In The Woods

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Lifting the Veil

“Lea,” Matt echoed pulling me into his arms. When he saw that I was chained to the pole he pulled out a key and unlocked the cuffs that had been digging into my wrists.

“Matt, you shouldn’t be here. You have to get out, now.” I told him pushing away from his chest.

“Lea, it’s okay.”

“No, you don’t understand Matt. You have to get out of here!” I ordered him.

“No, Lea, I am not leaving you.” Matt insisted pulling my head under his chin.

“Matt they will kill you if you don’t leave. Please… I can’t go back with you. Matt I will always love you but I can’t go back to that life. They won’t kill me, some high and mighty prince has made my life miserable but he won’t kill me anytime soon. Please, just don’t tell anyone about me.” I pleaded with him to leave me. I couldn’t get him killed because of me.

“Lean, I know what you are. Just come with me, I will be fine.” Matt told me as he pulled me too my feet and wrapped a blanket around my scantily clad body. Matt placed his arm around my waist clamping the blanket around me like a towel as I started to walk with him. I tensed as we came closer to the exit but Matt just gently applied pressure to propel me forward. I don’t dare breathe as we pass the men standing outside waiting for the moment where I will feel Matt’s warm life essence against my back. Strangely though, none of them moved or so much as looked at Matt and I. Waiting until we got out of hearing range I turned on Matt.

“What is going on? How did you find me? Why didn’t they stop you?” I asked him my eyes narrowing in suspicion. Although it killed me to imagine it, Matt had to be involved with this somehow.

“Lean, you should sit down.” Matt sighed rubbing his face with his palms. He walked me up to a waiting jeep, opening the door and patting the passenger seat in invitation.

“I don’t know if I should go anywhere with you.” I eyed him. As happy as I was to see a familiar face, and my best friends no less, I was still apprehensive about getting out of there so quickly.

“Lean, you know me; you know I would never hurt you.” Matt said his face taking on a kicked puppy look. My head was screaming for me not to trust him but my heart argued and told me to give him a chance. Tentatively I sat on the edge of the passenger’s seat with the blanket still tightly wrapped around me.

“Who are you? Why are you here? How did you find me and why? Why didn’t they question you? Why are you allowed to roam freely in a shifters camp?” I asked him the questions in quick succession.

“Lean… can we go back to my place to talk about this?” Matt asked shifting his weight from foot to foot, “Please?” he added when he saw that I was about to say no.

‘We can escape during the night if he is the only one there.’ My wolf pointed out and before I knew it I had agreed. Matt’s face grew into a grin as he buckled me in and went around, starting the jeep. We drove for about fifteen minutes in silence as I paid attention to every place we passed. I needed to know the way out for when I escaped tonight. We passed through some dessert but then we hit the streets. This encampment was made up of houses in various states and dirt roads. You could see girls doing chores, and we even passed a trading booth. I was sickened by the amount of public sexual favors on the streets. The girls were all bruised and some even limped but their hair and makeup were pristine. The men that we saw, if you can even call them that, were in various states but they all had an air of confidence and smugness about them that said they wouldn’t hesitate to hurt women. All these images twirled in my mind not allowing me to think. So much so that I didn’t realize that we had stopped until Matt was opening my door and unbuckling my seat belt.

“I can do that myself.” I growled at him. I was an Alpha on strange territory not a child. Matt ignored me and picked me up bridal style. I snarled at him and he put me on my feet again with a look.

“Calm down Lean.” Matt ordered, narrowing his eyes at me. He takes my hand and leads me up some stairs leading to a double door made of solid oak, this house looked the most expensive out of all the ones we had passed. There were two guards stationed outside the doors wearing bullet proof vests and carrying semi-automatic rifles. I turned to look at Matt as the guards opened the door for us. ‘Who was he?’

We walked into the building and I was shocked to see a long tiled ally that was lined with raised platforms. We were surrounded by girls around my age dancing in a fake dessert scene. They were scantily clad in medal lingerie if they had anything on at all. I was furious but the rifles behind me gave me incentive to not comment until Matt and I were alone. We climbed into a lift that took us up to the third floor where it opened into an extravagant room. The room had black walls and white carpets. There were pillows that spilled out of the corner and a huge bed in the middle of the room with a silver bed spread. The only furniture in there was made of a shiny cherry wood. I spun around to face Matt, stepping away in the process so that I had room to fight if I needed it.

“Who the hell are you?” I growled at him, I was done waiting.

“Lean, sit down.” He gestured to one of the uncomfortable looking silver arm chairs in the room.

“No. Answer my questions, now.”

“You know who I am.” Matt replied, raising his eyebrows as if in question of my sanity.

“You know what I mean. Why are you allowed to walk around here? Why are you here? How did you find me? What are you? Why does this building have two armed guards out front? Where the fuck are those girls clothes?” I barked at him, my fury rising with every question.

“Where to start?” he sighed, “I am a wolf shifter Lean, just like you. I knew who you are back at the university. I am here because I live here. Those girls down there are property of my father and by the transitional property my brothers and I as well.”

“ You had me kidnapped that night.” I stated shocked as it all fell into place.

“Yes.” Matt replied without emotion.

“Are you the Prince?” I asked backing away from him horror. I already knew the answer but needed to hear it aloud.

“Lea…” Matt said reaching out for me.

“Are you the Prince?” I asked again.

“Yes.” Matt said with a since of finality. With that my world fell apart.

“Get away from me.” I snapped at him when he tried to come closer to me. He was the reason that all of this happened to me. The only person I had trusted in my life before had me tortured, kidnapped, chloroformed, and sexually abused.

“Lea… you must understand.” Matt pleaded.

“Understand what? That you ruined my life? Or maybe that you had me kidnapped not once but twice from a place where I was happy. I had finally gotten used to being a shifter. I had friends and a relationship. You took that all away Matt. I became Alpha of my pack and you took me away from that too. Where the hell do you guys get all this clorophorm anyway? Am I supposed to understand when you sell me to be raped by other men? Or when you beat me?” I growled at him getting closer to him with each sentence.

“What relationship?” Matt growled back.

“Really, is that all you got out of that. You have no idea what I have been through because of you. You have no right to be near me. You are no better than me and you should get that through your thick skull now.”

“We are meant to be mates Lean.”

“I’d rather die. I hate you, and that will never change.” I snarled at him and slapped him across the face.

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