In The Woods

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When I woke up Aaron was gone and I had been covered by the sheets again. The pain had come back but had lessened. I just couldn’t believe what we had done, well what he had done, the night before. I would never have let that happen if I had been in control.

‘If you would just listen to me and mate him you wouldn’t be having this dilemma’ My wolf pointed out to me.

‘I am not going to fuck Aaron, we are mad at him, remember?’ I snarled back at her. Since I started my heat she had started to communicate with me.

‘How can you say that after what he did for us?’ She asked snidely.

‘That was vulgar!’ I snapped back but my mind wondered to last night, my body tingling in remembrance of his talented fingers.

‘You say that but you grow wet in anticipation already. Just think of how he would dominate our body.’ She murmured huskily.

‘He only did that because I am in heat. Aaron knew that it was one way to get rid of the pain.’ I stated factually.

‘Oh he would have done that to you the first time you changed if he could have. If you just took some semen in the pain would all but disappear, turning into desire. He was so ready for you last night and you just left him to take care of himself.’

‘I’m not going to have sex with Aaron.’ I growled, but my tone had lost all of its power. I thought back to how hot and bothered he must have been. I remembered hearing him get into the shower right after our session, when he thought I was asleep.

‘You can obtain his semen without have sex you stupid conservative girl. Not to mention we have more options than just Aaron. What about that blonde fured blue eyed wolf? He is gorgeous and we have chemistry…’

‘Shut up you stupid horney animal. Why are you day dreaming about Dylan anyway? He kidnapped us and is going to sell us if he gets the chance.’

‘Dylan… mmm nice strong Dylan. You want him too, you grew wet for him even before our heat started. He could be our true mate, you just have to allow yourself to enjoy his touch. Remember when how his wolf took over at the first sight of us? They want us too.’ My wolf purred inside of my head, bringing up flashes of Dylan pushing us against the wall.

‘What the hell is a true mate? I only had desire for him due to our blasted heat that was coming up.’ I gasped at her as my desire came back in full force. My body bucked off the bed in rememberance of the bricks digging into my back as he lost control to his wolf.

‘At least take care of one of them in some way when they comes back, you owe them that much. Who knows, you might actually like it.’ She remarked exasperated.

‘What do you mean take care of him?’ I questioned but she was gone. I was left thinking about what she had said and trying to ignore the pain as I fell back asleep.


Growling I tracked the worn down path back to the cabin. How dare they suggest that we give Lean up? Even if it is only for the small period of negotiation time it would take to get the other packs to rally with us. Lean is mine and I was not going to give her up. Even if it was a good plan and could save many lives. Slamming the door open I was relieved that the cabin was empty. I don’t think I could handle a male being around Lean right now. Grinding my teeth I walked over the sink in the room that reeked of Lean’s arousal and splashed my face with cold water. If I don’t find a way to get rid of my constant hard on I swear to God I will go nuts. Mmmm nuts… Lean palming me… God I can’t live through this! I thought to myself slamming my palms against the counter top.

“Mmm what’s wrong Fido, cat got your… tongue?” Lean asked running her tongue up the side of my neck. Immediately I froze where I was standing.

“Lean… if you do not back off I am not responsible for what happens.” I gulped trying to swallow the huskiness that had risen in my voice.

“Shhh… I wanna taste you.” She murmured against the corner of my mouth, her plush lips brushing against my over sensitized skin. Her hands ran down my sides until they reached my waistline. The way she ran her nails over the sensitive dip in my skin had the air buzzing with my held in power.


Slowly pulling Aaron’s shirt over his head I bit his earlobe and flicked my tongue out to take away the slight pain my teeth caused. Hooking my thumbs into his belt loops I pulled him around so that he was leaning against the countertop. Running my fingers through Aaron’s thick black hair I slowly lowered myself to my knees in front of him. Licking along the waist of his pants I grabbed his zipper in my teeth while unbuttoning his pants. The only sounds in the room were Aaron’s heavy breathing and the slow echo of metal separating.

“Lea…” Aaron warned even as his hands wrapped themselves tightly in my hair. Wrapping his thick pipe in my hand I pumped him a few times until a bead of pre-cum appeared. Swirling the little liquid dot I moaned in appreciation as I stared up into Aarons face. Aaron’s eyes met mine as his body twitched in need.

“God Lean…” he groaned, his hand grabbing the scruff of my neck to encourage me. Slowly I took his full length into my mouth inch by inch as my hand fondled his balls. I started off at a snail’s pace taking him in and out… in and out.

“Faster Lean… God Princess… please…” Aaron groaned above me encouraging me to move my mouth faster as I wrapped my tongue around him. Knowing that I could control him like warm putty was a very powerful feeling. I had never felt the equivalent of the pleasure I got knowing that all I had to do was squeeze harder or bob faster and I could have him falling apart in front of me. I felt his hard length swelling before he exploded into my mouth. Swallowing all of the liquid he provided me with I slowly pulled off of his now soft member and licked my lips as I met his swirling green eyes. Aaron smiled and collapsed onto his knees and pulled me into his muscled chest.

“How are you so perfect Princess?” Aaron murmured into my hair.

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