In The Woods

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New Places Old Faces

I sat tied and gagged in the back of their jet. My face throbbed from where they hit me and my heart sat heavily in my chest from the looks that my pack gave me when I willingly left them. Having only been in this whole shifter world for about six months now I don’t know much about pack politics for this sort of situation but I assumed when I left they had plans set in place. I was relying on Dylan to make everyone keep their heads and Gale to stop them from coming after me. The purring engines slowed as we began our decent into their packs territory.

“We are going to have to clean the bitch up; he isn’t going to want her dirty.” The Mexican man stated looking at me with disgust in his eyes, as if I was the reason that dirt and colors streaking my skin was my fault.

“Ha who cares? We went and got his little girl didn’t we?” The brown haired man scoffed.

“Keep talking like that and he is going to have your throat for lunch.” A blond haired guy looked at him loathingly.

“Shut up, we need to get her dropped off.” The Mexican man ordered them as we landed. The two men grabbed my elbows and propelled me off of the jet. They shoved my head down towards the ground, as if they didn’t want me to see the area. One of the men moved his hand a little too close to my breast and I spit on his shoes, of course getting punched in the stomach for my efforts. I doubled over in pain and got thrown on the ground and promptly kicked in the ribs. I internalized my anger, is this how they treated the kids? If I ever saw Sarah again I would personally kill her. Small hands grasped my arms pulling me up. I looked up and a girl no older than fifteen was tugging me, trying to make me stand up. The only problem with that was that she weighed in at about one hundred pounds, so I outweighed her by at least forty pounds.

“Go with her and get all clean and sparkly for your prince.” The blond man taunted me before promptly pulling the young girl into a hard impassionate kiss. I glared at him and lunged for him before the Mexican man pulled me back.

“Do as you are told.” He growled at me and pushed me in the same direction the girl had headed off in. She led me to a small creek beside a large tent. The tent was ragged and the only structure in sight, which truly did surprise me. From the way Ray described it, this place was like its own city. This must be the place where they take their prisoners to get cleaned up before getting sold to the highest bidder, I thought miserably. The girl untied my bonds in order to remove my clothes, which wasn’t saying much because I slept in a tank top and short-shorts. The girl then tied my hands back together and continued to wash me in the cold stream. When my cleanliness was satisfactory for her, she tied a white cloth around my breasts and pulled a thong up my legs. This was the closest that I had ever let anyone to me but I didn’t flinch. I knew what I was getting into and came here willingly.

“Sorry,” the unnamed girl murmured. I nodded in acknowledgement; she was just doing her job. She motioned for me to follow her and she led inside of the tent where thick wooden poles were placed at random intervals.

“Will you please sit down with your hands behind your back?” she asked and I complied. The girl untied my bonds and placed chains on my wrists, locking me to the pole.

“Just do what they ask and don’t complain when they hit you. When they don’t get satisfaction out of it, the punishments lessen because they don’t enjoy it anymore. If you don’t fight back you should be fine, they won’t want to damage your looks in case of trading in the future. Good luck.” The girl hurriedly whispered in my ear before disappearing outside of the tent. I sat there for the next few hours just staring at the dust. I knew that if I contemplated my future too extensively I might start crying, and I couldn’t give them the satisfaction. I didn’t know who this ‘Prince’ was but the fact that he caused all this trouble to get me specifically made me question it. Even if I didn’t know him I abhorred him more passionately than I had ever felt about anyone before. He had ordered every difficulty that had occurred recently in my life to happen. From the men that had kidnapped me to the kids being beaten. Then again he had caused me to meet Aaron and the entire pack. He had forced me to learn who I was, what I was. His actions had caused Dylan and I to meet and our weird chemistry to spark…

My brooding was interrupted by shouts echoing into the tent from outside. I heard someone’s heavy footsteps as I prepared myself for the worst, hardened myself. Looking up into the man that had just entered my vision I saw a very familiar set of dirty blond hair and pale skin.

“Matt?” I asked shocked, all of my composure and hardened shell falling away.

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