In The Woods

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Waking Up

Lean's Point of View

When I woke up I was in the same rustic looking room as before but it was completely dark. My 'hosts', as I refused to think about the other option, must have turned off the lights. I sat silently for a moment taking inventory of my body, nothing that hadn't been there from before was there besides probably a new pad on my back where Aaron had opened it back up.

"Great just Great" I muttered to myself as I thought about my current predicament. I was all alone in a place that I didn't know and I also didn't know who my 'saviors' were or what they were going to do with me. On top of that my stomach was trying its best to eat a whole in my side and my bladder was complaining as well. I laid on my back staring at the ceiling as I contemplated whether or not it was worth getting up, but then my bladder decided the to solve the problem for me. If I didn't get up soon I was going to pee myself. So I sat up gingerly and threw my legs over the side of the bed. Looking at the needle and drip still connected to my small wrist, I decided that I didn't need it and unhooked it, I always had hated needles. I walked on the balls of my feet carefully trying to find the door without making noise. So of course with my luck I tripped over something hard and round, falling into a wall. Well fuck! If they didn't know I was awake before they surely did now. I turned to glare at the object that had caused my non-existent ninja skills to fail. The object in question was a plate with food, a bottle of water, and a note. I went over to the stupid thing forgetting my anger and immediately curious.

I left this figuring you would be hungry when you woke up. It's just a peanut butter and jelly (grape). If you go down the hallway and to the right there's the bathroom. On the counter we have left some of the other girl's cloths for you to change into. Once you're done come to the living room there will be one of us there.


"Well that's a little helpful" I muttered grabbing the sandwich and water. I munched on the food as I headed for the bathroom. As I walked I noticed that the hallway was the same décor as the room I was staying in. Reaching the second door on the right I went in to the modest bathroom. It had a plain toilet, shower, and a double sink. The floors were made of tile; the walls were a light jade green. I went directly to the toilet and after finally emptying my bladder I got two clean towels out of the closet and hopped into the shower. Using the soap and hair products that were already in there I cleaned the filth off of my body, wincing as I ran the wash cloth over my newly forming scars that were making themselves known on my body. I got out of the shower and used the fluffy brown towels to dry myself and my hair. I finally steeled my nerves and went over to the mirror to try and see the damage that the past night had done to my skin, what I saw there made me scream.

Aaron was mad. He was just about to go take a nap when he heard the dumb girl scream. 'Great she just got scared by a spider or something' he thought even as he was walking towards the bathroom. He sighed as the door came in sight and he reached for the door knob. 'I hate prissy girls!' he thought 'It's just a fucking bug we are in the middle of the forest it happens.' He growled as he opened the door. He walked in and saw her in the corner sitting on her feet…. With her hands to her eyes digging into them. Aaron was pissed still as he went over to her. 'Why me?' he took her hands in his and removed them from her face even though she fought him.

"What the hell are you doing?" he asked her.

"Don't look at me, I'm a freak!" she screamed at him not even knowing who it was.

"If you are, how are you just figuring this out now?" Aaron snapped at her pissed because his nap had to wait for this girls fucking drama.

"Look at my eyes "she said crying and opened her eyes. They were a violet color.

"Yeah so what?" he asked her exasperated. 'Had she never looked into a mirror before?'

"They are purple that's what!" she screamed at him and for the first time looked up. She saw his eyes, they had turned almost completely black out of his anger. Lean pushed herself back with her feet but she was already in the corner and couldn't move but maybe an inch. "What did you do to me?" she screamed at him again.

"What the hell! Maybe Serrina gave you a little bit too much drugs. Yes your eyes are purple which is the only reason your still here! Because you're a shifter just like the rest of us." Aaron turned tail and stormed out of the bathroom. 'Stupid girl! She should know this by now! No amount of medicine would make you forget you're a shifter'

Aaron went back to his room and slammed the door. He lay down on the bed and tunneled under his covers. He closed his eyes and tried to sleep but the image of the girl in the short towel that barely covered her ass haunted his dreams along with those accusing purple eyes…. Aaron growled at himself and dug his nails into his skin. She was hot he would give her that with her creamy skin and Lavender eyes. She was thin and well fit but not with any defined muscles. Her hair was a dirty blondish or light honey brown color that came down to her mid back. He dug his nails in harder. She was a bitch that was all, a bitch that had come here and invaded his home.

When Aaron woke up he walked out to the kitchen. Shifters always went through a lot of food especially when they are mad. He got out some potatoes and started pealing them. He felt someone in the kitchen with him and he turned around. Little Karina stood there just looking at him and smiling. He counted to ten to bring his tension down then Aaron smiled back at her and put down the potatoes and the knife. He held out his arms and Karina ran and jumped into his arms giggling. He put her above his head and spun her. Her long brown waves flying out in a ring around her head. "Want some potatoes Karina?" Aaron asked putting the little girl down.

"No thanks Aaron but Gale did send me in here to tell you that we are holding a meeting in an hour. I think it's about the new girl! Is there really a new girl Aaron?" Karina asked innocently with bright excited eyes the color of a new pink rose bud.

"Yeah there is." He said shortly almost losing his temper with poor Karina.

"I'm sorry I upset you Aaron..." Karina said sniffling and tears came into her eyes. Aaron sighed. Karina had done nothing wrong and didn't deserve his anger. She didn't know any better and thought the fact of change exciting. Aaron bent down and kissed the naïve little girl on the forehead.

"You didn't upset me Karina. Trust me kid." He said ruffling her hair. He then set about making his food and eating it.

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