In The Woods

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Conflicts and Threatened Loved Ones

“I believe you are here for me, leave the children alone.” I called out as I stepped into the clearing behind Griff. Looking up to judge the situation I saw how skinny the kids were and that one of the females had given birth. Kris held one small bundle and the assumed mother held another. All of them were filthy and looked to be malnourished. The blue and purple flowers blossoming across their faces set my blood on fire.

“Lean, what are you doing out here?” Aaron asked as I crossed the clearing towards the ‘evil minions’ and therefore closer to him. I ignored him and continued to walk towards the bigger problem at hand.

“Well look who decided to show up. Finally someone realizes what is best for their pack.” One of the men exclaimed exasperated.

“What is best for you at the moment is to hand over what you took and leave.” Dylan growled from where he was standing next to Aaron, he looked pissed that I was here but not surprised at all.

“Not until you hand over the little bitch that has caused so many problems for all of us. So many bodies have been made in the process of getting through this deal, Dylan. You must know that considering you helped create some of them, or do you not remember the member of our pack that came here to make the deal originally, I believe he ended up with a knife in his gut.”

“Dylan didn’t create that corpse.” I spoke up again, why would they just not take me and leave my pack alone. It was then I realized that even though Aaron was the Alpha I had started to think of this place as my own.

“Oh and I suppose you did? You aren’t going to save your boyfriend by taking the blame girl.” The disgusting guy spoke again. The man was around thirty years old and had dark brown thinning hair.

“Don’t believe me? Come over here and I will show just how dangerous I can be.” I growled at him.

“Oh really, because this bitch thought she was all high and mighty as well.” He replied and pulled Sarah to the front of their battalion. Sarah had large purple splotches covering her skin and she was even smaller than she was before. “That was until we concluded the kidnaping and no longer had use for her.”

“You did this?” Aaron snarled and I heard the entirety of our old pack growl.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean for it to go this far. I didn’t want anyone to get hurt I just couldn’t stand being tossed aside again. Ever since you brought that bitch,” this was directed at me, “back to the pack you just dropped me like a used whore. I didn’t want to have anyone hurt just to get rid of her and have everything go back to the way it was before.”

“You are a whore sweetheart nothing more. Or did sleeping with the Prince not count as being a whore?” the man holding her hair laughed.

“That bitch is named Lean and she is better and has contributed more to this pack that you ever could. We took you in from off the streets. We could have left you dying in that ally, to be taken by the next male that came along. When we took you in we told you that you could stay with us as long as you could follow our rules and did not harm one of our number. With your actions you have breached your contract and are no longer welcome in our residencies. If you refuse to leave our grounds in the next twenty four hours you will be executed.” Aaron told her in his ‘alpha voice’.

“But… Aaron we could be so great together. You are not going to get her back, once the prince has her, he has her until she dies. Whether or not he kills her, sells her, or keeps her until she is old you are not going to see her again. You will need someone, I’m willing to do whatever you need or want, just don’t send me away.” Sarah tried to barter with him.

“Whatever you decide to do to her this whore is no longer our concern. All I want is that chica who seems more than willing to come with us so why doesn’t she just strut her sexy problematic ass over here we can all be on our marry little way.” A Mexican man remarked.

“She isn’t going anywhere.” Aaron growled.

“That is not your decision.” I snapped at him.

“I am your alpha you will listen to me.” He told me and tried to use his Alpha influence.

“That isn’t going to work Aaron, not anymore. I am not your charge.”

“You are my charge and I am your ALPHA” Aaron snarled.

“If you two lover birds are done you might be interested to know that if you don’t come over here like a nice little bitch this little girl is going to lose her throat.” One of the minions stepped forth. I looked over to see him running his teeth down Kris’s bruised neck. Before I could stop him Griff sprung across the clearing and the man smacked Griff and he fell to the ground. Crimson liquid pooled on his neck and chest as he lay silent. Kris screamed and I tried to run over to Griff but Dylan grabbed me around the waist.

“Let go of me!” I snapped at him as tears sprung forth from my eyes. They hurt Griff and they were going to kill Kris didn’t they see that this would all stop if I went with them?

“You can’t go with them Lean. If you disobey the Alpha and leave without challenging Aaron then we will be forced to kill him and consume his body. Not to mention you will not be allowed back on the grounds. I have no right to ask you to stay, even if I want you to, but at least if you are going to do this challenge Aaron.” Dylan told me, whispering in my ear so that Aaron wouldn’t see.

“Lean you can’t go!” Aaron told me when he saw me struggling against Dylan.

“This is not your decision, I am going and you cannot stop me. Don’t try to pull that Alpha crap on me Aaron. I challenge you for the position of Alpha.” I scream at him, they could still save Griff.

“No, Lean, I will not fight you. I can’t lose you Lean, not again.” Aaron sounded so desperate I wanted to cry. The memories of how he had supported me for the past two weeks flooded my mind.

“You will have to fight me or forfeit.” I looked him in the eyes.

“I won’t fight you Lea… Princess please.” Aaron pleaded.

“Do you forfeit?” I asked him in a monotone voice, he was wasting time.

“Yes, I forfeit my role as alpha. You are the new Alpha.” Aaron whispered defeated.

“Then my only rule as alpha is that the pack does not disrespect you.” I told him and started to pull away from Dylan but not before he whispered in my ear.

“I will come after you, I will not give up.” He told me. I walked over to the men and they let go of the kids without another word.

“Finally,” The guy with dark brown hair said and slapped me with an open palm. I held my ground and stared him in the eyes. They grabbed my arms and led me back to their jet.

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