In The Woods

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Misplaced Trust

Dylan looked at me, his eyes reflecting deep emotions. However, he disappeared before I could decipher the look reflected in his swirling blue green eyes. A sense of determination mixed with dread flooded my blood stream as I waited mere minutes after they left to break my promise to Aaron. Crossing the room quickly I reached for the door knob to follow them. Realizing that it wouldn’t open I punched the door. ‘Had Aaron realized that I had lied? No, he left without closing the door. Who could have locked the door?’ I thought to myself as I growled in annoyance. How could I get out there if the fucking door was locked? Then it hit me. Dylan had walked out last, he had closed the door. How could he possibly know that I was going to leave the room? That I lied to Aaron? Does he know me better than Aaron? This really was not helping my mixed feelings towards him. Suddenly I heard the dead bolt click open and I jumped back into a fighting stance growling at the unknown threat. The door opened slowly and Griff walked in with his hands in the air, in a peace proposition, a key held in his hands.

“Griff, why are you here?” I questioned, startled by his appearance in my hidden room.

“I’m breaking you out, with the assumption that you want to get out?” Griff questioned me with a hopeful expression on his face, reminding me that I was the reason his sister was out there with those monsters.

“Okay, let us try this one, how did you know that I would be locked in?” I mean hell, I didn’t even know that.

“I’ve known Aaron for years and gotten the chance to know you and Dylan both pretty well recently. While Aaron might be naive enough to believe that you would follow his wishes for you to stay here, Dylan feels the same way Aaron does for you, in his own twisted way, and he knows that you would do anything for the hostages out there. He knows your true alpha spirit because he, Aaron, and the prince are all alphas and they have one thing in common, you. I knew you well enough to make a safe bet that you would try to escape. Now the only real question here, is if I got you pegged right?” He explained the fifteen year old version of my internal conflict.

“Yes, I do want to get out of here,” I replied walking towards him, “but you are wrong about one thing.”

“What’s that?” Griff questioned, he seemed perplexed that he could have gotten anything wrong about my spirit or love life.

“Dylan does not feel the same way about me as Aaron does.”

“Maybe not the exact same, but, he does want you as his mate. While he has tried to hide it in front of you he is drooling at every chance he has to get under Aaron’s skin. He takes every chance he gets to make Aaron snap so he can win the alpha spot, and therefore, you.” Griff commented offhandedly as if this revelation of his did not affect my life or the choice I was about to make. I silently contemplated this new information as walked towards the fight that was about to occur. I didn’t mean the conflict between these people and the pack, no I meant the conflict between Aaron and I with the actions I was about to take.

“Are you listening?” I heard Griff ask.

“Uh… sorry, what was that?” I asked realizing I had completely blocked out Griff.

“I was asking what you were planning to do once you get out there.”

“I am going to give myself to them when they give over the kids and pregnant females of course.”

“Well that much was obvious, I meant how are you going to deal with Aaron and Dylan? They are not just going to let you strut you ass over to the evil minions of the wicked prince.” Griff pointed out, damn this kid is smart.

“Yeah, well, we will cross that bridge when we get there.” I replied sighing, I was about to prove that I wasn’t trust worthy to Aaron and that Dylan knows me too well.

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