that wasn’t a bad idea. I quietly moved to the edge of the bed and stroked Lean’s sweat soaked hair away from her face.

“You told me that you trusted me Lea. How much do you trust me Princess?” I asked her as her body bucked from pain.

“Always Aaron, I trust you with my body and soul.” She panted twisting while trying to keep the sheet on top of her naked body. Slowly I walked over to the side of the bed, bending down to whisper in her hair.

“Do you want me to help ease the pain my pretty Lea?” I murmured huskily in her ear. She moaned and grabbed my face to roughly kiss my lips. I held back, I was not going to do this unless she gave me permission.

“Yes, God yes Aaron. Anything to escape this hell of pain and want.” She moaned again allowing my tongue access to her warm mouth. I let out a small growl and slowly lowered myself to the bed beside her. Stroking my hands down her body I allowed them to gently take her breasts. I ran my fingers over her rosy tips flicking them to make them hard. Her body bucked as she screamed in need. Looking embarrassed she blushed looking away from my eyes even as her body betrayed her.

“Oh my beautiful Lea, pretty princess.” I murmured into her neck licking the sensitive spot just below her ear.

“Oh fuck! Aaron, Aaron fuck!” She panted, her body bowing into mine to give me better access to her breasts.

“ Look at me princess, I want to see how I make you feel Lea.” I growled at her. Grabbing her face I turned her so she looked me in the eye. Moving my hand down I trailed my fingertips in slow designs over her breasts… tummy… waist. When I came to her outter lips I felt Lean tense underneath me.

“Aaron…” She murmured panicked even as her body bent to my will.

“Don’t worry Princess, this will feel good. It will take some of the pain away. I won’t even take off my clothes babe.” I whispered in her ear, nipping at it. My hand massaged her outer lips.

Lean’s Point of View

It felt so good, Aaron’s touch on my body. It was like he lit a trail of fire with his fingers making slow lazy patterns against my skin. So good in fact, that I didn’t realize his hand continually moving south. I felt it as he moved his hand through my curly hair and froze. I wasn’t ready for this… I didn’t want to pick a mate!

“Aaron…” I protested weakly and tried to move away from him even as my body defied me.

“Don’t worry Princess, this will feel good. It will take some of the pain away. I won’t even take off my clothes babe.” He whispered to me, his talented mouth on my ear distracting me. His fingers slowly stroked my soaking folds making me groan in need. One hand massaged my breast as his other hand explored my uncharted territory. His rough fingers felt like heaven against my velvet bundle of nerves.

“Aaron!” I screamed my need to him.

“Tell me what you want Lea.” He growled against the valley between my breasts where he was slowly kissing and licking…

“T-touch me, release me Aaron.” I stumbled though the lust and need induced heat that was taking over my brain.

“What did you say Lea?”

“Treat me like your princess, make me cum around your fingers.” I pleaded my wolf taking over with confidence. Ask and you shall receive. Aaron’s fingers circled my entrance before two of his rough members plunged into me. I moaned as he started to pump the long intruders into my cave.

“Faster Aaron, more!” I screamed as he slowly pumped the rough skin in my wet warm cavern.

“What do you say princess?” He asked his eyes lighting up as he made me look at him.

“Please! Oh God Aaron!” I cried as he added another finger and pumped them into my wetness as my ecstasy built. He moved his thumb in circles, the rough skin rubbing on my sensitive folds as his fingers pumped into me. That was the last piece. My world exploded into pieces of color and pleasure as my juices squirted into his palm around his fingers.

“You,” He started sucking his ring finger into his mouth, “taste” he sucked his middle finger into that warm wet cavern, “so fucking” next came his index “good” he finished by slowly running his soft tongue on his palm. My eyes widened with realization of what just happened. Burying my face into his neck I blushed ninety shades of red in embarrassment.
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