In The Woods

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Promises Made to be Broken

“Lea, Lea you need to get up, now. Lean, get up.” Aaron frantically shook me awake.

“What time is it?” I grumbled sleep heavy in my voice.

“Four in the morning but you have to get up.”

“Too early.” I mumbled flipping over and burying myself in blankets again.

“Princess you need to get up. Now.” Aaron said pulling me into a standing position.

“Hey… you can touch me. Does that mean it’s over?” I asked my thoughts still blurry from sleep.

“Yes, you have been asleep for three days. Now come on, we have to go.” Aaron replied pushing me towards the door.

“Aaron, they are here and tired of waiting.” I heard Gale say as he stepped into the room. Aaron swore and pulled me into his arms as we ran down the hall.

“Wait… who is here? Why are they waiting?” I asked clarity now invading my senses.

“No one Princess, go back to sleep.” Aaron murmured, barely masking the strain in his voice.

“Aaron. Who is here?” I questioned again, pushing away from his chest so I could look in his eyes.

“Lea, we really do not have time for this right now.” He replied completely blowing off my question.

“We will make time for this, now who is here?” I growled in warning. Somehow I knew that this information was important.

“I have go to keep you safe Lean!” Aaron snapped dropping me. He grabbed my face and kissed me roughly.

“I am safe Aaron. Now, who is here?” I asked quietly as I pulled away from him.

“They are here with the kids and females, they want to trade.”

“Who has the kids? Who wants to trade? What do they want?” I asked in quick succession, my mind racing. If they had the kids we should go out there right now. Whatever they wanted to trade for they needed to get, we had a chance to get the kids back!

“The prince’s minions are here with the kids. They are here looking for Marcus to complete some deal. They want…”

“What do they want Aaron?” I asked pulling his face back up to meet mine, a dreaded feeling growing in my stomach.

“What they want doesn’t matter Lean, I have to keep you safe. We have already wasted so much time.” He replied his face hardening with determination as he picked me up again. Aaron ran with me in his arms down the hallway until we reached a room very discretely colored the same as the wall that surrounded it. Running over to the bed Aaron placed me on the mattress.

“Aaron, what do they want?” I asked again, wrapping my fingers behind his neck so he couldn’t avoid me again.

“It’s not important Lean.” Aaron replied and I felt his power washing over me in waves as he tried to use his alpha powers to convince me to drop the topic.

“Don’t use that alpha mojo on me Aaron. Now what do they want?” I questioned putting all of my will into my voice.

“They want… you Princess.” Aaron whispered miserably dropping his eyes from mine.

“What… why?” I asked my bad feelings confirmed.

“They said their Prince wants you back, but they can’t have you. I will not allow them to take you; the full pack will fight if I tell them too.” Aaron growled out determinedly, the black shining in his eyes.

“Aaron they are threatening that if you don’t come with me now they are going to kill one of the hostages every ten minutes you stall.” Dylan informed us as he barged in. “What do you want to do Alpha?”

“Fuck, Lean, look at me.” Aaron commanded me. I looked up into his eyes that were shining.

“What? We have to get the kids back Aaron. They must be terrified, I have to go with them.” I replied, fighting back tears.

“Lean, no, they can’t have you.” He stated with determination ringing in his voice. “You are going to stay here until I come get you, do you understand? Lean, promise me.”

I tried to run through all the possibilities in my head. The only one that I came up with involved me breaking the promise I was about to make. I shook my head yes anyways. “I promise, Aaron.” I whimpered tears running down my face.

“Hey, Princess, look at me.” Aaron pulled my face up to meet his. His lips were gentle but insistent; it felt too much like a goodbye. “When I get back I will wipe those tears off your face.” He whispered in my ear and then he was gone.

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